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Skin Beauty mask for oily skin

Submitted by sE@RCh

Raw oatmeal is still the best mask for oily skin.

Mix 3 tbsp, in 2 tbsp. of cold water and apply directly to the face. Leave on for 5 minutes or until the mask hardens. Rinse with cool water.

Visitors comments

bad Comments By: HOLLY on 2004-07-27
I tried this to my face..and it left my face all red...DO NOT DO THIS TO YOUR FACE
really? Comments By: Ananah on 2004-09-14
tried it and my skin was smooth.

Perhaps it would irritate due to an allergy?

Also, I wouldn't suggest scrubbing it in. that could cause irritation.

Variations Comments By: Sunshiny on 2004-11-11
I have tried oatmeal for a mask too but I add other ingredients also. I put in whatever I have on hand. Cooked apple, strawberries, lemon juice (oily skin), honey and green tea are a few examples. My face is red a little afterwards but I use a warm mask and rinse in cool water to close my pores so that could be why. Or maybe, as the other comment said, from rubbing it too much. Good luck and happy experimenting!
great Comments By: Phuong on 2005-05-02
i have noticed a great change in my skin from the first time i used it. smooth and glow. I also use it as a scrub. It's good.
what step Comments By: Dylan on 2005-05-05
when would one do this step? before the main cleaner?after?before the lotions? after?
if!!! Comments By: Lovelynne on 2005-05-23
if you feel that your skin is being stretched by the mask or if you feel tightening sensation, rinse it with cool water... :-)
ingredients? Comments By: Becca on 2006-05-26
I tried the 3 spoons to 2 of water and it went a lil mushy and was really hard to put on my face, i think a lil more water would have been better.
oh my god Comments By: lisa on 2006-07-11
ooooooooh my god i tried the mask and my face became all purple
:) Comments By: ailsa on 2008-11-11
i think this is really good, but i would add more water!
Oatmeal Princess of the School Comments By: Serena on 2008-12-15
I left this scrub on over night and forgot to remove before i went to school the next day. To my surprise all my peers thought i was starting a new trend and arrived the next day sporting very similar oatmeal covered facials. I am now the coolest girl in school, whereas before i was just a unpopular loser. however i have lost all my old true friends and my new ones are totally superficial. DO NOT USE THIS SCRUB IF YOU ENJOY UNPOPULAR FRIENDS
dont try this at home Comments By: bbb on 2009-03-06
dont try this at home

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