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Exfoliating Recipe for spotless skin

Submitted by noor jehan kamran

Grind 4 almonds.

Then add 1tsp of honey, 3 tsp of milk (if you have dry skin you can add yogurt instead) make a paste and apply on your face and neck.

Wait for 10 mins. When it dries wash your face, clean with a towel and then wear your normal lotion or cream that you use after washing your hands n face.

Visitors comments

number of times Comments By: nina on 2006-04-02
hi noor,

how many times shall i do this to. I have large pores will this tip help.

result time Comments By: uzma on 2007-01-23
i havent used this tip yet but can u tell the duration after which it will be effective...
um... Comments By: Anon on 2010-09-03
are u sure that this works? i have random spots now and then so do i use it all the time or just when i get them and on that particular spot?

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