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Acne and zit tips Black heads & unwanted hairs

Submitted by *alley*

To get rid of black heads/unwanted hairs apply elmers glue to area of removal. let dry and then peel off

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DO NOT DO THIS!!! Comments By: christa on 2004-08-16
Please anybody reading this do not take this seriously. I sincerely hope that this person was joking and if they are not they have been grossly misinformed. This may and most likely will clog your pores. If you are having problems with blackheads then try salicylic acid which dissolves oil and impurities in your pores. Blackheads can be quite persistent so this may take time however clogging your pores with glue does not appear to be a sensible solution.
Oh? Comments By: Marie on 2005-03-11
Gee, my mother did it for years, i've picked it up in the last year sence my child was born. Its done nothing but wonders for me. Perhapps you should look into actual results before deciding what they should be.
i AGREE NOT TO DO IT Comments By: kirsten on 2005-07-22
uuuh... no! Comments By: cherisa on 2005-09-01
Glad to see this has worked from some people. But your skin is the largest, most breathable organ. Whatever ends up on your skin, your skin absorbs. And consequently whatever you put on it ends up in your body. If you don't want this ending up in your blood supply and the chemicals going to all the other organs in your body, then don't put this on your skin.
ITS NOT TOXIC,IT WORKS!!! Comments By: Samantha on 2006-08-31
I do this at LEAST 3 times a week,as long as it is non toxic(duh)It wont hurt you.

And it leaves your skin soft and pimple free,just be shure to wash your face afterward and you will be FINE.

It works Comments By: Cassie on 2007-04-25
This DOES work. I have never used it, but plan on it. I read it in a book just yesterday. It helps to unclog your pores, pulling out whatever is clogging them. Seriously. I saw it.
I don't think so Comments By: Kimberly on 2007-09-11
this might work for some, but for me i didn't do anything, it just made things worse, and when i stop to think about it, why would you put GLUE!! on your skin? It's glue!!!
uhh Comments By: Anon on 2007-12-29
umm excuse me, glue??? would that not just clog up some more pores? psh i am so glad i'm not gullible enough to try this.
to the naysayers Comments By: annyoyed at rudeness on 2008-05-19
why would you make rude statements about someone's idea when you haven't even tried it? if you don't think it will work, dont do it yourself. if you think it is dangerous, then say so. but if you seriously think that putting elmer's on your face is going to kill you, you are ignorant and stupid. it may give you a few zits or it may help- i have not tried it myself, but this person was only trying to help you, ther is no reason to be rude about anything.
? Question Comments By: Chair on 2008-06-09
Do you put a thick layer of glue or a thin layer? Also does it matter which type of glue you put on? (As in the white glue or the gel blue-ish looking glue)
Wow. People panic a lot online. Comments By: Calm Down! on 2008-06-11
It's Elmer's, guys. Kids eat this stuff when they're little, and have been for decades. That's why it says "Safe, Non-Toxic" on it. How could it be any worse than the adhesive on a Biore strip?

That being said, I just tried it, and either I didn't use enough or it's only effective in some cases. It did, however, remove some dry, flaky skin, and did not leave a residue like the Biore strips always do on me. I think it may benefit those with larger pores more.

Okay, everyone please stop fighting now about children's glue on noses. There have to be better topics to get all hopped up about.

Yes.. Please Calm Down Comments By: Cl on 2008-12-13
I agree.. kids eat the stuff.. and I am using it now.. It works... just like using elmer's glue to pull out splinters.. same deal.. but your just pulling out blackheads
SERIOUSLY Comments By: Amanda on 2009-02-24
To all the people having a come-appart, calm down. I'm sure when you were 5 and ate a little glue you weren't like "OMG i just ate a little glue! I'm going to die!" And by the way, if it's on your face, it can't HURT YOU. The worst that could happen is you run into a cork board with paper and get it stuck to your nose.. seriously. I'm sure it works... i'm trying it right now. So to all those people freaking out because of 'glue,' be quiet!
shut up worriers Comments By: meg on 2009-03-21
i agree stop worrying what is elmers glue anyway?
!!!!tOtAlLy WoRkS!!!!! Comments By: NayKap on 2009-04-21
it really does work it rocks!!!!
but every persons skin is different so if it works for me it might not work for you so everyone is entitled to thier opinions!!

IT WORKS REALLY WELL! Comments By: Tova on 2009-07-04
I put Elmer's Glue on my nose area, I then attached paper to it. Waited about 20 minutes then gently pulled it off.

Tons of blackheads came out! It works wonders!.
I've tried everything else before and this works the best.
It didn't irritate my skin like the expensive nose strips sold in stores.
And the glue doesn't clog my nose because the glue all comes off.

Well shoot! Comments By: Macie on 2009-07-29
You have to peel it off! it doesnt clog your pores if you take it off
just be careful Comments By: missy on 2010-03-20
Just be careful not to get the glue on the sensitive area around and under your eyes- ouch!
Works wonders Comments By: spunkydan on 2010-03-28
The way to get it to work really well is to thoroughly clean your face to get all the oil off first, dry it, and then use steam to open your pores. Quickly pat your face dry and apply a pretty thick layer and let dry. just think about when you were a kid and layered your hand with glue then peeled it off. I guess you could just wash your face in hot water to skip steaming, but I always steam first to make sure that my pores are as big as possible.
Maybe not for hair removal Comments By: Allyssa on 2010-07-13
Honestly, this works very well for removing blackheads and, for me at least, it helped bring up white heads on existing zits. The hair removal part did not work but oh well. It's an easy, quick, and sorta fun way to take out blackheads.
Trust me... it works Comments By: I'm a believer on 2010-08-11
This is one of the pieces of advice given by Carmindy, make-up artist for TLC's show What Not To Wear. Works very well. Does not clog pores unless you leave it there. Not really efficient for hair removal, but very useful for removing blackheads.
Shutup!! Comments By: Patrick Lail on 2010-10-05
i rele dont think that this hurts ur skin.... how would it hurt it if the glue is grabing everything and taking it out? people are sooo stupid.... its perfectly safe. imma try it when i get home...
glue on acne Comments By: Rochelle on 2010-11-03
It's going to be on the Drs. show tomorrow.
Hmm Comments By: Sabrina on 2010-11-01
I think its a great idea to try. The only reason i am even on this website right now is because i saw a preview on tv about it.. Im going to try it. Something to do when im bored anyway. Annnd i need to do something about myyy black heads.
Watch the show "The Doctors" Comments By: Acne Hater on 2010-11-02
Episode airing Nov 3rd 2010. They tell you the glue DOES work!
FABULOUS Comments By: Kristina on 2010-11-02
If you are one of the people wigging out...take a chill pill. I know not every single thing you put on your face is chemical free...the expensive pore strips have CHEMICALS on them...DUH and yes your skin absorbs things you put on it...do you wear make up or put lotion on your skin that has fillers and chemicals THAT CLOG YOUR PORES!!! So quit being so upety about it...geez o pete girls. If you don't want to do it that is your prerogative but do not knock it until you try it. This is from a make up artist :)
It works Comments By: TheTrue on 2010-11-03
Approved by tv show called the doctors on kcal9.
Wow. Comments By: Anon on 2010-11-06
So have any of you noticed thet the only people against it are people who haven't even tried it? Yes, it's glue, but it's non-toxic and kids use it. Isn't it just the same as the glue people use to put on fake eyelashes? It will not kill you or put you in the emergency room! (that was just a ridiculous comment)
Have glue in my face right now!!! Comments By: sara on 2010-11-24
I'm tring this for the first time right now, so I don't know if glue is going to work for me. But for those of you freaking out and think those Biore strips are the way to go; I've tried those Biore strips before and they pulled skin off my nose!!!! So what do you got to say about that... :)
Sorta works. Comments By: NicoleMarie on 2011-01-05
I just did it. It took off some blackheads, I can see a difference..but not all of them. Maybe if I steam my face first it will work better! My only comlain is it doesn't come off as one piece! A bunch of little pieces, and takes quite a while. But it works a little!
IT WORKS Comments By: Anon on 2011-01-13
biore strips are dermatoligist proven to rip a protective layer off your skin which is not good it might pull everything out but maybe thats also not such a good thing
It does works... Comments By: Maddie on 2011-01-20
For all you people saying, "THIS DOES NOT WORK DO NOT TRY IT! YOU GUYS ARE STUPID IF YOU DO!" or somewhere along those lines...YOU OBVIOUSLY HAVEN'T TRIED IT!...ANYWAY!..If you get the "non-toxic" kind it won't hurt you at all, in fact, it grabs all of the dirt, and stuff IN your pores, and if you wash your face with warm water and soap after you peel it off. It has no harm, what-so-ever to it..Plus, everything you put on your face has chemicals in it. Makeup, lotion, SOAP, (obviously) water, ect...so all you prissy (excuse my language..) bitches out there. DON'T SAY IT DOES NOT WORK WHEN YOU HAVE NOT TRIED IT..Also..it makes your skin really soft afterwards.
it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: anon on 2011-02-09
i heard about this on youtube and saw a demo of a woman putting glue on her pores letting it dry and peeling it off today i tried it for myself and no harm was done in fact my skin was softer and i could see all the dirt and oil it took off of my skin. dont knock it until you try it because it really does work!
used dryer sheet cut to fit over the glue application Comments By: nola on 2011-02-23
glue, geeezzz we use to eat the stuff in grade school. Non-toxic, safe for kids, so, a pea size spot of glue on your finger tip applied thinly to your nose,and over that a strip of pellon or used dryer sheet over the top as a grip strip and voila, you will have a forrest of blackheads, on the glue when removed.

It's Safe! Comments By: Harley on 2011-04-09
I have tried the Biore nose strips before, and I think it works great. And, yes, sometimes it hurts just a tad to take off. I don't see the harm in using glue, because, isn't it the same as the Biore strips? Elmer's Glue is non-toxic and safe, so you're not gonna 'end up in the hospital'. That comment was blown out of proportions. I have blackheads on my nose, so I'm going to try this today. By the way; you shouldn't be saying whether or not it works if you HAVEN'T TRIED IT. Notice that I didn't say whether or not it works, because I haven't tried it. All I'm saying is, it's perfectly safe! I would reccommend trying it, but, of course, everyone's skin differs, so results may vary.
Biore doesn't want this thread Comments By: mmmm on 2011-04-10
A cheap alternative to biore. Of course the pharma/health industry is going to freak out if you have a cheaper alternative that is safer.I've used biore. That stuff can tear your skin off. This is really safe and it does work. There are a bunch of posts on youtube describing how in detail. get lost big pharma.
Jennifer Grey Comments By: Jennifer Grey on 2011-05-24
My skin isn't completely covered in pimples, but I am always breaking out, including those deep, painful ones. I got super diligent about my skincare a few months ago because I was tired of being in my mid-twenties with the skin of a teenager. I tried Proactiv, but I was left with skin that was red, flaky, irritated, and STILL breaking out. Not exactly a great combination.

When I first tried Shielo's Anti-Aging Complexion Scrub, I have to admit that I was skeptical because everything else on the market seems to operate under the assumption that it has to be harsh to work. Thankfully Shielo made an effective acne product that doesn't leave me red and flaky, even after a few months of use.

Everyone is different, so this might not work for you, but I hope you find something that does. Good luck!

I like it Comments By: Chass on 2011-06-20
I just heard about this on the show The Doctors and I absolutely love it!! It works on me very well (:
oh my goodness Comments By: brittany on 2011-08-08
people, kids eat this stuff. Its non toxic. It wont harm you in any way.
HI! Comments By: Claire on 2011-08-25
ok so I just finished trying out the glue trick. It did a pretty good job and as long as you use the liquid non-toxic one you'll be fine. I saw a question asking about the amount of glue to use, and I put a fairly thick coat on my nose so it's easier to pull off after.

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