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Greasy Hair, Oily scalp. Here are a few tips for oily hair

A greasy scalp or hair can be combated using baby powder or body spray. Simply sprinkle baby powder or spray body spray on your hair and scalp. You should notice a difference.

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This doesn't work Comments By: Greaseball on 2007-11-26
It's not worth trying.
I put baby powder on my roots/scalp before going to bed to help absorb excess oil, then washed it in the morning. This was a hairdressers advice.
As a result, my hair was worse & got oily in less than 7 hours.
Using body spray sounds a bit daft, I won't try that.

Baby powder works Comments By: sarah on 2008-03-13
The baby powder does work. You sprinkle it in and pat your head to distribute the powder down to the scalp. Lift your hair in sections. Style normally.

Lemongrass, cedarwood, orange, and ylang-ylang oils are good for oily scalp. Mix a few drops together with Isopropal alcohol in a spray bottle and lightly mist roots before bed.

Baby Powder Comments By: Katie Bug on 2008-08-10
The Baby Powder trick does work!!!! and really well I might add. I only do this when I am in a rush, the powder soaks up and masks the oil. Just sprinkle the powder onto the oliest spots like the part and blend it into your hair. I use a make up brush just for this process and it really helps to blend the powder!
OMG!!! Comments By: Kiki on 2010-04-11
Tht totally works Im only going in 2 my teens so ye its very hard so thx so muck luv ya xx :).
Do in the morning! Comments By: sarah on 2011-08-28
I do the baby powder thing in the morning absorb the oil already in my hair. I then comb the left over baby powder out of the hair and I am good for the day! I put my baby powder in a container so that I can dip my fingers in it and then dab it on my scalp. this way I do not put to much on my scalp and hair.

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