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Dry Skin Very dry skin

Submitted by Thelma Poole

If you have very dry skin and it cracks open, use superglue on the cracks. The pain will almost instantly dissappear. If the cracks reappear later, use the glue again. As time goes on, you will notice that the cracks are less prone to reappear.

Visitors comments

are you crazy Comments By: anon on 2004-09-07
people dont try this the person who sent this in is obviously crazy.
Totally ridiculous Comments By: Sharon on 2005-04-10
DO NOT DO THIS! I agrre the person who wrote this is totally NUTS!

boxers use it Comments By: Dino on 2005-05-11
When a boxer is cut fighting, superglue is used to close the cut. It will work.
it really works Comments By: Amber on 2005-05-30
Using super glue does work. When I had my appendix taken out, the doctor put on a super glue like substance to keep the cut closed. That way there was less of a scar and no stitches. Now, my husband(who is a mechanic) uses super glue on cuts he gets from working.
yeah Comments By: Anon on 2006-03-01
i actually have heard this before, my friends/some of my teachers do it for cuts and stuff and it's never had a negative effect.
Well.. Comments By: tx on 2006-03-21
I know for a fact that you can use super glue to seal up a minor cut on your skin, because I've done it before. It stings for a second, but then it's ok afterwards. I've never heard of that same method being used to cure cracks on dry skin though, it seems rather harsh.

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