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Lipstick on your drinking glass tips

To prevent lipstick staining your drinking glass, lick the glass before drinking out of it.

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hmmm.....that would look lovely Comments By: anonymous on 2004-07-21
Ok imagine this you are at a fancy dinner party and you suddenly get thirsty so the group you are talking to watches you as you stick out your tounge and lick all over your glass and take a dainty sip of your water and continue talking about how none at the party has any manners. Its a good idea but I decided to give you a hard time.
true Comments By: Fe-mail on 2005-03-31
might not be the most attractive but it really does work
Glasses have germs and saliva is gross Comments By: RoadRunningVixen on 2005-08-20
eww.. whether it works or not. now you have a gulp of saliva with every sip.

Not to mention if youre drinking from a dirty cafeteria glass.


To the saliva commenter.... Comments By: :-) on 2006-02-17
You always drink your own saliva every time you swallow anything.. it's in your own mouth.

But overall the licking the glass thing was a good idea.. you just have to do it very discretely and you're all set.

haahah that fool Comments By: nadine on 2006-07-15
who eva said that its eww to drink your siliva your always drinking it you fool
Lol @ RoadRunningVixen Comments By: Saphie on 2007-08-13
You have a problem with drinking your own saliva? God, you must have a hard life.
Lol liker lips Comments By: Aggatha raymond on 2010-04-09
lol gross but cool i tried it in a really posh resterant and this waiter saw me. 4 the rest of the nite he kept lookin down his nose at me!!!

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