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An important tip to avoid blemishes!!

Submitted by Irene

If you have pimples and blemishes or blackheads your going to wanna hear this! When you wash your face your blemishes will show and they might be red!

So wash your face right before you go to sleep, then take a acne medicine called Benzoyle peroxide 5% or 10%, you can ask your doctor or get it in a pharmacy!

Then let it dry and go to sleep. When you wake up you will see some pimples are gone! Repeat this for a couple night or until all your blemishes are gone!:)

Visitors comments

This is actually a wonderful tip Comments By: tipqueen on 2004-08-10
I have been doing this for a year now and it really helps. but the trick is not to go overboard with the benzoyl peroxide, too much will dry out you skin causing more acne.
WASTE OF TIME ! Comments By: Johnny M. on 2005-06-11
this dont work unless u have very little acne, if u have anything close to moderate acne or higher dont waste your time !
one more thing... Comments By: amanda. on 2005-07-18
i agree that using bp before you sleep is good, but after you apply it, wait 10 minutes and apply moisturizer..if you dont, your skin will produce more oil to keep skin hydrated, and then the more oil produced causes more acne. If the bp works at first, then stops, i would suggest switching to saliac acid for a while, because your skin could have become prone to using bp.

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