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How to get out of giving people a tip (the money kind)

Submitted by Ron

To avoid giving that extra bit of money:

Such people as delivery, pizza, chinese, etc:
Give them the regular money then have a spare purse or wallet lying around. If you have a small child or dog, tell them to have fun tearing the empty wallet apart. The deliverer will see this is a bad time.

Restaraunts or people at public pools who bring towels,etc:
Pat impatiently all around body 'looking for that bit of money'. If the perrson doesnt get immpatient, flirt with them a bit (even if its the same sex...or for some people, the opposite sex). They will get uncomfortable after a while.

Visitors comments

my goodness... Comments By: Pandemonium on 2005-06-09
why would you do that?

It doesn't speak well of you.

Stay At Home Comments By: spirit girl on 2005-06-25
Your comments were terrible. Stay at home and eat peanut butter sandwiches or soup. Take your own towels with you. You obviously do not believe in treating other people with respect.
Do not go out Comments By: Kelly on 2005-08-13
I think it is tacky and cheap.
These people have to make a living the same as you do.
Stay at home make your own pizza etc.
No class!!!!

did they earn that tip Comments By: Mark on 2005-12-20
pizza drivers just drive the pizza. the local pizza chain the driver thows the pizza at ya and barks out the amount, get a tip? nope. I was a driver and chearfull and always got tips. the tip was i was cheerful and polite and earned my tip, alot of young people think they deserve a tip not earn it. I own my own business and belive in the earning of a tip. that also gets me more jobs from word of mouth on my cheerfulness and politeness.should i just stand on a street corner and not work and demand money and live off the tax payers and "get what i want?" people need to go back to the ways of the 50's and 60's and earn what they get paid,and not demand equal pay and do less work like they do these days.

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