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Body scrub using grapes

Submitted by Wena Nathan

Want to have a shiny smoothier skin?

Either, grind some grapes in the blender to make a paste and apply it on your whole body. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes and have a shower. Skin feels baby soft and shiny.

Alternatively, you may use tomatoes as well. Whichever you prefer.

Visitors comments

sick Comments By: nicoleo on 2005-06-03
i have to admit, that i haven't tried it , but it looks like a huge mess, and it looks disgusting to apply to your body. You might as well open a can of tomato paste and jelly!!!
good idea Comments By: tasha cape town SA on 2008-03-05
i havnt tried it myself but we do use this method at work,in the beauty spa department.but it is reeeeeeeeeely messy.so why not try the recipe for the hand exfoliator,but obviously make the mixture bigger.Now that i have tried.

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