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Mayonnaise hair conditioner Beauty tips

Submitted by Michael Keller

To condition your hair, put mayonnaise on it, then put on a shower cap and spend an hour in the sun. It deep conditions it.

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mayonnaise tip Comments By: anon on 2004-06-19
very good
Works Comments By: Jane on 2005-07-14
The mayo certainly leaves the hair shiny and soft but needs a good scrub to get rid of the smell
why not try this? Comments By: ruby on 2005-09-04
mayo contains eggs and oil so why not try eggs and olive oil and avoid the rub and scrub for the smell.
mayo and egg Comments By: Spriggs m8 on 2006-02-10
i put egg and mayo on my hair, it just left my hair feeling greasy and smelly, dont do it!
really works! Comments By: Jenn on 2006-02-11
sounds gross, but truly works! i use mayo in my hair about 4 times a week! i have the softest, shiniest hair of anyone i know. i *always* get compliments on how beautiful my hair is! i usually shampoo my hair twice when washing it out, and leave my regular conditioner on for a few minutes. mayo on the hair is the way to go! also, i *never* smell like mayo since i wash twice. taking a little extra care of your hair is definitely worth it if you want model perfect hair!
best hair conditioner Comments By: Jenny Chu on 2006-12-07
I've spent so much money on countless hair conditioning product and they haven't worked like mayo. Mayo is so cheap and really good for the hair. So silky smooth. No need to spend extra money. Oh, if you wash your hair properly with shampoo, the smell goes away. So don't worry about the smell.
so good Comments By: mary on 2008-03-10
its too good , i have lenthy black , straight hairs and summer season make them dry , after using mayo my problem has gone.
don't foret Comments By: ::DFKLD on 2008-04-09
Make sure to use a clarifying shampoo after this to get any buildup out
shampoo after?? Comments By: contemplating on 2008-04-20
i want to this, but im worried if i dont shampoo after, my hair will be greasy and smelly...and if i do shampoo wont that just strip my hair of whatever the mayo did to it/ put in it, and just defeat the whole purpose?

mayo as conditioner Comments By: Oh on 2008-05-13
I used to think my hair was too oily and didn't like the feel after using mayo as a conditioner. Here is what I came up with and it works:

First, put mayo on your hair, put on plastic cap, leave in for 15 - 30 mins.

Second, shampoo with a moisturizing shampoo.

Last, condition with what ever conditioner you use. I am black and have dry, coarse hair so I use Pantene's Relaxed and Natural Conditioning mask for 1/2 hr.

My hair feels great after this routine, which I do once per week.

mayo works for me Comments By: janna on 2009-05-17
I have 3c hair and I do use mayonnaise as a hair conditioner. However, I put a different twist on it to get optimal results. I mix equal parts of mayo,a regular hair conditioner and a well beaten egg. I then put a shower cap or plastic bag on. I leave it on for hours.
Mayo as hair conditioner Comments By: T.Jones on 2009-08-01
I have read all the great comments about using mayo as a conditioner. The next time I was my hair I will try it...then post my results
chemical free conditioner Comments By: liz m on 2009-08-02
I use only one conditioner - the Peppermint Herbal Conditioner from Made from Earth. I dont need to use anything else - I apply the conditioner and let it sit on my hair while I shower. After that I comb out my hair and rinse, voila I'm done and my hair is soft and moisterized. You can find the company at http://www.madefromearth.com/

I am concerned about parabens and chemicals so I use the Made from Earth Peppermint conditioner as a substitute for many things in the shower. I use this instead of shaving creams always, my legs, and arm pits are grateful. I am big on exfoliating and in winter after I shower, I add baking soda to the Made from Earth conditioner and apply it all over my body in a circular motion (paying attention to elbows, knees, hands, and feet) then do my final rinse. I do this once a week and I follow with shea butter or Extra Virgin Olive oil and this keeps my extra dry winter skin super soft, without chemicals and parabens. And it smells great, so no need for body sprays afterwards.

Hope this helps.

Left my hair greasy! Comments By: Anon on 2009-12-07
my hair is very dry so I figured it was worth a shot. my hair is now greasy and looks un-healthy. I will have to re-wash my hair tom morning :/
mayo PLUS conditioner Comments By: Natural Beauty on 2010-01-10
People are concerned with smell and buildup. I put on regular deep conditioner, then massaged mayo into my hair. Put a cap on it for an hour. Then completely rinsed everything out. The smell in the conditioner cancelled out the mayo and my hair felt wonderful when it dried!!!
great Comments By: nae on 2010-01-15
i tried it. i used aloe and mayonaise and massaged it in my hair and scalp. i let it sit for an hour and my hair feels strong and healthy. much better than it used to feel
Mayo May Mayo Comments By: Lee on 2010-03-28
I love the Mayo method. One day I was about to wash my hair but I started to notice my hair seem limp and looked like it was trying to break. My instincts kept saying use mayo and I struggle with it for a long time but I decided to do it and WOW WOW WOW!!! I was highly impressed. I put the mayo mix with a pinch of pure coconut oil and left it in my hair over an 1hr. My hair felt stronger and my ends were healthier I am doing again. Usually I do a hot oil treatments each week but since Mayo worked so much better Im sticking with it.
i want my natural hair Comments By: misunderstood on 2010-07-22
hi. i am african american i have permed hair but i want my natural hair can i use mayo as a substitute for a perm while it returns to its natural form?
Mayo Works! Comments By: curlgirl on 2010-09-15
I was a little skeptical about whether mayo would really make a difference right away. Well, I'm a believer now! I used it this morning, just some (real)mayo on my damp hair, left it on for 20 minutes, and then washed it out,and Voila! Shiny and smooth curls!
My Friend Requested .... Comments By: Zaaraaa on 2010-10-10
My Friend Requested This Treatment The First Time I Did This My Hairr Wass Incredible Nicee And Smooth I Cudt Stop Looking At It And Its a GREAT Teatment Btw Wash Yur Hair twice So it wont smell
I Tried it All Comments By: Dry and Brittle on 2010-11-19
After trying it all to prevent breakage, I stumbled upon the mayonnaise hair treatment. I wish I had known about it years ago!

I applied a generous amount of mayonnaise throughout my hair, covered it with a plastic cap for an hour, took the cap off and let the mayonnaise dry. Once dried, the smell was drastically reduced. I left the dry mayonnaise in my hair for 6 hours, rinsed it out with clear water, then washed it twice with baby shampoo. My hair was unbelievably soft, and only a few strands came out in the comb. My hasn't felt this way since I was a child, and I couldn't believe it wasn't all over the sink.

The only downside of the mayonnaise treatment was that my hair lacked body. It was limp. But, it wasn't breaking and that's what I wanted.

Use cold Comments By: tenyen on 2010-11-20
if your hair was greasy after washing the mayonnaise out it was probably because you used warm or hot water, you HAVE to use COLD. hope this helps.
it does to work Comments By: tasha on 2011-03-30
my hair always feels so good after i use mayo. people that say it didnt work means u didnt do it right
WOW!! Comments By: Katie ^._.^ on 2011-05-15
I put on mayonnaise for my hair and wow!! It made my hair sleek, shiny, and manageable! But, heres the thing...only use it once a month as a deep conditioner or else it will turn your hair greasy. Also, use a blast of cold water after washing it out!!!
doesnt smell Comments By: maria on 2011-08-22
today was my first day trying this, and i just putted some mayo and olive oil together and applied to my hair, after 30 minutes i washed my hair, left my shampoo on for like 5 minutes, and my hair doesnt smell at all & my hair is supper smooth

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