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Lightening hair Want to try a highlighter in your hair?

Want to try a highlighter in your hair, but don't want to spring for the expense? Try a highlight pen - the kind you use on paper. Yellow for blondes, orange for brunettes or darker.

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thats not good Comments By: rebecca on 2004-08-01
The person who said about the highighter in your hair it does not look very good and you can tell that you used highlighter I would not use this advice on anyone
duh duh duh Comments By: kendra on 2004-08-11
rebecca's right-- that looks BAD. Come one people. There's a difference between the two "highlights" for a reason... tsk tsk!
Good idea for trial and error Comments By: Anon on 2004-08-18
At least this trick will give you an idea for placement, thickness and amount of hightlights before putting the permanent stuff in. Duh!
haha Comments By: kate on 2004-09-13
i agree it looks bad. if you want to have a wacky hair day try pink highlighter, at least it will look like you meant to do it.
why be so thick Comments By: lulu on 2004-10-18
if you have tried this you must be as silly as the person who thought of the idea wot kind of person would put a pen highlighter in there hair in less it was a dare or sumit...
what??? Comments By: christina on 2005-03-31
a highlighter is for paper not your hair!!!!!
wtf? Comments By: w.e on 2005-06-20
ok ummm ive tried tat b4 but wtf how would tat even wrok ide rather have my hair turnblonde than pink usin a highlite but w.e
hahahahah NO Comments By: nadine on 2006-07-15
i did this in year 7 but with pink and blue highlighter..i felt cool cos it was funky. i do not recomend you use this hahah how dumb can you be.
LOL! I DID IT TOO! Comments By: Sara In Yo' FACE! on 2007-08-25
Haha, I do it all the time.
It wont really work if you have dark hair though. XD

It's fun! I just did it 'cause of boredom. :)

hehehehe..i do that ALL the time!! Comments By: hannah on 2008-06-02
yep...it will look pretty fake if you use yellow...but i did it w\a pink sharpie and every1 was like "omg!!!!cute hair!!!are they real?" do it ALL the time cuz im not allowed to get real high-lights.hehehehehe...
You didn't mention... Comments By: rikki on 2008-11-22
if you use highlighter make sure to keep it in for a while then rinse it out with lemon juice it really works
dang... Comments By: nik-e on 2010-02-08
i read half of these comments and gosh if you dont like the dang tip why comment something rude about it...

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