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Baking soda makes a good deodorant

Baking soda (Bicarbonate of soda) makes an excellent underarm deodorant, to combat body odor. It is non toxic and it works for hours.

Use a powder puff and dip it into some baking soda and apply to the required areas.

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Smart Idea Comments By: Winnie on 2005-05-31
Thank you for an excellent holistically natural, cost effective tip that is non-toxic....that works!
And................................... Comments By: nicoleo on 2005-06-18
Is that all you do? will it work for whole whole day? if not, then baby powder might be a better idea to put on, just because it's scented!! but great idea. thanks!
fab Comments By: Anon on 2006-03-14
I`ve now been using baking soda for the past month and i`m absolutely thrilled, it totally neutralises body odour and I seem to perspire less now than when using normal deodorant - much cheaper too!!
side effect of baking soda Comments By: Anon on 2008-05-08
Baking soda as a deodorant really works, but since I've been using it for quite sometime, I've developed darkening of my armpits and sometimes itchiness also occurs. Now I don't know if I should stop using it and how I'll be able to get rid of the darkening.
dear anon Comments By: tom on 2008-12-15
I also used baking soda for many years and eventually the skin peeled off and is now all pussy and boil infected. STOP USING IT NOW WHILE YOU CAN. sometimes my armpits bleed and dribble down my shirt, very embarassing.
side effects of baking soda Comments By: Alberta Leon on 2011-06-01
I only used baking soda as a substitute for roll on, due to too much aluminum in the roll on, but I tremendously regret. Now I'm having some terrible boils, itchiness under my arms. Please stop use if this happens, and see your physician.

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