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Conditioning Get smooth feeling hair

Submitted by tazzy

To get you hair feeling smooth and silky massage a cupful of olive oil into your hair and leave as desired wash off with shampoo and enjoy great feeling hair at no cost

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smooth hair with olive oil Comments By: kimberley on 2004-08-29
Yeah, I have tried this and my hair was sooooo healthy and soft. Thank you! (Do this every week for maximum results though)
wet or dry hair? Comments By: Corrinne on 2005-05-02
I'm guessing dry hair for the full effects of the olive oil conditioner... Correct me if I'm wrong, anyone?
Great tip Comments By: Jen on 2005-08-02
Tried it last night and it worked wonderfully! My hair is so soft and shiney today.
thank you so much Comments By: nic on 2007-01-24
people would always comment on how dry my hair was and now it's incredible soft!! Thank you so very much!!!!!!!!!

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