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Tea tree oil and olive oil cures ear infection

Submitted by Chris

Like most men I know, I clean my ears with my car keys and yes I know I shouldn't but they are just the right size, not too sharp and are just so good at getting the wax out. Anyway after many visits to the GP to get antibiotics to sort out the aforementioned infection caused by said keys, I decided to take matters into my own hands and try tee tree oil.

I have used TTO before to cure small infections like boils around hairs or in other places like the small of my back (yes i am slightly hairy) so using it for the ears seemed a logical step. I was somewhat concerned that the oil on its own may be too strong so i dipped a cotton bud in olive oil then dropped two drops of TTO on the now wet bud. I rubbed this around just inside my ear canal, taking care not to go in to far and hey presto it worked.

I normally apply twice a day and have had no problems whatsoever over the last 15 years or so.

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