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Acne and zit tips Sqeezable spots?

Submitted by fearne

I'm at the age where i always seem to have a spot when i wake up in the morning! (its most probably because i never wash my make-up off) but my aunty was down the other week and suggested a great cure, and it worked! if you have spot just apply a blob of normal daily tooth paste before going to bed, in the morning the tooth paste will have hardened, wash it away and the spot will have dried up, its a quick way to get a spot healed! and trust me it worked on mine! :)

Visitors comments

Toothpaste is rubbish! Comments By: Tomoyo on 2004-07-18
Toothpaste doesn't do anything to your spots! I tried it and it didn't do anyhting but made the surrounding skin all red. And no I don't have sensitive skin. Just add hot water on your spot and it will burst!
dosent always work Comments By: laura on 2004-08-12
It might have worked for you but it dosent work for everyone, toothpaste can also burn the skin making the imperfection worse.
toothpaste Comments By: Christie on 2004-08-19
I agree. But I use toothpaste as a facial mask & leave on 30 min avoiding the eye area & rinsing off w/ warm water. It really reduces redness. It also leaves your face feeling increadibly clean. I love it but I only do it once a month. Reminder no it doesnt work for everyone, but what does everyone is different. The whole thing w it leaving huge craters is a myth. Someone probably dug into their pimple until it was a huge hole then put toothpaste on it like a dummy.
Toothpaste Is Exelent!! Comments By: Anon on 2005-01-12
Just put a bit on the spot over night and it dries it up!!Fantabulous!!
sometimes Comments By: kendi on 2005-04-01
toothpaste does work for me somtimes. however, putting hot water, or anything to burst them will lead to scaring.
Toothpaste Comments By: Lollz on 2005-04-06
Toothpaste dries the spot out. It sort of worked for me but make sure u use lots of cream aswell or your skin will be all dry!
hmmm... Comments By: Demi on 2007-08-01
I've heard toothpaste burns your skin...

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