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Pigeons - Household tips to get rid of pigeons

Submitted by Richard

Get tough with pigeons that perch on your balcony, roof or windowsill. Forget scare tactics such as plastic windmills, noisemakers and cut-out cats, owls or hawks - they don't work with these urban pests.

Screen the birds out of wall recesses and window ledges with fine-mesh chicken wire sold at hardware and garden shops.

Sheets of plastic with plastic spikes at narrow intervals are available in hardware shops for use on flat roofs or window ledges. It is impossible for the pigeons to perch on them or find a comfortable foothold.

Run a strand of wire across a ledge at about half the height of a pigeon's breast. This will halve the amount of space the birds can use and will encourage them to move on.

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Ultrasonic Bird Repeller
Comments by: victoria stiles from usa Aug 19, 2011
Pigeons are serious issue when acts as pest.So many tools are recommended as the best way to prevent pigeons from nesting and roofing on home buildings and other property. One of those, ultrasonic bird repeller are really effective on pigeons. Using combined harassment calls, cries and predator sounds, these ultrasonic device prevents desensitization and scares the pigeons.

How to get rid of pigeons
Comments by: Dacey from USA Jul 23, 2011
I like the ideas that you have mentioned in the post but i think it would be much better to use bird repellers since they produce ultrasonic sounds and keeps the bird away from your home

Ultrasonic Bird Control
Comments by: Jeremy Gilbert from usa Jul 27, 2011
When it's spring time, birds are sure to come in every corner of the city. From restaurants, golf courses, hotels and even your home is no exception. Sonic control items use sound waves to irritate the bird's auditory senses, diverting them away from your area. With an ultrasonic bird repeller, the audible sounds frighten them from nestling or settling in your home.

Comments by: L Brown from yorkshire, uk Apr 12, 2011
We have some lovely birds in our garden & nesting in our trees, pigeons are not pretty birds they are rats with feathers. I have no intention of encourageing them to nest in my garden for my kids to watch. We are having trouble with 2 doves/pigeons trying to nest on our sky/satellite dish, they did it last year and it caused interferance on our tv not to mention the mess on our drive. They are back again now and we cant get rid of them, we keep knocking any bit of nest they try to build off the dish(they havent layed any eggs yet) in the hope that they will go somewhere else but they're not getting the message. Can anyone give me any advice on how to get rid of them for good, except shooting them.

Respect Life
Comments by: kim from Orlando, FL Mar 30, 2011
Does nobody respect life anymore? Why not build an alternative perch for the birds, perhaps away from your house; maybe with a nesting area so your children can watch the miracle of life being renewed and hopefully, learn to respect all of God's creatures.

Comments by: Maralyn Jones from California Jul 30, 2010
What the great idea of using bird controller without using any pesticides.But spikes and gels are also one of the other best control methods for birds.

Comments by: lorna from uk May 31, 2010
i think the horrible things are ating my plnts too...

They're vermin
Comments by: lee from fivemiletown Mar 26, 2010
Shoot them and burn there bodies they bring nothing but disese

Comments by: Stephanie from Sunderland UK Aug 20, 2009
our neighbour feeds them and they perch on our roof and wall, leaving their mess allover our garden, We cant hang washing or anything outside due to the amount of mess. Is their anything i can put on my roof to deter them????

Comments by: Paul T from UK May 30, 2009
Shoot them - they are vermin - they carry disease and they deficate everywhere. Whatever you do, don't feed them.

Not harmless - In fact dangerous
Comments by: Alicia from Not specified Jan 05, 2009
Pigeons transfer dangerous diseases through their excrement. Moreover, I just had my house fumigated because their mites entered my house (from their nest in the balcony)and bit my family. They infested the entire place.

Comments by: john from uk Jan 02, 2009
pigeons are harmless. feed them during the harsh winter months.

Pigeon deterrent
Comments by: Richard from Toronto, Canada Dec 30, 2008
I strung some plastic chicken wire rising about 2 1/2 inches, along
the bannister of my balcony. They now don't have a place to perch
or to stop of before entering the balcony itself. Works very well,
nor does it impede the view.

how do we stop them
Comments by: gill from uk Jun 26, 2008
how do we stop them perching on the eves of roof and stop them from laying eggs anywhere around, by this i mean, i am now at my wits end and contemplating on applying for a licence for a gun to shoot these VERMIN. they are not wood pigeons or collared doves, they are the cross breeds that pester city centres. for three years, seven pigeons have haunted me and my family and neighbours. they will not move no matter what we do. they are crafty and evil and DIRTY VERMIN that are unwanted in our gardens.all the neighbours are in agreement that the pigeons should be disposed of in some way and are happy to back me up regarding this situation, as they have agreed that they are unhealthy, especially as so many of us have young children and grandchildren. they are spreading unnecessary disease amongst our offspring and ourselves alike

additions to the page
Comments by: Anonymous from uk May 02, 2008
these are some good ideas but would have been allot better if they were demonstrated with pitures as well.

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