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Knots in necklaces and chains. Remove a Knot from a necklace or chain

Necklaces and chains often get little knots in them and you can get those little knots out faster by putting the chain on a flat area, such as your desk and using a pin to pull out the chain without breaking it! Any sewing needle will work just fine.

You can add a drop or two of baby oil to help the chain move easily so you can get the knot out.

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make this easier Comments By: Linda on 2004-08-25
The bay oil or cooking oil really helps! Also, do this in good light.
sounds great, but how do you wash the baby oil off the chain quickly and not leave a residue Comments By: Janet Spiegel on 2005-12-01
You are left with an oily chain. How do you get it off quickly?
TipKing says: Just use some liquid dish detergent, it will shift the baby oil

What if it is your hair that is knotted around the chain? Comments By: Jenny on 2006-01-28
This is my biggest problem - sometimes sweater fuzz gets caught in my chains, too. I've been searching the internet for a way to easily and safely untangle (or preferably dissolve) these ugly knots. Do you have any advice?

TipKing says: Try applying hair removing creme on the knots of hair. It should dissolve the hair

chain necklaces Comments By: Joy on 2008-02-15
Great tip - after struggling for hours, problem now solved
Thank you Comments By: Barbara on 2008-12-12
I couldn't get ny necklace off. But standing in front of the mirror with good lighting the baby oil did the trick. Thank you so much. Its my favorite necklace and beyond beautiful. I was so disturbed by the difficult in removing it I as thinking of not wearing it so much. Thanks to you I can wear it to my rearts content. God Bless You.
Needle Works! Comments By: Tina on 2010-04-26
The needle trick really worked a treat on my very fine chain! Didn't even need to use the baby oil to my relief!
The baby oil did the trick Comments By: Josephine on 2010-04-24
The baby oil did the trick, I really thought I wouldn't be able to unknot the necklace I got as a gift from a friend, thanks a lot!!
Nipples Comments By: Rachelgrace Pearce on 2010-12-11
I dont get how covering my nipples in baby oil is suposed to help, just made me all slippery

am i doing it right?


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