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Skin cream Exfoliate with home made cream

For a simple treatment to exfoliate your skin. In the palm of your hand, put some salt, and mix in with Olive oil. Apply to face, or area that needs attention, leave on for 15-20 minutes. Now with circular motions rub off lotion, Dead skin peels right off.

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verrrry soft skin!! Comments By: newly "40" laura from MN on 2004-07-29
I used this recipe - kept it on for about 10 minutes, it's kind of messy, but when you rinse off with water - you will have the most amazingly soft skin - a "glow" too!! thank you & God bless you all!
Really helped, my skin Comments By: Roxy on 2004-08-08
This treatment really helped, my skin was peeling very badly and this recipe cleared it. My face is still soft.
WOW!! Comments By: Katiw on 2004-08-11
I tried it and my skin is very soft when I was rubbing my skin to get the stuff off could see the skin and my skin is completly soft!!
I would try it, it won't harm you to give it a go. Comments By: Sarah on 2004-08-15
It was really easy to use, and I did it in the shower/bath. I have just some from overseas, and because of it being summer there, and winter here, my legs were so dry! I hated them, and I found this website.

This exfolitor us really good, and really mousturieses your skin. I WOULD TRY IT!!

THROW AWAY THE EXPENSIVE GARBAGE!!! Comments By: Fanny on 2005-07-07
This stuff works miracles! I'm a firm believer!
?????????????/ Comments By: nisha on 2006-08-28
when you mean olive oilyou mean cooking olive oil or olive oil cream

TipKing says: It is calling for Olive oil.

AAAAAmazing! Comments By: Kiss My Legs! on 2008-01-09
What would I do without the net. I "googled" a "home made exfoliating treatment". Decided hmm looks simple but Ill try it - nothing to lose! Well I did have something to lose - ALLL the dead skin! And I gained some supple soft and glowing legs! Two hours later Im still here telling every female friend about it! Need I say more....but VERY IMPRESSED!
Help! Comments By: Rochelle on 2008-03-26
Can You use water to wash the stuff off?? i wann atry this product as it sounds great!
what kind of salt do you use and what kind of olive oil? Comments By: clipp on 2009-04-08
what kind of salt do you use and what kind of olive oil? i wanna try this bad and i need the right ingrediants and such. please help.
salt on the body works too! Comments By: Kris. S on 2009-04-22
I sometimes exfoliate my entire body just using salt and it is totally amazing. When you get in the shower, wet down and then rub the salt into your skin with gentle motions, not missing a spot of your body. Then after you're done with your shower, dry off and apply a simple skin lotion. Your skin will be incredibly soft and glowing. In my opinion, there's nothing better.
wow Comments By: saira on 2009-05-21
use normal cooking salt and cooking olive oil [extra virgin olive oil]

i poured the olive oil into a little container and added as much salt as i could so it would soak up the oil and then i mixed it together with my fingers and then i applied it to my face.......and exfoliated.....it does wonders for your skin.......[olive oil is a natural skin whitener anyway!!]

Sounds good Comments By: daniela on 2009-06-09
I haven't tried this yet, but fully intend to, as i epilate my legs with one of those epilating machines and get those annoying spots and ingrown hairs.

One question though, does it strip your skin of a natural sun tan? My legs have this lovely healthy brown colour, but if olive oil is a "natural whitener" as mentioned then would it get rid of that?

WOW Comments By: Annie on 2010-07-03
I just used this and kept it on my face for about 10 minutes and then after washing it off with water, i washed my face again with ponds face wash to remove the oily feeling and now my skin is definitely cleaner and smoother!
this sounds great! Comments By: mina on 2010-09-07
can you use it for your body i mean legs?. how often you need to use? i want to try this sounds great!
WOW...WOW......WOW...........WOW Comments By: Robin on 2010-09-07
this is great i put on my face for 10 minutes and my skin is soooooo soft you have to try!!
I am soooooooo trying this! Comments By: bubbles94 on 2011-10-20
I've been seing all these really great comments of this homemade solution and I am really excited to try it!

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