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Coffee Grounds and Baby Oil

Using Coffee grounds to get rid of cellulite works, but can be messy. Try mixing the coffee grounds with a little Baby Oil and rub it in just before you take a shower. Much less mess and the ground simply wash off in the shower.

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Temporary only Comments By: anon on 2004-10-24
This will only temporariy reduce the appearance of cellulite. The moisture (the baby oil) "plumps up" the skin cells resulting in a smoother look.

Nothing has yet been scientifically proven to remove cellulite - it is a natural condition most women have, thought to be caused by fat cells being extruded into the dermis layer of the skin.

lack of calcium Comments By: kendi on 2005-04-01
cellulite is proven to be caused by a calcium deficency.
Used Comments By: Anon on 2005-05-10
Should the coffee grounds be used or what

TipKing says : The tips all relate to USED coffee grounds

it works Comments By: vickie in georgia on 2005-05-30
tried this and was amazed..let me tell you ..absolutely amazed ...if youre a skeptic ..you wont be if you try it.. all you got to lose is the cellulite..
Works Like A Charm Comments By: Me on 2005-07-16
I started using this about a year ago. A few times a week I would rub the "used" coffee grounds onto my thighs and backs of legs. I also wrapped them with saran wrap and left for about ten minutes. Sometimes would rub it in with the saran wrap on. There was a difference after the FIRST time, it's awesome! It also seemed to take off inches in my thighs. However if you don't keep it up the cellulite comes back but this does work amazing well and FAST!
Celluite is GENETIC NOT Calcium Deficit! Comments By: nurse05 on 2005-07-16
Cellulite is NOT proven to be caused by a Calcium deficiency. It is GENETIC and can made worse by fat but that's not the main cause. I am 5'5" and weigh 120 and have had 2 children. At fourteen I only weighed 75 pounds and was already beginning to get cellulite! Exercise can help due to the muscle makes the "bumps" appear smoother. The coffee grounds get into the fat cells and get them moving just the way that it does your body when you drink it! Seriously this does work. At least try it once. You have NOTHING to lose but of course nasty cellulite. Oh yea my cellulite probably was reduced by 60% if not more!
I drink milk all day, everyday. Comments By: Tonya on 2006-02-23
I have been a constant milk drinker since birth I guess. I put away at least a gallon every other day. I would say I don't have a calcium problem. I am 24 and have a good case of cellulite in my buttocks especially. I will say 110 percent, that cellulite is not caused by lack of calcium. I will also say that I drink about a gallon of caffinated sweet tea a day. I have been drinking tea like this for 10+ years. I believe my cellulite is caused by this. And the milk might even contribute to it also. It's hard to say. But this is my daily routine-I eat cereal about 2-3 times/day, I constantly pour myself some of my worlds best homemade tea, I might eat a real meal sometimes. But usually my meals are high fiber cereal(my favorite is Frosted Mini Wheats) and milk. I used to drink whole milk until about a year ago switched to 2 percent. But it has to be one of the two that causes cellulite. I am positive of it. Either the caffeine or milk! I did use some used coffee grounds in the shower as a scrub on the front and back of my thighs and on my butt tonight and it really worked wonders. I scrubed in an upward motion, from my knees upward. I did not add baby oil though.I just made a empty coffee can just for used coffee grounds so I can do this often. I was very pleased at the results. I love the internet!!!!
OMG It works....amazing Comments By: Erica on 2006-11-13
Wow...I was desperate to give anything a try but rubbing warm used coffee grounds on your legs then wrapping with Saran Wrap really works. It totally reduced my cellulite appearance in just once use. Wow...imagine after 2 uses. :-)
Desperate in the UK! Comments By: Jacqueline on 2007-02-16
Hi, just found your site after looking across the world for something to help me get rid of my damn cellulite! Havent tried it yet, but will in the morning (it's night time here now), and hope to report back. What's a Saran Wrap, by the way?!
Sensitivity Comments By: Tara on 2007-08-03
I have extremely sensitive skin...should I shave before or after I use the coffee grounds? Also, I did do this once and it was great I used it like I was exfoiliating and my skin felt awsome! PS My hands got really tingly and uncomfortable after handling the coffee, use gloves...and prepare to clean your shower ;)
Question please Comments By: Diana on 2007-08-05
I am definitely going to try this but I have a question do the coffee grounds have to be used?

TipKing says: I think the tip calls for used grounds

I will try it Comments By: Sakari on 2007-11-14
I heard on the news about his cellulite treatment and decided to google and i got this site i will try it starting tonight....im a coffee junkie so i have plenty of used coffee ground im a big skeptic but we shall see hopefully this treatment will work
Confused Comments By: Thisisfrustrating on 2008-02-16
I always hear a ton of success stories from coffee grounds but for some reason it's not working for me. What exactly does "used" mean? I bought caffeinated coffee grinds at the store, mixed it with Olive Oil and rubbed into the back of my thighs, then put surran wrap on. That didn't do too much twice and it was messy so for the last 3 days I've just been mixing the coffee grinds with olive oil, warming a little, then rubbing into my thighs and leaving tights on so they stay overnight. My cellulite case is mild so, I'd think it should work.. haven't really noticed a change.

Am I doing something wrong?

Answer to confused Comments By: Clarifier on 2008-03-10
Used coffee means exactly what it is. What you are using is unused coffee. Used coffee means that you take the coffee from the machine after you have made coffee and the stuff that you usually throw out is what you would use for the purpose! How hard is that?
Get your used coffee grounds from Starbucks Comments By: www.usafilmproduction.com on 2008-03-25

Starbucks will give you used coffee grounds for free - it even comes in a beautifully wrapped bag!

saran wrap - uk - Comments By: Paintgrrrrl on 2008-04-09
To the UK poter that asked what saran wrap is - its cling film in the uk.
Trying it now

used grounds Comments By: jenny on 2008-04-15
i live in england and when i make a cup of coffee i dont throw anything out. i put a spoon full of granules , some sugar and milk in a cup. then i pure boiling water in and stir it.

i dont understand this used grounds stuff. wot does it mean ?

what it is? Comments By: anan on 2008-05-17
i'm from uk too and i have no idea what coffee grounds are... i really hoped i could do it.
To the confused in UK Comments By: Lucie on 2008-06-10
What you are referring to as granules, is instant coffee. What you need is the actual ground up coffee beans, which you put into a coffee maker/coffee press and once the hot water has run through the coffee grounds, voila, you have the USED leftovers which is what you can rub on your bottom. Hope this helps.
I tried, it works!!!! Comments By: Cynthia on 2008-07-14
I had heard of this before and just thought yea, ok whatever. I was pretty bored and thought, hmmm, let me just try it. I scrubbed my thighs and rubbed in very well. washed it off. After I towel dried, WOW I could see a big difference!! I will make this a part of my weekly routine for sure! Im also gonna try the olive oil and saran tip to kick it up a notch!!!
coffe grounds for cellulite Comments By: anon on 2008-08-16
Can unused coffee grounds be used? Is it better, or ?
Wow!!! sounds like my praiser has been answer Comments By: Karina Mejia on 2008-08-16
this sound like a miracle cure. I will try it tonight...I wonder if this will work to get ridoff stomach fat! does anyone know...or perhaps anyone knows of a natural way to resude stomach fat?
So- called calcium deficiency Comments By: Mo on 2008-10-17
I personally do not agree with the cause of cellulite being a calcium deficiency because I take supplements EVERYDAY , I drink milk, and I take coral calcium, and I STILL have cellulite!!
Hope this works Comments By: Margie Nielsen on 2008-11-13
What do you guys wrap the coffee grounds in to apply it to your skin? do you have to use oil or can you just use the coffee? and do any of you use it on the tops of your arms? and how long do you rub it in for?
Love it Comments By: Sarah on 2009-01-19
I do this and I love it. And after, my skin is amazingly soft. I highly recommend the use with olive oil for added moisture that is locked in. The coffee grounds are amazing. I even use a little on my face, I just dont rub and it has a great tightening effect!
UK coffee grounds... Free from Sainsburys Comments By: Helen on 2009-01-11
Hi, I got my USED coffee grounds from the cafe in Sainsburys. Sainsburys will give you as much as you want. They save them for people who want to use them on their compost heaps and advertise in store (cafe) to ask if you want any...
Used coffee grounds!! Comments By: Jessica on 2009-04-22
Haven't tried yet...I have a problem...

I don't drink coffee..can i just buy the unused grounds at the store and use that..or will that not work?

cellulite Comments By: catherine on 2009-05-25
can you just rub in coffee granules from a jar and baby oil

TipKing says: No, the tip calls for the use of coffee grounds not coffee granules

AWESOME! Comments By: Bronwyn South Africa on 2009-06-10
I stumbled across the idea of coffee alleviating cellulit, when Cindy Crawford told Oprah once about using it, and that was about 12 years ago. Recently I've made it an absalute habit that every second day I take my mixture, which is actually ground unused coffee from the store, which still works, and bath oil, and I massage my entire body with it. All over my arms my tummy my legs and even my face once a week. And it's amazing how soft and supple my skin is. I have been doing this for about two years now, through my pregnancy as well, and I also have cellulite legs that run in our family,and I can tell you that my celulite is not visible any more unless my legs are really sqeezed, and if I hadn't used this coffee mixture habitually every week, it would be far far worse! Don't forget to moisturize afterwards as well ladies!Very important too
coffee grounds vs. instant coffee Comments By: bel on 2009-07-10
whats the difference bet. coffee ground and instant coffee rubbing in your body both have a caffeine.. im using the instant coffee...advice pls so il stop using it if its wrong using the instant coffee...thank you
How so? Comments By: catherine on 2009-08-04
This is my frist im going to use the coffee grounds,do i leave it on all day or how long 5,10 mintues...
Small red bumps and itch. Comments By: Latte lover on 2009-08-08
I used it a little too often I think cause after five days straight of coffee ground scrubs before the shower my skin became inflated and itchy. I stopped doing the scrub right away but the itch and small bumps on my upper thighs, bum and arms still remains. It' been three days. I have used baby rash formula, Papal, and Vaseline...my "coffee rash" will not go away. Lesson...don't overdue it. Your skin will be mad at you!
Caffine? Comments By: Katie on 2009-08-19
Does it need to be caffinated coffee grounds- I drink mostly decaff, is the caffine the important bit?
D: didnt work Comments By: becka on 2009-08-28
i used coffee grounds and shea butter lotion :/ and im guessing that doesnt work?

step by step instructions please?

Clueless Comments By: BPQ on 2009-09-14
I do not drink coffee. I will not buy the instant coffee but I am confused about the grounds. If I purchase grounds, can I "cook" them in an inexpensive coffee maker or is there some special handling involved? sounds like a great remedy but I dont want to use the money on the wrong method esp. since I am not a coffee drinker. Thanks....
FABULOUS BODY SCRUB Comments By: Cid on 2009-10-04
Just wanted to let you all know that you can add all kinds of stuff to your used coffee bean grounds to make an amazing body scrub that exfoliates and moisturizes your skin. I sometimes add almond oil, hazelnut oil, coconut oil, and vitamin E in various combinations. If you want you can add brown sugar, sea salt, and/or honey. I also add a touch of vanilla or essential oil for fragrance. You can even add some ground oatmeal and/or aloe vera for their soothing properties. I use my scrub every day in the shower, and it makes my skin really soft. An extra bonus is if you leave it on your skin for a few minutes, it acts as a colorant, and your skin looks tan. It's way cheaper than buying a body scrub from a salon, and you get to experiment with what you like and what works on your skin. I'm addicted to this stuff!
YEAH!!!!!! Long story But worth it!!!! Comments By: Stephanie on 2009-10-19
I have been working out religiously for about 2 months now. I'm not overweight but just very unhappy. The problem I was having was with my cellulite on my legs and surprisingly enough my bra fat line (sorry don't know what else to call it). I read about this and decided to try it. I was shocked. Thanks to my mothers bad bad genes cellulite has always been a major problem. I never would wear shorts and always used a wrap on the beach. I used this and then wrapped in plastic wrap losely. I even put on my stomach, side and back area. When i was done it was amazing. I highly recommend this. i have done it twice a week for about 2 months. I leave on for about 20 minutes though. But good news is little effort but i bought shorts and even went to the beach last month in just my bathing suit.
YEAP Comments By: Ricki on 2009-12-09
After reading a natural Asian Health Book that I had for fouteen years and finally started to read it...The Used Coffee Grinds work. I wash my face first and then I used Used Coffe Grinds I store in my Frig and exfoliate my skin. My "GOD" after this scrub, my face is so smooth and now I do my entire body. I also do Coffee Enemas and the toxins that come out of my body is amazing. When I first started the coffee enemas, I was sneezing, etc and that was because of the toxins. I am 42 years old and I HONESTLY LOOK 25 or 26 years of age. The body will heal it's self. Another book I recommend is Lousie Hayes for internal and external (mentally and physically) cleaning. IT WORKS....The Coffee Grinds.
wow Comments By: hanna on 2010-02-24
wow i am using sidamo arabica coffee from sainsburys too the fragrant is like apricot and mediom rosted i also use it with few drop lemon to balance my oily skin, i think coffee is natural gift for womens skin care.
Coffee Grinds Face Exfoliant Comments By: Angie on 2010-02-26
I not only exfoliate my whole body with coffee grinds but my face also. My skin is dry and flaky in the winter but it is also oily and acne prone and extremely sensitive. Yet since I gave this a try my skin has never looked better. People have definitely noticed a big difference in my skin. And I haven't had one break out. I get an occasional small pimple but, nothing like before. This sounds weird but once a week mix it with ur hair conditioner after shampooing leave it in for 2 mins. or so, and rinse very very well. Your hair feels strange but dries amazing!
Coffee Grinds Face Exfoliant Comments By: Angie on 2010-02-27
I not only exfoliate my whole body with coffee grinds but my face also. My skin is dry and flaky in the winter but it is also oily and acne prone and extremely sensitive. Yet since I gave this a try my skin has never looked better. People have definitely noticed a big difference in my skin. And I haven't had one break out. I get an occasional small pimple but, nothing like before. This sounds weird but once a week mix it with ur hair conditioner after shampooing leave it in for 2 mins. or so, and rinse very very well. Your hair feels strange but dries amazing!
Not perfect but will keep trying it Comments By: A on 2010-03-18
To be honest did not see much difference the first try but I do have a lot of cellulite. But mixing the grinds and baby oil made my skin super soft feels amazing. I will try for a few weeks and let you know how it goes:)
I`m gonna give a try right Comments By: ilona on 2010-04-13
I`m gonna give a try right now, hope it`ll work...
For UK people! Comments By: emily on 2010-04-26
Moistened instant coffee granules can be used also, it's the caffeine that causes this scrub to work so there's no reason why this won't work also.
AMAZING!!!!!!!! Comments By: rashaawn77 on 2010-04-28
I used them and the first time it WORKED!! I could see the cellulite going away. It's a Win, Win for me because I am an avide coffee drinker.
AMAZING!!!!!!!! Comments By: rashawn77 on 2010-04-28
I used them and the first time it WORKED!! I could see the cellulite going away. It's a Win, Win for me because I am an avide coffee drinker.
coffe grounds Comments By: unknown girl on 2010-04-28
they are from coffee beans ground up. they need to be brewed and the bean part left over is what you use not the liquid.
last Comments By: melissa on 2010-05-16
How long does it last after first treatment?
Truely temporary, but who cares! Comments By: Nobody's smart but me! on 2010-06-08
This is only a temporary fix. It does not remove cellulite, it causes increased blood flow (from caffeine) in the area. however as long as you keep applying it a few times a week, who cares if it's temporary? you'll still look better.

For a more comfortable application, use a small amount of FRESH ground coffee mixed in with some body lotion. Freshly ground coffee has more caffeine than used grounds, and are less coarse.

I like it but it's very messy... Comments By: antoniette on 2010-07-15
I tried already twice with olive oil. As I don't drink coffee I use new coffee grounds every time. I saw some improvement but nothing spectacular. However I'm confident that with exercise and good diet (just started this 3 weeks ago) this mix can really help to get rid of that ugly skin on the back of my tights. I was wondering if any of you knows that if instead of mixing coffee with olive oil every time I want to use this, I could just leave a container full of olive oil and coffee grounds in the fridge for 2 weeks, then filter it and use the oil on my skin. It sounds obvious that the oil will absorb the caffeine and it would work but I would like to know your opinion. I could always do the scrub once a week with the real coffee... Just an idea...
Where to put the used coffee grinds Comments By: Gina on 2010-08-20
Okay...so tell me how your plumbing is? Do you wash off in the shower? Do these coffee grinds and oil clog up your shower?
please reply Comments By: kandy on 2010-08-23
I bought instant coffee and mixed it in the nivea cellulite cream, I rubbed it on my thighs and actually have it on now its the first time I'm doing it (btw my husband thinks I've gone mad haha) but anyway does instant coffee have the same effect??? Thanks:)
use olive oil not baby oil Comments By: Anna on 2010-10-18
hi girls! great subject!
i think it works, i tried it once or twice, it helps, your skin is softer, i stopped only because is messy and i don't drink coffee very often now, but i will do it again, even with freshly ground unused coffee - higher caffeine content.
Just a suggestion - i am not sure if baby oil is a good idea, is made from petrol and it's preventing your skin from breathing, it's clogging. i would rather recommend olive oil or almond oil. you sholud eliminate sugar and grains from your diet as well if you want your cellulite and acne to go away. it really works! i am doing nutrition therapy and herbalism course. if you have some questions, feel free to drop me an e-mail, i will try to help.
[email protected]

ah okay Comments By: Jeannie on 2010-10-24
I heard of this before but never tried it. I guess I will try it now, cant hurt you know?

First time use with promising results Comments By: Gcobisa Joy P. on 2010-11-16
I heard about this from the TV Show; the Doctors. I think I am exagarating though but with the feeling of smoothness I got after single use I was tempted to use it daily. I did not know about adding oil to it though but now I know. Beleive me this works. Give it a try; you have nothing to lose but ugly skin bumps. I am using unused coffe ground though, I never thought of asking Star bucks
Hurray!! Comments By: Jen on 2011-02-04
Works! as good results as i could hope for did the wrap with new instant coffee and lotion-very messy still working out logistics-but worked! I have pretty bad cellulite for my size and i would have to say i saw about a 80% improvement after 30 minutes of the wrap, im not saying this is a permanent solution by any means the results will probably fade in a day or so but if you are going to have a day at the beach or want to wear shorts, its definitely worth it!
How do u make coffee grounds without a coffeemaker? Comments By: otpaloma on 2011-02-08
I am not gonna run out and get a coffeemaker just to do this. Any suggestions on how you would do this w/ no coffeemaker?
EXICTING!! Comments By: Kat on 2011-02-13
When buying your coffee beans, they usually provide the grinder, so it's for FREE. After reading all the raves about it, i am gonna give it a shot :)
DESPERATE PEOPLE! Comments By: Shan on 2011-02-15
Please be intelligent-does your coffee give you energy in the morning? Yes for a short period. Rubbing grounds on body does help move cellulite around to give the appearance of less. BUT-as already stated, this is temporary. 24-48 hours is the longest for this method. In all honesty-the time it takes you to do all this and clean up the mess? You could have actually worked out!! And done something good for your body!!!! Come on people!!
plumbing Comments By: anon on 2011-02-21
I am definitely trying this but have a concern about the plumbing in the bathroom...will it affect the drain in the shower? I don't want problems in the house because of this. I will do it at the gym if so :)
Hm Havent tried it but might Comments By: anon on 2011-03-16
i dont drink coffee nor does anyone in my house. im 18 and i have cellulite. 130 pounds and 5 feet so im all condensed haha i feel like it would be too much trouble to do it everyday but someone stated it would last 24-48 hours so ill def try it before a vacation or a trip to the beach! such a great tip ! thanks!
1ST time user Comments By: msmagic on 2011-03-24
getting ready to try it hope it works will let you know im excited
Hopefull Comments By: bigbootyjudy on 2011-04-06
Making coffe right nowww, very anxious to see the results!
Comment to Shan Comments By: Camille on 2011-03-29
If you have ever struggled with cellulite you would understand why folks are on this site looking for a remedy. Working out alone does not get ride of the dimply fat. Slim, overweight, muscular...I've seen all types with cellulite. Hopefully this works and you need to be quiet and stop discouraging people.
Plumbing worries Comments By: ssuter on 2011-05-09
My Grandmother used to purposely put coffee ground down her sink to keep pipes clean! Another positive! : )
Pure liquid caffeine Comments By: Tracy on 2011-05-14
That seems very messy and to much work. Has anyone tried pure liquid caffeine in with your lotion?? I found a site purecaf.com that sells it for cheap. I wanted to try that with my lotion on my cellulite areas. Look at the site and give me some feed back before I purchase. IT is cheap to buy!
HELP :( Comments By: amy on 2011-05-30
i'm 16..my cellulite is horrible. i have really thick thighs. I'm going to a water park in about 2 weeks. I tried this remedy like..10 minutes ago. It didn't work:(
my legs are softer and my booty. but stilllll dimples. i don't even like to walk in front of my boyfriend when im wearing shorts much less a bikini! did i do it wrong? i mixed olive oil with USED coffee grounds.

Hope this works for me!!! Comments By: Dorth on 2011-07-05
I have just applied used coffee grounds and a bit of baby oil on my thighs and I really hope this works, I will try just the grounds tomorrow I this doesn't work, I am so happy I found this site. Muah!!! :)
Wonderful! Comments By: Emily on 2011-08-02
I tried this an immediately saw a difference in skin tone.
I did not stop at the trouble areas but focused on the lymph glands and well, everywhere (not my face...). The arm pits, groin and knees need extra attention as they tend to not drain well. Try this! feels great and the coffee oil leaves a nice smooth feeling, no after smell (happily)!


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