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Acne and zit tips Spots, pimples tip to remove

Submitted by Melissa

A friend of mine told me this not long ago and it really works. Use roll-on deodorant on a pimple. Just apply it before you go to bed and wash off in the morning. It dries it right up without irratating the surrounding skin like some acne medications can.

Visitors comments

not just deodorant though Comments By: anon on 2004-07-22
You have to use an anti perspirant. That is what takes out the red and it only works to a certain extent... It wont work if it is a severe pimple.
this doesnt work Comments By: george pooker on 2004-08-16
i tried it...it doesent work at all...it made my pimple even bigger!
toothpaste Comments By: Rocky on 2005-01-02
try toothpaste it works!!!
Does it realy work???? Comments By: Arina on 2007-01-14
Well im not quite about that method but i will try though......
me Comments By: alisha on 2007-07-17
well i dnt fink dat toothpaste really helps go to ur GP and he'l figure sumin out for ya like give u tablets or cream to apply
i my self drink oxytetracycle for my acne n pimples

what other medicine Comments By: girlie on 2008-11-25
what other medicine in removing pimples..please help me..i have a lot of pimples..i have no money to check this in dermaologist,,what else..
medicine for Acne Comments By: Reon on 2009-03-13
use Sulphur30 medicine for Acne problem. it's available at any homeophathic shop. take only 4 drop at bed time....you get to know the effect with in a week. overdoes of medicine not help you.

i herd urine works on ALL UR PIMPLES !! :) Comments By: celina on 2009-03-20
ur urine will definetly work trust me

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