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Money in your Pocket

Having money in your pocket while raising a family can be quite an up hill battle at times. In living daily, there are hundreds of ways that a person can find to save money, which will add up over time to a huge savings. In using many different cost-cutting methods in your life and in your home, you can afford more things that you want, and you can have more money in your pocket. In this article, I want to tell you more about saving money that will put more money in your pocket over the course of days, weeks, months and years!

In purchasing food for your home, take a look at the brands that you are purchasing. Sometimes you are paying just for the name on the can, box or bottle. Look for local brand names or even brand names that are on sale and use those coupons. If you have never used coupons before, you will find that coupons are a great money saving tool that can save you a few dollars a week, which really adds up over the course of a year. 

The money that you save on your weekly budget should be put aside for something special. If you are only saving five dollars, three dollars or just fifty cents, put it in a jar and save it until you have enough to do something big with! This will keep your incentive up for cutting corners and saving money. After the family sees how much you were able to save in six months, they too will want to pitch in and save money too. 

Want to save money � forget about using the credit cards. Credit cards are going to get you in fees, and with interest. The less you have to pay out in fees and interest the less you are actually paying for an item. Pay with cash whenever possible to save money. 

If you want to save money in your household budget, this will include the medications that you and your family use. Try generic cold medications, and generic medications that are prescription. Generic medications and prescriptions are going to save you a ton of money; they are regulated and will give you the same results as the name brands. Compare prices and see for yourself!

Are you constantly finding that you are writing little notes on paper? Use the backs of envelopes, junk mail and even receipts to write notes on. All types of paper can be used no matter where it came from. Papers that the children bring home from school, like tests, and busy work can be cut into scrap paper, no waste, and no money needed! Children can draw on the backs of bigger pieces to make wonderful things and decorations for your walls, the fridge and for the walls of your office. 

Use old greeting cards as nametags for gifts. Cut the fronts from the cards, and cut out the figures or words from the cards that you can then fold in half and write on to make small cards for on presents. This is great for any holiday, any time of the year! You can do the same with colored paper and wrapping paper so you don�t have to purchase stickers or name tags, which in the long run will save you money. 

Looking to cover books? Using wrapping paper, pictures from the calendar or other large poster type pictures that you don�t use any more will be a great addition for protecting your books. Large brown paper garbage bags are great for covering books as well, plus this gives the children and others who are using these books something to write on instead of in the book itself. 

Are you looking to change the walls in your home or office? Check out pictures from your own photo albums, calendars, and make collages that will inspire you all day and night. When you want to decorate your walls, using photo frames, you can use foil or colored paper in the background and add family photos for something really nice and bright for a change. 

Saving money in the household budget is going to include many things. Sit back and look at your phone bills. If you don�t use your long distance, get rid of it. If you use your long distance a lot, look for a package that is going to fit your needs best. You might want to consider getting rid of your home line and start using a cell phone so you can find a great savings all the time on your phone bill. 

If you like taking drinks with you to the gym or to work, re use soda and water bottles by refilling them at home. Instead of purchasing water every time you get out, taking a bottle of water with you from home is going to save you money every time you go out. You can fill the bottle with juice, water, or even soda or tea. Enjoy life and the things you like the most, but without the cost. 

To save more money in your daily living, check out more of the money savings tips here on the TipKing site!

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