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Hair Instant hair conditioner, frizz serum

Submitted by Gemma

When your hair is a little bit damp after washing, put a small dab of castor oil in your palm and rub you palms together to heat the oil. then just pat the oil onto your tips and damaged areas. It does a better job than my expensive instant conditioner

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Bad tip Comments By: lorinka on 2004-07-19
Castor oil will make your hair oily, lifless, flat!
Instead of Castor Oil Comments By: Anon on 2004-07-24
Using botanical, olive or plant oils are better choices than castor oil. These oils pentetrate the hair shaft without weighing down the hair. Great choices: jojoba, almond, grapeseed, lavender, Nexxus Botanic Oil (approx. $10).
Sorry but It wasn't that great Comments By: Coco on 2004-08-25
Ok Gemma.....I tried putting oil in my hair before and it made it the greasiest it's ever been! Maybe it works for your hair
<p>P.s. If anyone tries this you should wash the oil out!

Always read the "fine print": Comments By: Cyndi on 2004-10-06
She stressed that she only uses it on the damaged areas/tips. It sounds like a spot application rather than a whole-head treatment (at least without shampooing afterward). Putting it just on the ends should have a much different effect. I have heard olive oil/honey in a 2:1 ratio is also a miracle worker. (Leave in for an hour under a shower cap and wrap a towel hot out of the dryer around the outside, then shampoo out.) If you are out of eggs, like me, the olive oil works well by itself, too.
ha....castor oil eh Comments By: nikki on 2010-02-08
the last time i was introduced to castor oil i was 39 weeks pregnant and miserable....not more miserable then after the castor oil..tried it three times never worked...but pputting it in your hair as a hair conditioner sounds like an idea...have to try it....thats if i can handle smelling it all over again haha
Castor oil is a bit heavy Comments By: ANON on 2010-11-09
Castor oil is a bit heavy. The best I have ever used is Coconut oil. As it is solid,so you will need to rub it in you palms first. Do not use too much, or you will be sorry. Less is definitely more with this, but it works for me. I just scrape my nails over the solid mass and melt it, then rub your hands together. you should only be able to see a slight shine on your palms, then stroke through your WET hair. For short hair, use a lot less. Maybe best to use a tissue first, then use the residue on your hair. It does work well, provided you do not overoil it.
Theatre5 Comments By: Theatre5 on 2011-04-04
I'm always skeptical when trying new hair products. I am African American and Italian and my hair is shoulder length, curly and whenever I try to straighten it myself, it lasts for a minute. I I I use the Antioxidant Leave in Protectant from Shielo haircare. Its a non-greasy, yet weighted spray that protects hair from flat iron heat. Lightly and pleasantly scented.

I'm happy with it thus far and I recommend it for anyone who has very frizzy hair. This Shielo Protectant is the BEST tamer of my frizz yet. Worth the money.


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