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Hair removal Shaving for kids

Submitted by Cheryl

Well, my daughter finally figured out she wants to shave her legs. She is really hairy - so I gave her Nair roll on and it works great!

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severe sideaffects Comments By: anon on 2004-07-22
Be carefull of this product if you have very sesetive skin you can have a very severe rash "razor burn'. this one is a 2 thumbs down.
CRUMMY! Comments By: Nina on 2004-07-24
I tried Nair and it stunk badly, and burnt my skin! Shaving is much better, and gets everything.
I hate nair Comments By: Sara on 2004-08-12
I tried nair on my face and it burned and I got scabs from my skin have been burnt off. It lasted and hurt for several days.
Wrong type! Comments By: Starlet on 2004-08-24
I think that most of you probably used the wrong Nair.

The nair in the big tube isn't for your face, only for your body. They have a special nair in a small pot for your face, if you used it in the big tube then it probably would burn.

I use both regularly and they work perfectly!

Burned by nair Comments By: Rebel on 2005-07-18
I used Nair for FACE, not body, and it burned the hell out of ny chin os badly it looks like I have been punched in the face. IT is a dark purple/wine color and scabby!!
owch that burns Comments By: paula on 2008-02-12
i tried a hair remover and it suck have of my leg was shave and you had to wait for 10 min and i just did 4 min and finally it burn me very hard

ouch Comments By: Esther on 2008-10-09
better not use this. it hurts so i found a product called Veet and it worked great. no pain but it kind of smells a bit like a hair salon but its worth it.

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