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DVD on laptops

Submitted by Cheryl

I am still new to playing DVD's on the laptop / computers, but be sure to look on the back for PC friendly notations or it won't play on certain computers. My laptop is just about ten months old - I had four DVD's for the kids when traveling and only one would work because of some type of digital overlay. The one that did work and the kids could watch did say PC friendly! So don't waste your money on DVD's that you can't play when you are buying them for the computer.

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DVD on laptops Comments By: krazykirk on 2006-06-01
I've got a DVD player on my laptop too, and I've never had any problems with playing any dvd with my laptop... (And they don't speficically say that its PC friendly.. ) If you think it's some kind of overlay problem or something you could try AnyDVD, (www.slysoft.com) and that might fix your problem

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