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Lightening hair Use Lemons for lighter hair

Submitted by Grace

If you comb lemon juice evenly through your hair and the dry it in the sun your hair will turn lighter repeat this for at least a week.

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Lemon lightner may be bad! Comments By: Irene on 2004-07-20
Yep it's true unless you don't wanna be a bright orange head you shouldn't put lemon on your hair in the sun!you will get orange hair!!!
sorta works Comments By: me on 2004-09-06
the lemon does make ur hair blonder...but not very fast. i recomend mixing it with hydrogen peroxide and water, it works faster and doesnt damage ur hair...dont believe ppl wen they say it doesnt damage ur hair cus i do it and my hiar is still healthy and soft.
it works Comments By: Anon on 2004-11-14
Dunno what irene means by turning your hair orange.. maybe she had a darker shade before.. meh well it worked for me !
NOOO Comments By: steve on 2004-12-22
i soaked my hair in lemon and went out in the sun all day.... got home and had abotu 5 bald patches. i am only 25
pay no attention Comments By: anon on 2005-05-01
don't listen to steve, first of all he soaked it in lemon juice, second of all he could just be a pranker. i'm just saying...
gettin the orange out Comments By: Nina on 2005-06-16
My plan was to go from brown with hightlights to allover blonde, just for a try. well this am i did just that only my hair has alot of orange tint to it. will puttin lemon juice on my hair take the orange out and if so how much shouldf i use???? BTW i rated the tip as "5" i haven ttried it yet but it seems like a good tip . heard about it before
a tip Comments By: elijah on 2006-02-16
you can also use camomile extract... tea or whatever...
Confused Comments By: Lara on 2006-05-27
Ok first of all everyone here is saying everything different what is up with that? Why can't you use sun-in. I know it may damage ur hair. If you have brown hair will it turn your hair reddish?
Don't Worry Comments By: Naomi on 2006-07-01
The lemon thing works well if you already have lighter hair, that is naturally that way. People usually get the "orange" look when either they have color treated hair or they have dark hair.
i hav brown hair Comments By: crystal on 2007-01-10
my hair is brown does this really work!im going 2 dye it blonde anyway soon but does lemons work??if you have brown hair and have tried this remedy comment back!thanks xxx
sun-in vs. lemon Comments By: Kelsey on 2007-06-11
okay i had a friend,who has brown hair, that used a sun-in product and it turned her hair orange by her roots. I would defiantly used the lemon juice to lighten it may cause a little damage, such as drying, but i prefer it much better.
fun day Comments By: harriet on 2007-07-09
Today I played on the swings
it was fun


browns vs blondes Comments By: Julie on 2007-08-17
if u have darker hairlike brown or red then dont use this..simple as that. if u have lighter hair like me then its a good way to spruce up ur colour and lighten ur hair a bit mmore. i use a similar formula and it works great on my dirty blonde hair. it isnt damaging at all allthough im not sure about the hydrogen peroxide. dont try it if ur not sure and u can always ask ur doctor about it first.
brown to a nice blonde Comments By: casey on 2007-11-20
your hair might have orange or red due to natural tint in your hair...I have brown hair with some auburn, it came out a bit red..but eventually turned to blonde
made my hair pretty Comments By: kate on 2008-01-30
i did this one summer but like someone mentioned, i mixed lemon juice, peroxide, and water. when i started in june my hair was ugly yellow the first day but definitely lighter (i am a natural dirty blonde) and by july i was a true towhead. but i had bad roots showing. next time, i will just make streaks!! deep condition ur hair! and p.s. harriet, i love the swings!
Angel Comments By: Angela on 2008-02-21
Hi, I went to a hairdresses to have a colour change. I am a brunette with blonde highlights.I asked the hairdresser to turn my hair one colour Blonde. BUT it turned orange and they tried to fix it by dying it a darker blonde. So now i have a burnt skalp with orange brown hair HELP!!!! what should i do ? because i have to wait a week to dye it again.
Er... strange questions... Comments By: Jen on 2008-03-07
... strange question but I was wondering if oranges would work the same as lemons or if it was just the lemons...

TipKing says: You could try but I am fairly sure that oranges will not work

to angel Comments By: * jade * on 2008-05-15
you must deposit neutral or ash over an orange hair color. you deposit by going to youll local "sallys beauty supply" and getting a 10 developer, and whatever color you like one shade darker than your hair color now. make sure is has a blue, blue-violet, ash, or neutral base!! good luck
ethnic experience Comments By: Serenity on 2008-05-31
I tried Sun-in, and at first it was not so pretty. Gradually the multi-tones of red and orange and even some brassy tones were amazing against my pecan complexion, yet it will weaken your hair so..condition...condition..condition. p.s excess washing of ethnic hair is damaging. It's better to just rinse, condition, and rinse well and dry.
Lemon Juice Comments By: Stephanie on 2009-01-31
If you have dark brown hair, do not try this it doesn't work. I sat in the sun for 2 hours and my hair looks exactly the same.
lemon juice sucks Comments By: little red on 2009-04-14
i have red hair right, i tryed lemon juice which my mum said it would work but it didn't so i'm going to try sun-in because all of my friends have used it and it looks great so i will try sun-in.

fingers crossed, hope it will work!

love little red(not for much longer i will be little blonde!)HA!

listen people!!!! Comments By: kim on 2009-05-02
okay, first of all, it all depends on different kinds of people. some have black hair, but did have brown higlights, not red or orange when they use lemon. so, it all depends on your hair, cause different people have different hair. if you want to know if you would get red or orange higlights, go outside or turn on a lamp, then carefully look at your hair, if you would get a red or an orange higlts, then you could see it. hope this help.
orange hair?? this is nonsense!! Comments By: Ashley on 2009-07-06
Lemon juice is a great lightener!! You will not have orange hair unless your original color is very dark brown or black. Then you can forget about it. but if your hair is medium or light brown brown or medium to dark blonde it works perfectly!!! I have very light brown to medium blonde hair. I use lemon every once in a while to make it healthier and shiny!!
Lovely locks!!! Comments By: Janet on 2009-08-14
I have tried little bit of lemon juice on my three year old daughters hair. She has the most gorgeous long blonde hair, which was starting to darken to a dirty blonde... I had considered using sun-in, but I will not use any harsh chemicals on her... I'm hoping to catch the sun to do it again, as here in the UK its a bit scarce!!!
Orange hair IS real for dark hair! Comments By: Nao Kuga on 2009-09-28
I have dark blonde hair and i needed a more golden blonde,,, so Sun-in DOES work, but it's nor recommended for regular use, for it IS harsh... the lemon thing, i'll try it XD Hope it does work, but here in Mexico, those who have dark hair and try thing kinda stuff alway end up with orange hair o_0 So be careful!
i have black hair and would like to go dark brown Comments By: kaf on 2009-11-27
i have black hair and would like to go dark brown, a salon left a sample of my hair in bleech 4 45mins and it didnt do anything!!! im thinking of using sun in and a hair dryer, it worked as a kid but my hair wasnt black black back then! not dyed at least...
it doesnt matter if it goes yellow or orange or any other colour for that matter as i plan to put a brown dye over the top RIGHT AWAY, what you think will happen? maybe i should wait till after xmas...

TIPKING PLEASE ANSWER THIS!! Comments By: sarah on 2009-12-08
well....my hair colour is black so if i put lemons on my hair,what colour would it be? and question 2.lemons means lemon juice right?

TipKing Says: I do not think that lemon juice will do anything on black hair. I personally have not tried the tip so I cannot really comment

500 watt halogen Comments By: redraven on 2009-12-11
Whether you use lemon juice; peroxide; sun in; whatever...UV rays in sun will definitely increase the effect. Even people who use nothing but go out in sun get lighter hair. If you live in a place that has little sun, go to a hardware or most any good dept. store(hardware section)and get a 500 watt halogen shop light. The are not very big and they cost about $12.00 U.S. You can hang it easily on the wall and sit under it for a bit. It is also a great way to get rid of the winter 'gray' blues! Sit back a little bit with eyes closed and soak in the 'sunshine'. Has a great mental affect while helping to lighten your hair. These 500 watt halogens are almost everywhere. If you don't find it at the first store...try another(Lowes; walmart...)These lights have enough UV to work. Note: the light is covered by a UV glass filter...remove that...you WANT the UV rays! Sit approx 3 to 5 feet from light as comfortable.
TIPKING ANSWER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!!! Comments By: Allie on 2010-05-02
okay, i have like a medium brown haircolor. I am considering this lemon thing but people say that if you have brown hair, it will turn it orange! Is this true with my haircolor
confused and scared Comments By: sheli on 2010-06-14
ok so i ahve darkish brown hair and i wanna put on lemmon to make it light brown not blond but i am scared that it will turn orange and that is not what i want. has any1 with my kinda hair tried it and knows if it wurks
Got no idea Comments By: Lora on 2010-07-28
I got medium brown hair and used sun in... But I really don't see no difference. I want it to be dark blonde exept I really don't know what to do... Please help
do not use sun in Comments By: summer on 2010-08-07
my daughter had beautiful hair though her blond was getting a little dull this sun in is the worst it turned her hair orange then yellow like a lemon not a blond i could kick myself for using this stuff take my advise dont use sun in it will ruin your kids hair
CURLYLOCKS Comments By: CassiesCurls on 2010-10-15
Im only 13 and I have dirtyblonde/lightbrown hair, idk , but i hate the color. I wish my hair was a light light blonde, more like Taylor Swifts color. I have beautiful curly hair myself and I'm afraid this will turn my hair orange. What do I do?
HElp Comments By: Rosina on 2010-12-16
hi, i have dyed... faded out hair... an i crazy colour it all the time, i;m trying to wash all the temporary dye out and go for a really bright colour, will this method help to just lighten it a little so the next dye takes better??
i used to do this when i was younder and my hair was a blondey brown :D

worked before and im going back to using sun-in Comments By: maddy on 2011-03-16
i used sun-in about two years ago and it really did work for my dirty blonde hair to even go silvery white in some places. my hair did become very damaged but im to blame for that since i would shower, excessively spray sun-in in, blow dry, spray again and then straighten whilst my hair was still damp. I recently tried to bleach my hair with store brand products and honestly, they damaged my hair just as bad and made the colour go really brassy and horrible. even after using develop 20 with ivory lady toner. so im going BACK to sun-in!
i dont know im going to try! Comments By: savi on 2011-04-10
Well I'm going to try sun in. My hair is about dirty blonde to brown but I want it to go realllllllllllllllllllly light. Any tips or should I straighten my hair while the sun in is in... I heard heat helps speed up the process... kthnx.<3
HELP Comments By: In need of help on 2011-10-20
just moved to a new country and had to fix my hair, bought a hair dye (I am a blond) and my hair turned yellow with white roots how can I fix this?? I cant go to a salone becuase I dont speak the language, are there any home remadies, like lemone juice.Please help

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