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Conditioning Soft silky hair in an instant!

Submitted by ness

Whilst in shower have a small glass ready with cider vinegar (or white vinegar for blondes) mixed with a little water, use as a rinse after washing hair, it makes hair noticibly softer and smoother instantly! However it does smell so just give your hair another rinse with some cold water and voila! silky soft hair!

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question Comments By: Jacki on 2004-07-19
If i only have white vinager, but i have brown hair, with blonde highlights can i use that?

TipKing Says: I think the reason why ness has suggested that blondes use white vinegar is due to the fact that cider vinegar may alter the color of light colored hair slightly. As you have brown hair, this should not be a problem and you will be fine to use white vinegar. It's cheaper too!

??? Comments By: silky hair on 2005-04-24
What's voila?? Can't find it in the dictionary

TipKing says: I think it is French for 'there you are' or something like that


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