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Dry Skin Curing dry hands and feet

Submitted by Connie Simmons Benton City Wa.

If you are suffering from dry hands and feet try using crisco shortning and massage into hands and feet then put rubber gloves on your hands and wrap your feet in saran wrap and sleep like that one night a week.

It will work like magic, just remember to wash feet well, they will be slippery.

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Visitors comments

Try the Personal Pumi Bar Comments By: Steve on 2005-05-15
Instead of messing around with cooking products like crisco I use the Personal Pumi Bar. I just put soap on the bar and and wet it, then rub in ot the bottoms on my hands and feet. It works great. You can get it at www.teregen.com
what is crisco shortning? Comments By: Sidrah on 2007-01-08
I m sufferin frm this very prob kindly tell me abt this or refer any thing instead of crisco shortning as I m sufferin frm dry hands n feet as a result i also lost my even tone /complexion
These dry feet cures seem to work Comments By: L Spain on 2009-01-01
Dry cracked feet are ugly and painful. Fortunately, I've had really good luck with Cetaphil and Bag Balm.

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