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Makeup No Nail Polish Remover?

Submitted by Esther

If you have run out of nail polish remover, dunk the nail brush into the polish and put a thick coat over your previous polish. Leave for 5 sec's and then get a tissue and vigourously rub it of. You may have to do it a couple of times.

Visitors comments

nail polish Comments By: kimberley on 2004-08-29
This would just waste your nail polish and you'd hardly have any left
hmmm Comments By: LaRiSsa on 2004-10-03
this is a good way of taking nail polish off but make sure you use a light color to take it off, if you use a dark one it makes a bit of a mess.
messy mess Comments By: honest critic on 2005-04-10
the tissue tends to stick to the nail polish, not to mention, a big waste of nail polish.
thanks! Comments By: Virginia on 2005-04-18
it might waste nail polish but its better than having crappy nails! besides nail polish is at the MOST $3 a bottle and nothing to worry about losing money on! i had nail glue on my nails and didnt have any nail polish remover so thanks a bunch :)
works Comments By: Jenni on 2005-08-13
This works if you are in desperate need of getting the varnish off!

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