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Makeup Instant, cheap lipgloss

Submitted by Sweet Lil Angel

Simply apply a thin coat of vaseline to your lips then smear any colour of all that extra eyeshadow and there you have instant , glossy, kissable lips!

Visitors comments

It's GREAT! Comments By: Anon on 2004-08-03
This is such an easy way to apply quick lip gloss. Its not sticky or messy. It makes your lips shine. Its great!
wonderful Comments By: CASEY on 2005-05-31
I thought it was great it makes my lips feel more free and not sticky like most lip glosses do!
dude Comments By: Georgia Waldhauser on 2005-12-18
dude hey i didnt know that you could put eyeshadow on your lips but hey why not it works!
very nice Comments By: bindu on 2006-06-14
i tried.lips will become soft and supple.
this is the best Comments By: nadine on 2006-07-15
haha i always do this i love it
nice Comments By: LilDemon on 2010-07-03
guess i don't have to invest in a new lipgloss :p

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