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I've had these cold sores for years

Submitted by Doc

I've had these cold sores for years too and they are sooo annoying. Been to different doctors. But they are just cold sores from stress & not resting enough. As in terms of cures, do not apply chapsticks or lip balms cause they will make it worse. I always clean the area with some alcohol when I feel the tingling sensation or even when I have a sore. The alcohol keeps the area dry & prevents the sore from forming somehow.

Do not use toothpaste, it will swell up the sore, salt will cause more blisters (Doesn't work for me). I haven't tried the bleach + water yet but after reading few of the comments here, I think it is useful before an outbreak, whereas using it after the outbreak causes an adverse reaction (Huge Lips). The fact of rubbing Ice on the sore is to ease the pain in case the sore is painful, especially good to do at the onset of a sore about every 10 minutes for an hr.

The ice kind of prevents viruses from the nerve to the skin.

Another good remedy for this is Aloe. Rubbing the juice from an Aloe plant on the sore also helps curing and preventing sores in the future.

By the way, Vaseline will also help ease cracking and dryness but do not apply it on the sore or it will last longer. Apply the Vaseline after the sore is gone on the dry spots. Not to forget ppl, your diet and hygiene are also important! Consume lots of vitamin C (Grapefruit is great), drink lots of clear fluids, thoroughly wash hands to avoid other outbreaks, always replace toothbrushes and apply sunscreen (at least 15 SPF) on lips before being exposed to the sun.

Hope this somehow helps...

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