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Gargling is the best treatment for a sore throat

Submitted by Alan

Gargling with TCP, lightly salted water or even just plain warm water can help. I also drink hot diluted fruit juice and take paracetemol to ease the pain.

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Gargling is bad for your voice Comments By: Frankie on 2009-04-26
Anyone who sings or uses their voice a lot professionally eg. teacher should NEVER gargle, it is very damaging to the vocal cords.
great Comments By: Dr answell on 2009-08-30
gargle is great, only gargle safe liquad though
Idiots Comments By: Danielle on 2010-04-29
Who in their right mind would gargle TCP, its bad enough putting it on a cut, now think of how bad that would cause your insides don't be stupid people!!
Sounds errrmm weird. Comments By: Allergic person! on 2010-05-07
Tcp doesn't taste very nice, I struggled to get it past my Tongue let alone get is to my throat, then it turns out I'm allergic to it, won't be trying that again. :(
All these can help Comments By: Happy as Larry on 2010-08-16
Yo do have to dilute TCP 5 parts water to 1 and none of the solutions should be swallowed. Alternatively suck a boiled sweet (hard candy) and sip water a lot to keep the throat moist.
At Danielle Comments By: Andy on 2010-08-23
You can gargle tcp read the back of a bottle
TCP is the 1 Comments By: branche on 2010-09-13
well better than rubin ye thumb LOL

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