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Everyones body reacts differently to fever blisters

Submitted by Emmie

Lets face it people. Everyones body reacts differently to other treatments. Like most of you, I have had fever blisters ever since I was little and have tried sooooo many different things to get rid of the horrible blisters and scabs. What I have found that works for me are ice, Abreva, Campho-Phenique in drying action and scab relief, chapstick, and time.

Lately, I have been getting fever blisters while I am sleeping so I never feel them coming on but when I do feel them I always ice the area. Sometimes that does the trick and a blister never forms but if it doesn't and a blister does form I start to use either Abreva or Campho-Phanique in drying action. I don't use both at the same time. I alternate with each out break. I also put salt directly on the blister because salt absorbs the liquid and reduces the size of the blister. Don't mix the salt with anything, just put it on the blister by itself. NEVER POP THE DAMN BLISTER! That has to be the stupidest thing you can do. Not only will it spread but it will also HURT LIKE NO OTHER!!! and get all red and juicy and nasty and yeah, get my point? You will look totally sexy after popping it! NOT. Just let it do its thing and let it be.

Okay, moving on. The Scab. I don't know about anyone else but the scab is the worst part for me. The blister I can usually cover up with makeup (doesn't irritate it) but the nasty scab I can never cover up! And it takes FOREVER to heal! A lot of you have said not to moisten it but I do. If the scab is on my lip I constantly put Campho-Phanique scab relief on it and I use Burts Bees on none infected areas of my lips. Works wonders. So far the scabs have only lasted two or three days.

Fever blisters suck I know but just give it time. Try not to obsess about it too much. Make sure you wash your hands constantly and try to keep hand sanitizer with you at all times. And breathe =]. I hope some of this might help but remember I am only speaking from my personal experience. Good luck =]

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