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Lightening hair Summer hair looks

Submitted by Cheryl

My daughter wanted me to buy her a hair lightening product in the store because all of her little girl friends were dying their hair to get that 'summer look' - just streaks of blond. Well, without wanting to use chemicals or anything because she is young, I took a look at the ingredients on this $6 bottle of spray - lemon juice! The instructions said 'spray on hair and have fun in the sun'! So I mixed a bit of lemon juice in a spray bottle with water and she is spending more time outside to get those streaks in her hair. Inexpensive and not harmful at all!

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blond Comments By: ema on 2006-02-19
good but origonal lol!!!!
did it go really blonde afterwards? Comments By: lauren on 2008-08-21
hi can i just ask did it go blonde like really blonde after you had used the spray bottle and where can you get the lemon juice sprays?
Lemon Spray Comments By: Anonomous on 2009-05-31
hey just mix 5 tablespoons of lemon juices with 1 tablespoon of water and put in an empty spray bottle

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