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Strech marks How to get rid of strech marks!

Submitted by Katarina

When you get strech marks they might at first be a red or a purple color, if its that color it means you still have a chance of removing them.

You just need some egg whites with which you rub onto your strech marks with a good layer on your skin, then wait about 15 or 20 mins untill it is completely dry, then wash is off with icey cold water.

Unfortunatly strech marks that have already turned white can not be removed.

Visitors comments

tried and tested Comments By: loren on 2004-09-29
i have had strech marks since i was about 12 i am now 18 and over the years i have tried everything to remove my marks i dont know how i ended up with these marks as when i got them i was a skinny little 12 year old and even now i am not really fat or over weight so im guessing its just as i developed quickly they really do get me down as i cant go swimming or wear the clothes i really want to. over the past few month i have noticed they have become worse and i seem to be getting even more i have them on my brests, my hips,the tops of my arms and all the way from the top of my legs to below my knees.
i really would appreciate any help or tips on how to remove the apperance of my marks as i am getting really desparate now!!
plz help!

WHY Comments By: celia on 2004-09-29
Okay Comments By: Sara on 2004-10-10
I don't know if it will help fade the stretch marks, I know it will tighten the skin on the breast and make them shrink a bit temperarly. Rub vitamin E on your stretch marks and after a while they will start to fade. I've also heard that vitamin K fades scars, undereye circles and stretch marks.

I have been skinny all my life, and would consider myself underweight and I have stretch marks. Im to tired to explain why we get them though.

Bike problem Comments By: anon on 2004-10-18
I started school high school again and since I live so close to the school i can't go on bus so I ride my bike.

Supposedly if you ride ur bike in a slouched position u start getting them and thats what happened to me

im only 16 Comments By: marie on 2005-01-24
i recently just started gettin strech marks about 2 months ago and im only 16 it really sucks cause i go 2 flordia every spring break&now im ashamed 2 go this year i prolly wont now but i use 2 run every night cause i lived out in the county &i moved about 2 months ago into town... i think it might be cause i dont run anymore i mean im skinny and i dont c y this has 2 happen it makes me soo pissed off my mom is getting me some stuff i hope it works but yea sorry everyone else
oh no Comments By: linda on 2005-04-12
i have always had strech marks since i was a kid, i guess i grew too quick, but recently i lost my job amd have gaines some weight. i just notices i go a nice size pach on the bottom of my stumic that are new. im flippin!!! im going to get some coco butter and try the egg white thing
stretch marks suck Comments By: manda on 2005-04-15
im only 15 years old and i will be 16 in less than a month i have tried palmers for stretch marks and everythin undert he sun i really want to get rid of them im not over weight i hate them im wondering if the egg white thing really works? does any one know? please tell me thanks a bunch
strech marks !!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Anon on 2005-05-20
i feel so happy that i am not the lone person having strech marks...im 21 and started having these marks when i was 15...got it around mi butts and breast..i wish i could get rid of these marks atleast on mi breast..they look horrible...hope it doesn't turn a guy off!!
luv ya anyway Comments By: John on 2005-05-24
I can't speak for all men, but strech marks don't bother me at all. I'm looking online for a cure because my wife has strech marks that bother her a lot. She is thin and fit (110 lbs) and always has been, and hers also appeared when she was very young.

Anyway, point is that they bother her a lot but I don't even notice them. If your man loves you, your strech marks wont bother him either!

Stretch marks are forever Comments By: Jessica on 2005-06-08
Sorry everyone, but stretch marks are forever. It is the skin stretched out, and it doesn't go back. It's not like when the skin stretches from being fat, that skin bounces back, this is skin that has been stretched very quickly, and if you look at the mark, you can see that the elasticity in that part of the skin is gone. Like when an elastic band is stretched and won't go back, same thing. Good thing is that they fade with time, they get kind of whitish, and they aren't so noticable.

Just keep putting the lotion on to keep your skin elastic, so if you do have a growth spurt or a weight gain, your skin may be more flexible and stretch out without making a stretch mark. Don't bother witht he egg white thing, it will make your skin feel firmer for a short period of time, but won't take the stretch mark away.

Also, if a guy cares about you, he won't be that freaked out. Us girls are way harder on ourselves than guys are (unless the guy is a total jerk and thinks every girl should be a size 2, and who wants to be with that guy anyway?). Don't be so hard on yourselves that you miss out on having fun by hiding or not participating because of a stupid stretch mark. Guys like girls who are confident and can have fun in spite of things like that.

Look at all the guys on the beach, they don't seem to mind their beer bellies.

i hate strech marks Comments By: elvira on 2005-06-13
i'm glad i'm not the only one havin this problems..well i know this might sound bad but i got pregnat at 13 had my beautiful daughter at 14 i'm 16 now but i have really bad strech marks they are white n i hope thats not true that u cant get rid of white marks cuz if so i dont kno what to do but go insane i got marks every where on my legs,thighs,stomach,arms,breast it's
so bad i mean i cry everyday because i am afraid of what other people might think bout me and i also start cryin because i know i cant wear the clothes i wanna wear and i'm always hiddin my skin i've tried everything ....and if anyone wants to talk bout this i'm willin to listen n talk bout it or if anyone has answers plz write me

i am 33 and have stretch marks since im 19 Comments By: sladana on 2005-06-16
i got stretch ,marks from pregnecy and i want to get rid of them,, is there anything for my stretch marks. Anything???
ha Comments By: ki on 2005-06-26
im only 13 and have them cuz i got hips i put coco butter on them as soon as i saw them and aloe but nothing is working i dont get how tp use the eggs im lost hahaha raw ? cooked?
yayaaya Comments By: ki on 2005-06-26
I WAS reading this and i wanted to do something about mine so i had some caned fruit and i rubbed a pare on my marks and it did a lil something
Since I was about 11 Comments By: Ali on 2005-06-27
I first started getting my strech marks on my inner thighs when I was young, like young young, probably like 10 or 11... and now I have them on my hips and few across my back... mine have always been white, up until today when I noticed my first red ones... I'm 18 now, and I want something to get rid of them! ... I'm not like fat fat, but I'm not super-model skinny either... any suggestions anyone?
DONT TRY THIS Comments By: still purple on 2005-07-14
When I saw this I was a little skeptical but I thought hey I have them and dont want them (got them during a pregnancy) so I figured I would try this. Well first of all it is NASTY second STINKY and third does not work . Please save yourself the upset and dont try it!
baby blues Comments By: julia on 2005-07-15
i recently had a baby 5 and a half months ago and my stomach looks awful! i am almost to my prepragnancy weight, but i will never be able to wear a bikini again. does that egg whit thing really work cause i cannot afford to get that expensive stretch mark cream and if so how long does it take and how often do you have to do it.
I HATE STRETCH MARKS Comments By: Lady on 2005-08-10
i have stretch marks in my butt and some in my breast the ones in my butt are lookin horrible i want to get rid of them i tried a lot of things and it aint working somebody please help me and email me and tell me how to get rid of them im 17 and i got them since i was like 13 I HATE THEM!
The Truth Comments By: B on 2006-01-08
Ok I know everyone has a different say in strech marks but I've benn to a doc and this is what happends strech marks are caused from alot of different reasons EVEN STRESS! But strech marks do go away! your skin is growing and needs to make more room. The doc says that everyone gets them some may not be able to see them but you have them dont worry as your body grows and your skin gets bigger and as your body expands and grows it will get the marks but as your skin gets to a state of normal the marks will get lighter and soon fade away for sum your skin is different and the marks become WHITE and they will stay white but tanning does help the marks become the color of your skin due to the fact that your skin fragmints are changing and they need to change all together back to a normal color so dont be sun shy! And using lotion works well too!
Why Me Comments By: Anon on 2006-01-25
I am only 14 years old and i noticed small red lines on my stomach then they became bigger doi now have 2 long lines of them. i loved swimming but i dont no if i will ever go swimming again. These have really ruined my life

TipKing says: I do not think that you should have strech marks at your age. Have a chat with your doctor! Might be something else.

I HATE STREch MArks Comments By: ginger on 2006-01-28
Ok im 15 and im 5"3 and weight 125 pounds. Thats not huge or anything. And the past ear i got strech mars on my butt, inner thighs, and brests. I can see getting them on my breasts cause im a D at my age but the rest? Im going to try the egg white thing. Tax for the tip. Plz help
I HATE THEM! Comments By: Evergreen on 2006-01-29
I have heard you can use olive oil. Im not sure if it works but its worth a try. Also coca butter is really good for stretch marks.
IM NOT ALONE Comments By: anon on 2006-01-30
its good to see i am not alone i have had strech marks since i was 14 and they have got worse over the years. i have them all across my stomach and my hips. i am very slef consious about this and will not even let my boyfriend see my stomach for fear he will go off me. i will try the egg tip. hope it works i have tried everything else and nothing seems to be working.
strech marks Comments By: vilmara on 2006-02-10
im 27 and im tried of hiding my body its so unfair looling in the miorr and seeing my self
cures Comments By: Lucy on 2006-02-26
I have tried to use a spaecial oil on the skin which is recommended to remove them, but last 2 weeks and not much change. But recently bought some loreal anti stretch mark cream which really toned them down has alot in it and does not cost a fortune. My stomach has since got much better. But they are still there, like alot of you i got them after the birth of my first son and have them breasts belly loads thighs and legs. I think laser treatment maybe the only cure.
help Comments By: someone on 2006-04-19
hey i have heard that cocobutter helps get rid of them but im not sure. right now i am in the process of doing it its only been 3 days but i put it every were and everyday.
bio oil + sunbed Comments By: HAYAT on 2006-05-24
bio oil is really good you can get it from boots, i got strech marks from pregnancy and i used this for 5 weeks and it makes such a difference get lots of sit ups to tight your stomach and go on sun bed for 3-4 times a week for 3 weeks and you will be greatfull i gave you this info, for best results use 1-2 times a day (bio oil) after a hot bath or shower. and after going on sun beds for 10min only use jhonsons body lotion. YOU WILL LOOK GREAT, TRUST ME
i hate them red ugly marks Comments By: naledi on 2006-05-27
well first of all i hate them marks ive had them since i was 14 now iam 16 n still have them they are gettin bigger and reder by the days go by i have them in my thights,breast,stomach,arms,and lower back ive tried everythin nothin works thanks 4 the egg tip im goin to try it but if anyone has info on how to get rid of them 4sure please tell me im ancious to get rid of them.......
HATE THEM Comments By: BRYAN PUTZ on 2006-06-05
Yeah iam glad iam not the only one who has them because they are annoying.I guess i will use the coco butter treatment and some other topical creams.I hope they also work on pimples because i have that problem too.Its like a grease factory
from my own experence Comments By: angel on 2006-06-09
i got my strech marks when i was 13 or 14. They started out a redish purple also. Ive tried the coco butter it does help but it doesnt make them go away i have tried others methods. My mother got them from having children and they were also redish purple. The best way my mother and i have found to help reduce the apperence is to use lotion and to exercise that will tighten up your skin. It will take time its different for everyone but they will turn white and fad to wear they are not as noticable. Im almost 21 and mine are white and are not as noticable. My mothers are also calming down. I know its probly not what you want to hear. But they will probly be there for the rest of your lives they wont be as noticable as when you first got them. I was told once that things like this just builds character. Everyone has faults but there is always someone that will love us anyway.
I want to get rid of my strech marks Comments By: Fathmath Jazeema on 2006-06-11
I am 31 years old women. At first I got this strech marks. When i got my first baby and it was 12 years ago. And after that i got my second baby in 1999 and now its been long enough to get rid this marks' but please can you give me an suggestion to get rid from these strech marks. Do you have any solution for this, if it is please please help me.( and by the way I think my strech marks is now white colour) but please there will be some solution for this too isn't it?
I hate them Comments By: nicole on 2006-06-12
Ok i was 10 when i first got them on my legs cause i was kinda fat, im 15 and i lost 20 pounds and now i have them on my stomach and it makes me consious cause i have to were tankinis instead of short tops while other girls have beautiful bodies and its upsetting. I weigh 140 pounds and i still feel like a hippo. And i wonder if ppl will judge me now.
i want to feel sexy agin Comments By: katie on 2006-06-25
im 18 i just had a baby 5 months ago i got some below my belly button and on the side of my hips there not white ....yet almost there though and i relly want to get rid of them im so embarressed i cry about it all the time i feel so un attractive my boyfriend says there fine and i sould just get over it but i feel soo ugly plese help i want to feel sexy agin !!!!!
ow dear Comments By: ow dear on 2006-07-02
mine are soooooooooooo bad their on my inner thighs i hate them
i can help Comments By: KATIE on 2006-07-01
strech marks from pregnancy Comments By: India on 2006-07-04
i have huge strech marks from pregnancy on my stomach and lower thighs and cocoa butter dose not work.
I trryed it Comments By: someone special on 2006-07-14
I just tryed the egg white thing and it looks like its starting to work!the dark redish color has faded but the are still there Im gonna try it again for the next few days. I am only 14 and have had them since I hit puberty at like 10. They bother me sometimes but I dont care what other people thinkI show them anyways I dont care Im not over weight and if boys dont like me beacuse I have strech marks o well I know lots of boys that like me for the way I am even if I have strech marks. and I think that is how everyone should think. the only reason people will make fun of you is to hurt your fellings because they know you are self consious about them so if u dont wont them to bring it up again act like you dont care and tell them u like ur strech marks u think they make u look SEXY!!
Me too Comments By: Katrina on 2006-07-18
I got strech marks when I was 16 and gave birth to my first son, I started out weighing 105lbs ended at 204 I have lost all but 20lbs that I'm still working on, I have tried creams, olive oil, tanning bed, self tanning lotion, the tan and cocoa butter or olive oil do seem to help some, but my friend who became pregnant at the same time used regular butter all over for the nine months, like country crock and she never had not one strech mark so maybe that will work for not getting anymore.
DONT GIVE UP Comments By: Anon on 2006-07-18
I also have alot of strech marks in my inner tighs and all over my butt and hips its just getting worse because they are spreading down the side of my legs. I started getting them when i was 15 im 21 now and tried different methods to get rid of them but not working. dont give up keep trying!!!!
I hate THEM Comments By: bren on 2006-07-24
ok i started gaining weight and got stretch marks, i ordered the most expenisive lotions and they still havnt worked(they only prevent them) but i went to walmart and bought palmers cocoa butter formula(tummy butter) its in a round jar, its very greasy but i think its starting to work, i put it on twice a day(after showering) and after it dries it lasts forever it seems...it smells pretty good too. oh and i also get airbrush tans and it really blends them in! so if all else fells go to the tanning salon and ask for a air brush tan(not the mystic, never get in a showerlike thing and let it spray you, your asking for it lol) make sure an actual person does it for you(really worth the 20 bucks, and the tummy butter is only 5! trust me, try it what do u have to lose????and if u have them on ur tummy like i do...get a cute one piece suit, theyre actually kinda cute...
OMG Comments By: Alex on 2006-07-31
im 13 and iv had stretch marks sence i was like 11. and there starting to look vary ugly. i have them on my inner thi. one worse then the other and really bad on my outer thi. and a little on my hips. and really bad on my breast. but does this really work?
Thanks! Comments By: Camille on 2006-08-05
I appreciated this article; it really worked for me! I have been getting them on my chest since I was 12,(I'm now 14), and changing in school locker rooms have become very uncomfortable for me as everyone tends to stare. Thanks!
were did that come from????? Comments By: hazel bournemouth 21 on 2006-08-28
i have never had strch marks till recently...im 21 and went on the impland to stop me gettin pregnant....in less than 2 weeks i put on a stone and now have disgusting bright RED strech marks all over my thighs and breasts(one here even bleeds!!!!)
im a hostess and am ment to wear really skimpy clothing but now i cant!
is there any surgery???if they can move tattoos surely they remove these disgusting things???

it's okay really Comments By: Crysta on 2006-08-31
im 20 years old I had my son when I was 19 and my doctor said that nothing could help not even that coco butter stuff my doctor said they will eventually go away over the years they will turn white and you can't hardly ever see them cause mine is really white and I can't even really tell i have strech marks and im still coaching cheerleading for young girls.
The Awful Truth Comments By: Mrs.D on 2006-09-03
Ok I hate to tell everyone but Stretchmarks are there to stay...yes they will blend in if you tan..but They will always be there...your skin has stretched and These DEEP SCARS DO NOT DISAPPEAR they do evetually turn white and almost not noticable but they will ALWAYS be on you.
does it work though Comments By: sally on 2006-09-04
im 16 and my baby boy is 4 months and mine really bother me i feel noone will ever like me mine are everywhere legs calves bum back and even near my arm pits plzz help me and tell me what does work....
Inside not Out Comments By: Suzie on 2006-09-21
Why does everyone forget what's important here. You have a wonderful life that come from you and people should not worry about the outside its whats on the inside that counts.
Warning!!! Comments By: ashley on 2006-09-28
I am 15 years old. I have really bad problems with my period. I got on birth control. And then i started hearin about the amazing depo shot. So I got on it. I regret it now. I have been lookin up things that might cure my strechmarks and i went to one site and there are some medicines that can cause strechmarks depo is one. Then i finally realized that i didnt have strechmarks till i got on depo. Now i regret it so bad. Im a virgin and no guy has seen me naked and i just get scared that they will and wont want to be with me. I hate them i have them pretty bad on my inner thighs then some on my outter and one small on on my breast. Im not overweight im not skinny as a pole though but by no means fat. So if your thinkin about getting on depo check it out. Oh and what is this egg white thing will someone tell me and if it works. PLEASE I DONT WANT THEM ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!11
goddd Comments By: despreat on 2006-10-12
i hate mine 2 i don't even know why they r there, i'm 14 and had them since i was like 13,i'm not fat, yet not thin thin , i have a good ,healthy body, and having them depresses! please i need 2 know how can i get rid of them . for ever!!!!
stretch marks!! Comments By: smeeta on 2006-10-25
hey i have stretch marks on my legs, arms and bum. I also have acne n i wanted 2 remove that! so i got sum ScarSerum from Palmers Cocoa butter formula! it cost �10..but i used it..twice a day for few weeks..until i got bored..on my acne n stretch marks! itz a thick oily serum, use a little and rub it in the skin! IT WORKS!!!! my stretch mark on my hipz have blended with my skin! and im very happy!! if i carry on using it, im sure they will disappear! so if u are worried abt stretch markz! PLEASE give this a go! IT WORKED FOR ME :)
ACV Comments By: CyberAngel on 2006-11-05
Apple Cider Vinegar (apparently) will get rid of stretch marks, and works better than egg white.
creams and acne Comments By: BR on 2006-11-06
I would be careful of what creams you are putting on your face. Sometimes these creams can make oily faces even worse. Dove makes lots of great products though. I know that the new "Cool Moisture Lotion" has Vitamin E in it.i have read that vitamin E helps your skin reproduce new elasticy cells.
Scrubbing Comments By: Lulu:-) on 2006-11-25
I know ow everyone feels. I have had stretch marks from a very early age. Stretch marks are in the DERMIS, the middle layer of the skin. Unfortuately, most creams won;t penetrate past the top layer. HOWEVER.... THERE IS SOMETHING called EMU OIL. This penetrates through all nearly all the skin layers and has healing properties. There is a cream from HOLAND AND BARRATT which sells BLUE EASE CREAM which cointains this (as well as aloe vera and MSM - the later apparently breaks up scar tissue). Also, EXFOLIATING is meant to help because your body thinks that your skin has been damaged therefore goes aroung trying to ake new skin - (go to stretchmarkcure.com for more info - and no I'm not a sales rep I've just started to do the websites technique)

I am a member of femalefirst.co.uk and there is a HUGE forum about stretch marks. If you think I'm an expert on stercth marks wait unti you listen to someof the other members! Google femalefirst stretch marks and you will find it. Hope this helps. Lulu:-)

never ending stech marks Comments By: anon on 2006-12-28
i have had strech marks ever since i can remember, they give me low body confidence and at times low self esteem. my body has always been an unsiteful to look at, and worse of all i have just started recently to get one on my stomach. I have tried cocca butter and that does nothing at all to help. At the moment i'm trying bio-oil and now this egg thing, fingers crossxxx
If nothing else works i guess im off to te docters because my one dream is to walk on the beach and feel sexy again..hopefully theres smething out there for us

Did you try it Comments By: cati importa on 2007-01-05
I am kind of confused becasue I have recently been searching online for ways to remove strech marks, and I found that recent studies have said Vtamin A is good for it and Egg Yolks contain the largest quantity of vitamin A. The egg white does have vitmin A but not as much.
i hate strech marks! Comments By: jenny on 2007-01-13
i am 14 years old and i have had strech marks for about 4 years now. i am not over weight i am normal size. but i play volleyball and anytime i put spandex on you can see them because they are on the inside of my legs. people always ask me about them and i just tell them that i scratched myself really hard. soon i am going to have to stop lying to people about them. i want them to go away. i need help asap!!
prevent stretch marks Comments By: Ashley on 2007-01-14
to prevent stretch marks rub vitamin E oil on your skin. Also there is this website called getridofstuff.com it will tell you there.
ughh Comments By: sally on 2007-02-03
well strechh marks suckk im only 13 and i am not fatt but i am tall fer my agee i just got them last year but they have been coming more i have them on the bak of my theigh and a little on the side of my stomachh i hate wearing a bathing suit even though i like my bodyy butt those strech marks are really embarrasing i dont wanna live the rest of my lifee having them just wnated to noe how i can get rid of tehmm plzz helpp
dey depress me Comments By: Anon on 2007-02-07
ive had strech marks since i was about 11 i was a thin child and grew fast i think this is why i developed them i have them on my arms and the bottom of by bk and they are soo anoying i cant wear what i want to wear in summer im alwayz hot coz i have to wear long sleaved tops i just wana wear what everyone slese is wearing there so derpressing i wish i had a nice body!!! it makes me so upset the only was i kno to get rid of them is coco butter but dat hasnt worked that well as soo as you see them appearing get coco butter on straight away!!!
.....stretch mark prObLem....:( Comments By: kAte on 2007-02-12
hmmmm...don�t know anything bout making strenchmarks go away...so i�m so thankful bout the tips writen here....wish they�ll work somehow...
well i first got this freakin stretchmark when i was 13 or 14 now i�m 17...didn�t notice them at first.coz i tot it was b�coz of those itchy insects....and had red spots all over my legs...then i scratched my legs when i�m sleeping...thats how i got them and just recently that damn hammam(body scrub massage thingy)ahhhhhhhhh got strech marks on my breast...so awful..my legs full of it to..what possible remdy sould i first use..
pLz help......

IM MAN WITH THEM ALL OVER Comments By: ANON on 2007-02-13
hey i can help girls an its cheap an it works Comments By: stephanie on 2007-02-21
ok ive had mine for a few years now im 17 an they make me feel like bad. i have them on my inner thighs an i jus got a few on my breasts. it really made me sad every since i was 13 ive always said the last place i want them is on my breasts. but avon has this streach mark cream an it really works, well for me at least. even the cellulite cream works for them. i got alil of cellulite on my legs too so i bought it an i noticed it helped my strech marks too but avon has anti strech mark cream now tho but really u should contact a avon lady IT WORKS AN THE REALLY GOOD THING IS IT ONLY COST LIKE 16 DOLLERS!!!!! get u some of it this is good stuff. even if those marks dont make u feel as ugly as they did me get it i mean come on $16! i felt so ugly b/c of them an i feel better bout them every day. to use it massage thoroughly for 5 mins 2ice a day. thats it an i saw results in bout a week an a 1/2.
look how many women commented on this Comments By: kayla on 2007-02-24
if so many of us have them there is no reason to be ashamed. i used to have self loathing and a fear to show my body to men. i have them every where the're are even ones on top of ones in some regions but i love my self and take care of myself and once i let that happen and didn't let the marks define me life changed. just look to your attributes. love yourself and others will!! cheesy but true!
EWWWW STRECHMARKS Comments By: Brittany on 2007-03-04
Im only 15 and about to be 16 and i have strech marks around my brest and hips and its sick what can i do to get rid of them they are grose!!!!!
model prob Comments By: denise ann brown on 2007-03-17
I have four children in 5 years and have marks on my stomach i have just been offered a 3 year modeling contract, and would love to get rid of them so i have more choice in the sort of modeling i can do, my marks are still red/purple but thankfully i havent had another baby for nearly 5 years , i am 27 years old and want a change in my life so i am going to give it a try and see if it works, anything is worth a try , just dont waist your money on expensive products ,try the cheaper one's first.
Good News About Strectch Marks Comments By: Justin on 2007-03-18
I'm using the new strechmark eraser system. I'm a young black male. I experienced them as a result of a growth spurt. I had about 3 of them at different times. There's thousands of stories about stretch marks and if they are removable or not. For me it was at age 12 I remember seeing them. Now there is so much to prevent them that really works. Exfoliating is really good! Repairing your stretch marks depend on what you eat, exercising, drinking lots of water, and keeping good body moisterizers (daily). Trust me it will work for you. If you apply the right methods to your body...it will respond to them and repair itself. Never give up your hope. If your strecth marks very old...it will take a lil longer. But it will work. Find a method on the net and stick with it. You're worth it! Trust me it will work. (Take Care of your body...it will absolutely repair itself)
ugly strech marks Comments By: M on 2007-03-24
im 16 and i want to get rid of my strech marks and i dont know how to and summer is coming and i need to work on them and make them disapear any help any one ?
STRETCH MARKS Comments By: I RATHER NOT SAY on 2007-03-25
I NEED ANSWERS Comments By: Brittbomb on 2007-03-27
I seriously hat my body and i just cant look at my legs... I got them like wen i was ten on my butt and then they traveled over to my legs and now are moving down my legs and up my sides... I hate them. I have beautiful shaped legs and all and they look good wen its darker but thins summer im starting to freak about the fact about goin to the beach and every thing... Does anyone know if this egg thing works and how long do i have to do this... So far ive been doing it for 2 days but somebody please help mee... By the way does the lazer treatment work??? If soo mabie ill start saving up for it..
removing stretch marks Comments By: Anon on 2007-04-02
Stretch marks can be greatly reduced or removed using acid peels. The most commonly used peels are tca (seek professional advice for this one) or gylcolic acid peels. There are cases of people completely removing them over a period of 6 months to a year. Persistantly applying peels, exfoliating your skin with microdermabrasion cloths and taking vit supplements will over a period of months, either greatly reduce or completely remove marks on most people.

Hope this helps

OH NO!! Comments By: IrishChick on 2007-04-09
I am 13 (almost 14) and i got stretch marks on my breasts at around 10 or 11 and then i got them on my thighs and hips and bum at 13. I got worried and went to the pharmacists. The recommended Bio Oil. I used that but nothing seemed to be happening so I went to the local GP and she said it is part of growing up, some teens get them some dont and I am one of the unlucky ones. I am still using Bio Oil and they are fading. My cousin got them and she used baby oil on them every day and now they are gone so dont give up. Sorry to say the white ones are permanent, only the red ones can be delt with. They happen when the body is growing but the skin is not growing as fast so they stretch and leave a mark. I might try this and see but even after I will use the oil just to be sure. I go into chatrooms to make friends and males there say they have slept with women who have stretch marks and they dont care so other teens worrying about there sex life because of stretch marks dont worry :) Its really good to know that I am not the only one with them! Thanks for the advice and I hope my comment is useful to some! good luck! xxxx
WHY ME! Comments By: Sherry on 2007-04-14
i just turned 14yrs old and i have stretch marks most of them are white,but now recently that i have been working out i've been getting more stretch marks.Come on im only 99 lbs i can't go and wear a bikini or short skirts.I have them on the back of my thighs.There disgusting they feel bumppy and look disgusting.Does anybody know how to reduce the appearence of stretch marks.HELP!
heres a tip! Comments By: oliwia on 2007-04-18
im rly sorry to sum ppl on here bcuz they got it worse then me i jsut started gettin them and im only 15..and im not even fat so idk y but i read sumwere dat u should put egg whites on them and leave it 4 about 15-20 minutes and the wash it off wit warm water..well u should try it..im bout to go now and do mine =] i hope it helps u!
its me again Comments By: oliwia on 2007-04-18
okk this rly works!!

ALOE VERA i think dats how u spell it =]

Mr. Man Comments By: Bob Bobbson on 2007-04-30
I'm a guy, and I've had strech marks ever since I grew tall. I guess my skin couldn't keep up with growth.( Doctors Words) They are really noticable. The ones on my stomach are like five inches long, but they are everywhere. Thighs, ribs, arms, calfs, kroch, I've never even been fat! I just wanted to add that it really sucks having stech marks when your a guy much worse than a girl. This is because not many guys have them so I'm like a freak. I'm very hairy so using lotions is a pain. I've also never had a girlfriend that wasn't totally turned off from them. In fact I've lost some promising reltionship due to them, I think they ruined my life. I've tighted them out with exercise but they will never go away, I didn't bother rubbing stuff on them, it just won't make any sence that that would work. I might try a wrap if it didn't make the sound it would make from movement, but wraping the whole area with tight plastic wrap would problaby srink the skin. What do you think about plastic wrap?
I figure it out!! Comments By: Bob Bobson on 2007-04-30
They say if your srech mark are still red they will go away with treatment right? Well, last sumer when I got I little sun burn my marks turned red. After the burn went away the marks where still red for awhile. So get sunburn and then put everything you can think on there! Brilliant!
SOLUTION!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Rabab on 2007-05-07
Hey don't freak out people our disgrace in fact those have a solution. Almond oil!!!!!!!!!! But for this treatment you have to be patient. You just have to apply it to the affected areas everyday for couple of months and they will disappear with time. Believe me i had a baby a year ago and the stretch marks all over my body were just terrible so i applied the oil and after three months they were gone. And believe me if my marks disappeared all your will definitly disappear too.
THIS SUCKS! Comments By: Brooke on 2007-05-11
I am thirteen and got strecth marks when i was about ten i was chubby as a child then lost some weight i am 5'10 and have them on the back of my legs hip inside thighs and on my but and i am starting to get them a little on my arms or i think so.. but it sucks how skin can just ruin someone i am not ugly i am not skinny i am curvy and have big breasts and am starting to get them there... BUT GIRLS JUST GET OVER IT.... IT IS JUST STRECTHED SKIN... I know those are easy words to say but life is too short have fun with you life and dont look down on stupid little things like this... MY dad was a football player and he got them bad on his arms but he said after about two three years they go away.... BE HAPPY WITH YOURSELF...
My stretchmarks Comments By: Anon on 2007-05-15
I've just lost nearly 2 stone, before I had really bad stretch marks across my stomach and hips, they are now hardly noticeable, plus I've got rid of loads of sellulite too!
Just one of the Girls Comments By: VixinXXX on 2007-05-17
I think that one guy was right! I didn't read everyone's comment...I have problems with my stretch marks...I've had them since I was like 14..I went up and down in my weight so fast and so much I go them...basically my whole butt, my thights and the back of my calfs...I'm not a big girl but when I look at them I feel like I am...and every once in a while I get something up my butt and I look to see whats put there to get rid of them...my fiancee loves how I look...he thinks I'm sexy...and he thinks I'm even sexier with my clothes off...I'm 25 and I have stretch marks...but I have someone who loves me for me...
read this. Comments By: amanda on 2007-05-19
I am 13 and have had strech marks since maybe i was 11 or 12. They are just now concerning me because i wear a swim suit more often. I am currently trying the egg whites thing and it seems to work. Ive only done them so far for 2 days. but i see a diffence. try that. and tanning sounds good.
Trying it Comments By: Lenna on 2007-05-27
Im 14 years old now but i've had strech marks since i was 13 my mom told me it was from my body growing and mmy skin not being able to grow as fast and now its summer and i wanna wear 2 peices but im afraid someone is going to make a big deal about my strech marks. Im trying the egg white things they kinda look lighter so it helps a little is there anything else i can do to help them in the meantime?
HElP ME!!! Comments By: Ally on 2007-06-08
I am 14 years old right know and I have had strech marks on the sides of my stomach for the past 2 years know but im not overweight and I am 5'4 and weigh 133lbs.I put cocoa butter on them all the time and they are starting to fade but I want them gone.I have this boyfriend that says that he doesn't care that I have strech marks. And I have another problem I have these scars on my legs from mosquito bites I have had these scars for a long time know if anyone has any idea how to get the scars gone or how to heal them really fast pleaz answer me.
COCOA BUTTER Comments By: andrea on 2007-06-12
cocoa butter works really well on stretch marks.
Just put it on in the morning and night and they'll fade A LOT.

Stretch marks....... Comments By: Jay on 2007-06-16
Im 16 and have really bad stretch marks on my biceps back of shoudlers and lower back.. They are really bad on the lower back really dark and ridged. on my bicep they always been white but they come all the way down. i got them from a growth spurt and now i dont even wanna take of my shirt... sucks alot since ive been taking care of my body i go to the gym work out and put cream on 3 times a day and nothing they just stay there taunting me.. it really does hurt me cause i dont wanna see a girls reactions to this nasty things on my back..
OH NO????STECH MARk??? Comments By: crisy on 2007-06-22
i am 15 now and my stecth mark IS BECOMING MORE...wat can i do to remove this stecth marks on my legs????plz e-mail me at [email protected]

i am very worried because i can't wear shorts or sexy outfit...

strech marksSs i hate them Comments By: g on 2007-06-29
ook iim 16 i had strech marks for about 2 years now.. omg i hate them soo much i cant wear my 2 piece bathing suit and iim not fat i just wish they werent there plsz help me asap give me a SOLUTION
jeez! I hate my stretch marks Comments By: stretchymuch16 on 2007-07-02
my stretch marks are found on my ass and hips... it's so sad. I still believe i can get rid of it...but how?!
Stretch marks are forever Comments By: K on 2007-07-15
I can't believe some of the stuff I'm reading! Some of you girls think your like is ruined because of some stupid stretch marks. I had a baby and my stomach looks like a total road map. Yes they are ugly and yes I hate them but my husband doesn't look at me any differently and he thinks I'm as beautiful as the day we met. I've had marks on my breasts since the day they popped up and they faded and then reappeared when I gained weight. So I don't wear a belly shirt, or anything revealing, is that really so bad? Give me a break, stretch marks are pretty much a fact of life for most of us. I hate to tell you but I'm pretty sure perfect does not exist on earth, and it only exists in movies and magazines with the help of airbrushes and a lot of makeup!!
i'm only 14 Comments By: Katie on 2007-07-18
i have stratch marks at the tops of my legs. inside thigh.
they make me really self concious. I have had them for about 6 months now and they really bug me I have tried bio oil but it makes them fade for a couple of days but then they are back. I wouldn't say I am over weight in the slightest. they are a red colour is there a chance they will go in time?

HELP MEH PLZ!! Comments By: ViNTAGE on 2007-07-23
im only 16 && ii have strech marks in maties...ii hate it &&`its stressin meh out...for some reason mine are not red or puple or w.e...itz jus white...

HELP ='/

hate them! Comments By: trina on 2007-08-09
I've had strech marks for about four years now! and ill be 14 in october! But i don't have them cuz im overweight or anything they just showed up! And its summer and hott! i want to beable to wear shorts or a bathing suit and be comfotable! ya know?? so Im going to try that egg white thing and ill tell yall if it works!!!
They need to go away Comments By: miranda on 2007-08-10
i am going to be 13 in november and i started getting mine about 2 months ago and they are horrible they are on my sides and my stomch and i am not freakishly thin and i am not fat i am averahe and they suck i want to wear a bkini and run around in a sports bra but i cant so if you have any ideas on how to help me plaese let me know
yeah Comments By: terrance williams on 2007-08-17
alot of things suck i have man boobs and dont know how to get rid of them so i tried to lift weights and get buff.... now i have stretch marks on my upper arms by my shoulders.....that really sucks now i still have my man tits ...and now stretch marks on my upper arm to go along with it...any advice for both of my problems please????? i am 19 by the way
best advice for stretch marks Comments By: Valerie on 2007-09-26
I got stretch marks after having my baby. Mostly on my stomach and inner thighs. If you are getting stretch marks just simply from small changres in weight you really need to change your diet and include more benefitial omega 3's, and more fruits and vegetables. This will help your body heal and prevent stress to your skin. Once you have them there is little you can do with out tons of money for laser treatments and tummy tucks, but one thing i found is to help the skin retighten. Eat well and try an exfoliating scrub with fine coffee grinds in it. Use it every other day. The stimulation of the skin will help with the redness and the caffeine will help with tightening the skin back up. It takes time for your body to heal it's self so don't expect results overnight. Here is my recipe for a coffee sugar scrub
gently heat 1/4 C castor or olive oil with 1/8 cup coffee grinds. Let warm for 20 minutes. Strain out the coffee grinds with a strainer and save the oil. add the oil to about 1 and 1/2 cup finely granulated sugar like C and H brand. I do not mean powdered sugar. mix it with a fork and store it in a tupperware type container with a lid. Keep it in the shower and use it every other day.

Oh My freaking GAHHH Comments By: Anon on 2007-11-28
Ok so im REALLY TALL im 14 and im 6'4 ive had strech marks since i was 10 on my thighs on my knees on my hipps on my arms and yes even on my ass so i decided hell ill try almost anything to get rid of them but let me tell you somthing...EGG WHITES DONT WORK. SAVE YOURSELF THE TROUBLE.
gahh and if you hear anything more about how to remove strech marks pleeeeeaaaaaaaaase E-mail me :)

[email protected] thanks.

self confidence Comments By: syran on 2007-12-02
I am in the same situation as most people on this site but I know that you can get speacialist advice on this matter ie dr free consontation laser treatment which has high risk factors but does work I think stretch marks r stressfull to a lot of women but its all about building self confidence and likeing your selfs I think its pshycological more then anything and not every man is like that and we all have thing we would like to change men aswell I'm not sure if this egg thing will work but I am intriged but I've heard washing your hair with egg gives it a shine there maybe something in the egg a vitimain maybe but I'm not to sure so put your lipstick on and be proud
FINALLY A CURE FOR ALL Comments By: Veronica on 2007-12-23
It's called airbrush....I lost 100 lbs and now am in great shape. I had stretch marsk everywere and I do airbrush 3-5 times a year, and I have PERFECT FLAWLESS skin thats also tanned all year round!!!! Get Air brush, it will give you flawless skin, my boyfriend doesn't even notice, in fact he always wonders how someone can have such perfect skin...I told him i was born with LOL LOL
Strtch Mark Blues Comments By: Mickey on 2008-01-04
im 13 years old and ive had stretch marks since i was 10or 11 they werent that ad then but now they are horrible!!! i dont know hwat to do i heard that if you try vics vaporrub and rub it in rapidly for about 15 minutes the fade but you have to do it everday!!! i hate having these things it suc cause i cant whare bathing suits or shorts cuz the are so bad. but try this method hopfuly it will work 4 meand you!!
ALL SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR STRECH MARKS! Comments By: Alyssa :D on 2008-01-15
Hi. im alyssa. I'm 14 and i have this same problem. And yes, by the way i speak, obviously im more mature than you think. Anyways.
I've been really bored, so, i looked through all of these comments and took the liberty of getting all these remedies and temporary fixations for this problem. yes i have them too. so ill most likely be back on here to tell you how all that works out.
heres the list of things other people have commented on...

1. apply almond oil. (takes a month or so)
2. cocoa butter (2 weeks)
3. leave egg whites on your skin for 15 or 20 minutes ((no idea if this works)) lol

4. just use neutrogena's microdermabrasion kit. works in about 3 weeks.

5. rub vitamin e oil or lotion on skin. (improves elasticity)

6. msm? no idea what it is. go google it. im about to. lol

7. apple cider vinegar? hmm. wonder if that works too. lol

8. exercise and apply lotion. this does work. but you have to keep going at it.

9. bio oil? once again. google it.
10. emu oil? for the third time, google it. lol

11. olive oil...um i usually use this to cook with but okay, whatever. ill try it.
12. get a spray tan (makes them blend with your skin)

well. these are all of the things people have posted.
so good luck ladies. and don't let something like this hold you back. You are woman, and you are always going to be beautiful.

strecth marks on breasts Comments By: Need Help Now on 2008-01-25
iv got stretch marks on mi breasts and im only 13 i havent told anyone bout it coz im 2 scared but is ther any easy ways of getting rid of them coz i dno wat bvoiz will fink ov me n mi breats now beacuse of wats apend
Stretch marks= depression Comments By: Maddie on 2008-01-24
Omg!When i was 9-15, i was overweight whoch led to the development of my stretch marks. As a child they never really used 2 bother me.. Sice then i have lost 80 pounds n have began 2 develop more stretch marks. They make me feel so ugly n unworthy. I hate them n im desperate 2 find a cure
bio oil is brill Comments By: julie on 2008-02-17
it may be about8pound a bottle but bio oil is brilliant it does work,to help fade scars really well
Just get over it. Comments By: Margaux on 2008-02-25
I'm 25 years old, always been skinny, have not given birth whatsoever but I have terrible stretch marks on my ass which is frustrating. I started getting them when I was in my teens, probably because I took Depoprovera pills for my irregular menstruation but I'm not so sure about the cause. I'm Asian/Pacific Islander so I'm naturally tan and my stretchmarks are all white and noticeable. I'm confident with how I look but I still wish I could wear anything I want. Yeah, I still go to the beach and wear two-piece swimsuits but I always opt for the boyshorts-cut bottom. And now that my new boyfriend is coming over to see me, I'm afraid he'll get turned off... But I don't care, really. If he loves me then it won't bother him. Plus I have a great personality to make up for it. Hahaha! So heads up girls, and think of the all positive things in you instead of worrying about those stretchmarks.
big problem Comments By: danny on 2008-02-25
well i am 16 years old when i was about 15 i tried a weight loss programm and was goin good . but then i recently failed from some exams and went threw a hard time. i did more bad tahn good cuz it made me strech marks,at least i am not alone with these things they do really thick me off i hope this works the egg white thing if it works man will i love this site and has this been clinically proven???? well hope so anyways for those people put there has anyone tried the laser treatment cuz i dnt know if it works thanks replay back people!!!! i am goin to the gym and i hope that eases to release them hey for those men out there if u go to weight loos again and keep it this time no matter what and then do weights ad get a six pack will the strech marks still show???? pls tell me cuz u are facing the same problem as i am thannks alot
They r alwful Comments By: 'Anon'. on 2008-02-26
I have strech marks and i am not super fat i am heffty. my party is next month and i am not so fat that i can't wear a bikini. so i need a tip so i can get rid of them
its not easy Comments By: leah on 2008-03-05
to get rid of stretch marks is not easy and it takes a LONG time but be patient cocoa butter works the best for me i have had stretch marks since i was 13 on my breast and my butt i am not fat either im 15yo 5' 11 160 but i am very curvy for my age soo it just depends on the persons body and how they heal so be patient ladies!!

men have stretch marks also they usually get theirs from working out or from being overweight, so yea if u dont mind there's they probabaly won't mind yours, my boyfriend doesnt mind!

AH! Comments By: Jenn on 2008-05-01
im 16, and i just recently started getting strech marks around the age of 15. i LOVE this site, it makes me feel so much better than i am definatly not the only one dealing with these. its very upsetting, even writing this im getting emotional. ive always been very slender, 5'9 120lbs but still suffering with this.

my plan of action before summer is lots of water, excersize & tanning lotion. how do you guys think this will work out?

stretch marks Comments By: priscila on 2008-05-05
almond oil with 70 percent alcohol work it smells but it works unless they are white.
inside is what matters. Comments By: f on 2008-06-02
i am nearly 20, i have had strech marks since i was 12. it used to really get me down, and it still does, especially when you catch them in awfull light, it makes them look a hundred times worse. i have tried all sorts of creams to try and make them go. . however they are still with me. i dont tend to worry about them as much as i did. i have never had children and i am a u.k size 8-10. so not big, and i still have them. i am pale skinned which helps now they are white. you just have to think that at the end of the day people dont look for things like strechmarks, and if they do they are pathetic. i have a loving boyfirend who helped me get great self esteam. if you have a person in your life that loves you then they obiously dont care about your marks. come on people at least we are not the only ones out there who have them millions of girls do and boys too, and many are from the most natural thing known to man. . bringing a new life into the world. if you are very unconfident look at them and think to yourself, it is just strech marks, i wont let them get me down anymore. come one everyone, lets beat them. strechmarks + high self esteam = more confident women!!!!!!!!
I HATE MY STRETCHMARKS!!! Comments By: Laura on 2008-06-05
I Am 16 Years Old, And I Have Had These Strech Marks For About A Year And A Half Now, And I Am Really Self-Consceinse About My Body Becuase Of Them, I Hate Going Swimming And Wearing Bikini's On Holiday Becuase Of Them, I Have Them On My Stomach, Things And Arms, I Am Not Over Weight, I Have Tried Creams And All Sorts Nothing Seems To Work Though. They Really Get Me Down At Times. I Will Try The Egg White Thing THough I Hope It Works. x
14 and going to high school man it sucks.... Comments By: Jesse Suarez on 2008-06-10
I'm 14 im a male and i have strech marks on my lower stomach and my biceps im not even big im ok for my size im 5'5 and it's impossible to get rid of them i hate it i dont even take of my shirt in the locker room or go to pools in the summer please help me i even go to the gym and nothing anyone please HELP!
WHAT... WHY I'M ONLY 14 Comments By: Ember on 2008-06-12
when i first got strech marks i was 12 and i think it was because i grew or something i'm really skinny and i love to wear shorts ans skirts but now that i have them i don't like wearing what i like anymore all i wear are jeans i just don't understand there as to be a way!!!!
spay tan Comments By: amy on 2008-06-17
1m 17 and 9 months pregnant ive never bin fat or anifin just average size, before i was pregnant i had whiote stretchmarks on my inner thighs but they never bothered me as so did my friends and u cudnt realli notice them BUT since ive bin pregnant my belly is like a ROAD MAP!! i was always usin st ives colegen and elastin moisturiser, dusnt work and cocoa butter dusnt work!! i bin usin bio oil 4 7 wks i cant realli see a diff the only thuing that made a bit of a diff to me was gettin aa spray tan but as mt stretch marks r purple u cud still c them it just looks a litle better, hope the eggs work let u no tho....

Thank you!! Comments By: Anon on 2008-06-29
Its great to know that i am not the only teen dealing with this problem!! I would cry because i didnt want to go to swim partys!! knowing there are other people going thro the same thing is GREAT!! thank you all so much!! =')
14 Comments By: michelle on 2008-07-06
man this sucks super bad!
i thought i could get rid of my strech marks on my butt but there already white and ughh thats gets me mad! but why ive been kinda skinny my whole life but why would i get them?!?

How do i make them go away Comments By: Sandra on 2008-07-08
i use to be really thin and i've gain like 20 pounds i dont look that bad but, i did get strech marks and i really don't like them. There purpleish marronish. How do i make them go away?

Ugh Comments By: Alicia on 2008-07-14
Im 15 and i started getting stretch marks halfway threw my freshman year and my family goes to the beach and the lake and im really embarresed to go and walk around w/ them showing and i cant ever wear short shorts b/c im afraid what ppl r going to say... and my mom has bought me a lot of creams and lotions ( Avon Super Shape and Clinical cream helped a little bit ) but they helped fade some but not all & im really white so mine are dark red and pink. i have them on my upper legs under my but and on my hips. I get anxiety from it b/c im so upset tht i will nvr get 2 go out & look good in a bikini or shorts. I dont think im fat but i kno im not skinny skinny. i weigh 120 somthing, & i feel horrible about myself.......
Its Not Fair Comments By: Anon on 2008-08-12
i am 12 years OLD and im about 12 and a half stone. im 5 foot 5. i have alot of friends who are a lot more overweight than i am but they dont have them. i have them on the under of my arm and side of the stomach. they sometimes fade but rise back up again. i do have very ensitive skin and so my skin isnt as elastic as some. PLEASE SOMEBODY TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!. i will try that egg whiteds thing aswell though.
PLEASE HELP!!!! Comments By: Anon on 2008-08-12
Question Comments By: lesha on 2008-08-17
does the egg thing work and does it have to be cooked? or raw? lol plz someone letme know?

Help me Somebody Please Comments By: shamika on 2008-08-18
Hi well i only 16 and have strech marks on my buttocks and i was wanted 2 no how i get rid of them. i feel like crying sometime bcz i cant wear a bathing suit without my strech marks showing. i really need help. so if anybody have any ideas please let me know. please i begging.
ARGH I HATE THEM Comments By: Jess on 2008-08-18
I dont Know Why i have strech marks i aint fat i aint skinny but im tall what do you think i should try i have a few white ones on my inner thighs but i have them all over my bobs do u think weight gain will help? im only 12
just get used to it!!!! Comments By: shazia on 2008-08-24
Hey!!!! I have stretch marks everywhere and sometimes I think that mine are the worst. I have them on my tummy, arms, legs, boobs, hell i even have them on my knees. Mine are white now meaning there never going anywhere. I been having them for 9 years they got worse when i had a baby. Some people dont have as much elacticity in there skin. Im use to it and i really dont care anymore. Ive learned how to buy clothes and still look sexy. I dont have a issue meeting guys im still very pretty with these strech marks. The only way to get rid of the ones on your stomach is if you have extra loose skin and a gut so you can get a tummy tuck. It lifts the skin and pulls it down and the skin looks damn near new but you have to be ready to come out your pocket 6 racks or more. Just because im use to them and really dont care dont mean i dont want them gone and yes i have my days where i dont want to get naked when i make love but like alot of people have said on this blog if a man really cares or loves you he wont care.
ALL OF YOU ARE UNFIT!!! Comments By: keep fit on 2008-09-13
sos!! Comments By: shamma mohammed on 2008-09-19
strech marks startet to appear on both of my legs (all over them) < when i was 18 , and now im 21 ,, its all because of some stupid tablets i took for kidney treatment,,,, my doc. asked me to use the coco butter creme but nothing is changed ,, it just get more and more ,,, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezZ help,,, im sick of this thing on me ,,, what shall i do ???
creme Comments By: taije on 2008-09-27
you shuld use some cocoa butter creme everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ya I hate them Comments By: braden on 2008-10-09
ya I am 18 and I lost 25pounds and have these strech marks. I lose and gain alot and don't know what to do.
how doe the egg thing work Comments By: anon on 2008-10-10
cmon girls give advice qith details im only 15 and i want to enjoy things without thinking about strech marks...i have them on my butt but lol dat would look kind of wierd putting egg whites on my butt...so how am i suppose to prepare something so crazy....ANYTHING HELP OUT THERE LETT ME KNOW PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S.thank god im not the only freak with strech marks. =/

Mr strech mark Comments By: moris on 2008-10-16
Anyways.. I'm glad to see these comments, which ensures that there's lot of companies for me. Let me try d egg one and will post the comment latr...
What's wrong with me? Comments By: Troubled Teen on 2008-10-18
UGGHHH!!! I hate my stretchmarks. I have them on my buttocks and above my knees. I have no idea what's wrong with me. I've been reading a lot of articles on stretchmarks and how to reduce them but i have no idea how i got them.

Normally you get it when u suddenly lose/gain weight, not being active, not have a healthy diet, or go through puberty early.

Only the last statement applies to me! I'm a 13 year old female athlete, you name a sport i play it... literally. So I'm very active. I weigh 103 pounds but I'm not super skinny of fat, and I'm 5'6. I haven't gained or lost weight suddenly, i just gain a normal amount of weight since my bones are getting stronger. I eat fruits, vegetables, and everything else. I have a very balanced diet, and I eat like a guy (i eat a lot) but it doesnt effect my weight or body cause like i said, i play basically every sport so it's all my energy and I burn it off.

So everything in the list is marked off except the puberty thing since i hit puberty VERY EARLY. Everything else doesn't make sense. I'm "one of the guys" so i normally swim with them. I feel sorta self concious about myself in the pool thinking omg they can see everything, and keep pulling my bikini bottoms down. I feel so awkward sometimes and my parents say don't worry about it, but i don't know if they'll ever go away. I've been rubbing vitamin E creams but no luck so far.


Whyy?? i dont know but i have loss of self esteen=[ Comments By: kay on 2008-10-21
i have strech marks on my bum cheeks and im petrified of them and im affrais my bf wont like them either, their herendous =[
Get used to them Comments By: Ayla on 2008-11-13
Hi, im Ayla and im 17, ive had stretch marks since i was 14, and ive got really down about them, and i cant wear anything i want to wear, that girls my age shud be wearing i want to feel confident, but i dont. I have them starting from my hips all the way down to my calves, covering the backs of my legs to the sides, and insides completely covered. But my boyfriend doesnt care because they are part of me, and they are part of you too. Yeah you can use bio oil and the sun bed, it just speeds up the fading process, not even laser surgery completely gets rid of them, ive talked to my friends and colleagues at work and EVERY girl i have spoke to has them. Just think one day you will have children, you will get them anyway they are natural. and women that have had children, LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE TO SHOW FOR THEM. who cares anyway as long as your confident just accept that they are part of you, and you should realise that everyone else will accept them too. Your not alone 2 in 3 women have them but to be honest i think everyone has them, whether its just one small one or it covers alot of your body, Just be happy there are people with worse problems in the world!!!
Scratching? Comments By: Kate on 2008-11-18
I'm 14 and at the beginning of this year I had no stretch marks at all. At night I began scratching my inner thighs for a few minutes before falling asleep and now I have horrible deep dark stretch marks all over them. Then at school whenever I got bored in class I would scratch my calves (even though they weren't itchy) and now my calves are completely covered in them. And sometimes when I sit with my knees to my chest I scratch the back of my thighs (once again, not even itchy) and now they're covered. It just really depresses me that if I hadn't have scratched so much, for no reason, that I wouldn't have stretch marks. Now I can never wear shorts or anything. I don't ever want to even go swimming anymore. At school we have to wear a above the knee skirt as part of our uniform and I stress about it 24/7. Honestly, I'm on the computer about every single day researching stretch marks. I know I shouldn't care what other people think, but for some people, it's hard not to care. My stretch marks are all very visible also.
WANT TO GET RID OF THEM!!!!!!!!! Comments By: betty on 2008-12-19
i had a baby almost 10 months ago but i have alot of strech marks when i had him. i just want to do something about it because i don't feel god about my self and i don't know what do to i don't eat alot and i don't know why are they still coming out i am not getting wait eater can u plz help me.
rid of strech marks Comments By: sera on 2008-12-23
i am 25 years newly married lady,my problem is as i was fat before and now i have become thin which left all unwanted streches on my waistline, help me get rid of it please.
i got them, but i dont care Comments By: darrell on 2008-12-28
ima 17 year old black male and i got strech marks on my my upper arms my knees and even on my ass but i have a nicely fit bodie but i wasnt always fit, when i was about 12 i was overweighted but i lost about 50 pounds n i worked out alot now i have a total of 7 percent bodie fat but yes i still have them ugly zebra stripes but thats just strech marks 4 ya. but i don't care i still love myself and the way i look and i also show my strech marks off to girls i done been with and most of the girls was relieved cause they had them a 2 but of course it was 1 or 2 of the girls who made a big deal out of it but i thought it was halarious cause i like the way i look but i have tried some cream such as cocoa butter and they have faded but you still can see them a little, but try it 4 fun but ima be happy if it work or not cus with the lil strech marks i still got sumthing big to look down at thats attach also that girls luv and a personality to go with that. so if you a dude or a girl and got the zebra stripes dont be so hard on yourself cus i kno everybody got sumthing in them or even on them or about them self to be proud about if you dont like to show ya strech marks off show that off and when you do show ya strech marks they would like you for you. good luck be proud!
Well.... Comments By: Anon on 2008-12-29
well... =\ mines are white but i have brown skin and this sucks x_X thats it! I'm going to exersice and put on alot of lotion it will take a long time but it's worth it. Oh and btw i'm 13 :3
DNT LOSE UR CONFIDENCE... Comments By: brenda on 2009-01-03
i was reading an article that a lady wrote ones and she recommended cosmetyn...Is risk free one month...And she said that it really works...if ur interested go check it out...And girls stretch marks i believe do go away specially dnt get so freaked out when ur soo young..ur body is starting to develop and this kinds of things happens...Please dnt lose ur confidence U ALL ARE GORGIOUS!! Maybe airbrush helps BUT dnt b so sure....
THE FACTS !! READ THiS & LiSiON UP!!!! Comments By: amanda on 2009-01-05
hi! im 16 i have had strech marks for 3 years now.

[COCO BUTTER CREAM] really helps your strech marks. REMEBER! it takes time up to 2 weeks or maybe 2 month it depends on on your skin but it works!!! just rub the cream on the strech marks in the morning and at night and over time they will go away!!
i have a boyfiend and we been dating for almost a year now. HE DONT CARE ABOUT MY STRECH MARKS because he loves me for who i am.....so girls if the guys cant exapt you with your stretch marks and for who u are then THERE NOT WORTH IT!!!
-----------CONTACT ME!------------------
i love to give advice and help so contact me at www.myspace.com/cherrylishisplaya or e-mail me at [email protected]
-good luck to everyone

dont worry u need lots of patience Comments By: bella b on 2009-01-08
hi ive had strech marks for 10 years ive tried the egg but sitting down for half hour doing notthing is boring special every day,bio oil and cocoa butter definitly works put it under ur matress or a pillow rub it every night and every morning u will notice the deep strech marks filling and then they dissapear but it sometimes takes weeks and sometimes couple of months dont lose hope
Gonna try this stuff Comments By: Carmen on 2009-02-08
I have a friend who used the Cosmetyn, it really helped hers, they were bad and mine are HORRIBLE. I have stretch marks on my lower back going not only up and down but side to side, have them up to 1 inch wide on my inner thighs and lower stomach and even have them on my private parts after having 4 children. If it works I will come back and post and let you all know. I am going to take before and after pics too. I really hope it does!
HELP PLEEEEEEEzZ! Comments By: bathabile on 2009-02-09
i had stretch marks since i was 14, i want to get rid of them plz HELP.i cnt even wear a bikini or short skirt its TERRIBLE!!!4 d tips email me [email protected]
most people have them Comments By: anon on 2009-02-17
I got them when I was in 6th grade because I grew to fast I'm 22 now and got them on my belly after being pregnant twice I was really skinny in school and became overwieght after my babies but most u can't see anymore the ones on my butt you can't tell I ever had them and most guys I've talked to don't care one way or the other I know I had a lot of guy friends in school and my hubby has them to plus if you look at some body builders they have them to and they don't seem to care my hubby said just look at it as a story tell like you would any other scar just think your lucky what you had scars like a person who has been burnt feel blessed that's all you have it could be worse
UGLY Comments By: TP93 on 2009-03-08
Damn Comments By: Username on 2009-03-18
i hatee thissss f*&( strech-marks they are all over my body..every time i have to take my t-shirt off to have relationships it destroy all my desire of having anything...girls just keep looking at them like ewww..sometimes i just wanna die...i hate my self..
desperate Comments By: altea on 2009-03-19
I cant stand my marks i just need some solution! Please
its not so bad. Comments By: contact me on email [email protected] on 2009-03-31
hey everybody, i am 20 and have to kids. Yes stretch marks are an awful thing but as a woman or man we all get them. Some not so serious as others but unless your have thousands of dollars (money cause i am australian)to spare, your never gonna get rid of them. They do fad, they do get itchy but learn to forget them because everyone has them!!! If any one has any remarks about them dont listen and dont let it get you down, i live by the beach i swim in a two piece bikini know one has every said anything i live in a town with about 16000 people and most of us live in the water!!!! love your bodys girls cause its the only one your gonna get!!!
Confused??? Comments By: That Guy! on 2009-04-21
Well today I went to swim? And i got home and noticed the marks i had got bigger and redder!
And im only 13 and about 6'2 not over weight just got something packed? ;], But what will really work fr me? Tanning? Egg? Cocobutter? And i see mostly girls get them? Umm, (No-Homo!) just like being well taken care off!
Any thing please let me know! Asap!
[email protected]

Im still young: ( Comments By: That one girl on 2009-05-12
i used to have his skin problem when i was 8 and now im 13 and i have sooo many strechmarks on my legs. ITS SOO EMBARASSING. nothing is working for me.!!

trying to get rid of them while i still can... Comments By: Ashley on 2009-05-27
Im Ashley.Im 16 years old and 7months 2 weeks pregnant.Im Been trying alot of creams and oils to get my strech marks to go away.Even with using the creams i do,they seem to just keep poping up...i need some help!!
im sad Comments By: Perla on 2009-05-29
This really sucks i started geting strech marks when i was only 13 years old wtf they didnt spread much though and people say you get strech marks cuz ur fat but its not true im skiny n i still got them. Im not all happy about it but ill try the remedy.
No Comments By: cheyenne on 2009-06-02
I am very young round 11-12 i have i them so i dont like to go swiming or were tanks tops
Im so self consious!!! HELP!!! Comments By: Anonomous on 2009-06-15
ok im only 12 and i have stretch marks on my inner thighs,waist, and i just recently noticed little red ones on my knees and upper arms and im not that big but i feel so self consious that i cant even wear short,tanktops,bathing suits i cant even wear long shorts like swim trunk length and i dont know what to do i dont know why i have them and im still so young PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!! I cant even enjoy my summer and with the egg white thing do u use a white egg or what are you guys talking about im so confused!!!!!
GETTING WORSE Comments By: tina on 2009-06-17
i just bought the coco butter cream today right now i have them all on my inner thighs but they are starting to go to my knees and my outer thigh i hate it i kinda hide them a little but not really its terrible i hope the cream works and heads up u can never get rid of them without lazer treatment or surgery ill probably do one of them when i get older cause i am only 13!!!!!!! AHH I HATE THEM I WOULD MUCH RATHER HAVE ACNE THAN THIS!!!
UGHHHHHH Comments By: lizzy on 2009-07-07
i have then on my inner thigh almost they started when i was 10 im now 11.im turnin 12 in september.i havnt tried anything but i tryed doin the excersizes that tone ur thighs but its not working. i rele need help i gonna try cocabutter b/c alot o peoples say tht works.im not rele fat but im kinda big.like im actully kinda thin but my thighs r the biggest part of the biggness.im not tht tall either..idk but i rele need hepl and i dont tan tht easy and i dont want to go tan b/c then i have to be in a bathing suit which they r so embarising i dont like wearin a bathin g suit. r shorts. plzzzzzzzzzz i rele need HEPL!!!! :( email me at [email protected] email me ways 2 get rid of them thanks!!
stupid strech marks! Comments By: alma on 2009-08-01
I know how if feels to have this awful scars in your skin, im 19 i recently had a baby 10 months ago but i already had them since before my son and i have them everywhere! i cant even wear a skirt or shorts because they're in my legs and thighs, i feel so bad and so unattractive i know that i shouldnt feel like that but i do, its soooo depressing.
...what do i need to do?? Comments By: jessica on 2009-08-13
ive tried the lotion ..but it seems like nothing is working..
i have them on my stomach, legs, and now im gettin them on my arms..and some on my back...
im so shy about it i want to wear long sleves all the time..
what else can i do..
ill try the egg whites i guess lol
oh and i read to try scar creams?!?!
ill try that too.

Super model Comments By: Joy on 2009-09-09
I am super model skinny and have stretch marks I am also only 10. I love to wear bikinis but now am so ashamed because of stretch marks on my butt. I have a school function soon in 2 days and tryn to look good because all my swimsuits are bikinis.help me lord. Ian trying as I type to do the egg white experiment.I will let you know how it turns out .
SOME HOPE FOR STRESS(stretch)MARKS Comments By: ANGELA on 2009-09-16
some hope out there.Shea butter is very good for stretch marks also u need to exfoliate.The sooner u get to them the better.I was on utube loking up stretch marks and came across a vidio type in (tonyatko stretch marks)nd it will come up, it explains what she did to get rid of her marks.Good luck.
please help me Comments By: beth on 2009-10-26
i was only 12 when i got my stretch marks on the inside of my thighs.
im only thirteen now but i wont say anything to my mum im too scared.
i cant go swimming with friends and i cant wear shorts or skirts without tights.
when i get changed for p.e at school i have to be so carfull, id be devestated if anyone found out.
its really getting me down.
please comment saying ANYTHING, that you think might help, it would be amazing.
thanks so much.
oh and whats this egg white thing everyones talking about ?

..PLEASE HELP.. Comments By: Anon on 2009-11-07
somebody please hep me...i feel so damn ugly with these things on my breast

SCRUB EM! Comments By: asmith22 on 2009-12-09
The only thing I have found that works is scrubbing them every day in the shower. They will look worse at first but they will go away!
It works!!x Comments By: Taytertotsxx on 2010-01-04
I was like 13 when i got these HUGE strech marks on my legs and butt:( I have really pale skin so they were really noticable! I was really worried because im a competitive Swimmer and Gymnast I wore shorts While training for gymnastics and used waterproof foundation on my legs while training and competing!I went on some sites to figure out what remedys i could use!I found some pretty weird ones but these are the ones that worked for me:Avon strech mark removel cream, Egg whites, Cocoa Butter,Plenty of hydration and Exercise and taking a shower twice a day!(the reason for the showering is that is strechs your skin out) Thankfully my strech marks are nearly gone!!x
There is a solution Comments By: shakia wright on 2010-01-18
There is a way to get rid of your stretch marks, even if they've gotten really light and you've had them for years. I was 13 years old when I started recognizing my stretch marks, and let me tell you, they were pitiful. I always wore a jacket to school, even on hot days. No matter what, I always had on a jacket, but not anymore.
I was told that cocoa butter does lighten up your stretch marks, so I used that for a while and didn't notice anything. Then, my mama told me about the cocoa butter stick in a tube. It's like some dry cocoa butter made in stick form, but it gets all moist when you rub it on your skin. You can buy it from anywhere. I know Wal-Mart has it for sure.
I used the cocoa butter stick for about three months, and I noticed how my stretch marks started to lighten, and now, they've started to disappear. I'm 19 now, and I don't even have to wear a jacket at all. Even when it's cold out, I still don't rock a jacket anymore. So, for everyone who says that stretch marks are forever, they're lying. There's a solution to every problem.

Uhhh! Comments By: fml on 2010-03-20
I just got strech marks 3 or 4 months ago due to a major weight loss. I got my tonsils out & i did not eat anything for almost a month. & now i have strech marks on my brests & on my hips/back area. ): im not fat or anything, 130 lb, 5'6. & i get comments on how hot i am. 38C bra size. but now i am ashamed to go to the beach this summer. ): & the worst part is, im only 15.
Try this! Comments By: Kristi on 2010-03-29
I've heard great things about BIO-Oil! Only $10 a bottle! try it and see. I am!
stRecH marks....in My legs..ihh!!:( Comments By: yankie on 2010-04-11
how to remove my strech marks in my legs....im so shy to wear a mini short cause i have that since when i was 13 now im 16 how i wIll remove This,...pLx Help meHH..
My personal story and Try This!! Comments By: Tiffany on 2010-05-25
I had stretch marks since I was 12, it was so horribe. I have stretch marks on the back of my legs, on the insides of my thighs, on the side of my stomach and on my arms. I hated talking to boys because I thought I was ugly, and I knew that thay thought I was ugly! In gym class this guy actually came up to me and asked me what was on the back of my legs, and included that it was gross!!! I am now 17 and still living with the stretch marks. (im 130 lbs)

Try Ambi. It fades the WHITE stretch marks till they are barely visible. This helped me a lot.

Even though sometimes I feel insecure about my stretch marks, I think to myself, "I am beautiful, and nobody is going to tell me that I am not. If a guy likes me he will like me for me." So think about that!!

depo injection Comments By: Jessica Louise on 2010-07-08
i was on the depo injection, and ever since i come of it i had theses strech marks apear over night all down my legs,on my boobs, on my hios everywhere, i cant wear shorts or skirts i have put on some weight but i dont eat loads and my whole body is covered in strech marks, i cant go swimming i have tried this oil stuff for them but nothing seems to work for it im going to try the egg stuff, but i hate them so much, im so imbarrased of my body its unreal, so just dont get the depo injection to stop you getting pregnant, i cant wear nothing nice, always jeans and tops that cover my chest.
depression Comments By: ashley on 2010-08-16
I am seventeen years old and have been insecure of myself for as long as i could remember. When i was sixteen i had a drug problem and my parents sent me to rehab. After rehab, i realized how bad i hurt my family. Thats when the depression started. Just a week after i got out of rehab my best friend Charlie passed away. It hurt me so bad that i never saw my friends and all i did was eat and sleep. i gained 50 pounds in just 7 months. Since i gained weight so fast, i started to get strech marks on my weist, behind my calfs, and on my upper thigh. i still eat way to much and my strech marks have gotten so out of hand that i dont know what to do anymore. it interfears with my life and my ability to associate with men. I feel ugly 99.9% of the time and that i will never find that one guy. all because i am insecure about my strech marks. i use cocoa butter lotion and i love the way it smells and my skin seems so much softer. but it seems not to do anything. i researched and found out that strech marks will always be in your life no matter what. you just have to live with it. but vit. E oil and lotions is the best way to softin your strech marks. once they are scared up go tanning it will help blend in. if you have any better idea to get rid of strech marks please email me.
HELP ! Comments By: Kenia Morales on 2011-04-06
I Am 13 Yeaars Old ! && I Was Noticing that My Chest Was Having Some Purple Marks On It I Thought They Were Brooses But They Weren't They Were Stretchmarks ! They Are Small But They Are Getting Everywhere How Can I Remove Them ! ? I NEED HELP ! I Can't Go to The Pool ! Becuase They'll Show Or Wear A Dress ! && I am Too Young I Weigh 96 Pounds(: But I Exerscise Because I'm In Track But I Can't Keep My Mouth Shut when it comes Too Food ! I Think It Was My Bra Because IT was Always Tight & It Made My Chest Hurt & I Always Had To Pull It down cause It Went Up ! So I Threw It Away ! But I Need Help Was It that? How Can I Remove Them? HELP*******
Omg strechmarks Comments By: Star on 2011-06-08
Well im 20 yrs old I started getting strechmarks like around 15 didnt really notice them untill I was 17 ... I got them around my booty n inner thighs at first they were white,but then I got perego at 17 n thats wen I really noticed them get a purple red color I also got them on my luv handles a n a tiny bit on my stumach area around my sugury scares I am fed up with they summer is comming around n I want to look good n wear cute shorts wat do I do I have tryed coco butter n nothing I have tryed icy hot n nothing egg whites n nothing uggh wat else im anxcious n determined to get rid of them please please help!!!!!!!
nightmare Comments By: Alma on 2011-09-02
streack marks oh god. i have it since i was young around 11-13 and now i am 20. my ass looks like map i have it there and i have it behind my knee nothing can help when they become light and white (i will burial with them)

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