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Straightening hair Hairspray

Brushing your hair and adding a bit of hairspray while your hair is still wet will help you to straighten portions of your hair where you have a bit too much curl.

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brushing wet hair Comments By: kimberley on 2004-08-29
I wouldn't really try this because brushing wet hair can lead to frizzies and split ends and the hairspray may get too sticky.
NO NO NO! Comments By: Ashley on 2004-09-06
I Have done this before and it makes your hair look flat or greasy and sticky and gross and also makes your hair look darker.
try this Comments By: Francesca on 2004-09-28
instead of sprayin your hair with hairspray when wet let it dry then strighten it and then when it is totaly dry put a bit of hairspray on your hair brush and brush through fully and brsh it once more so you dont have all the hairspray in one place
em... Comments By: anon on 2004-11-25
yea if you put hairspray on your hair then straighten it it cood burn your hair coz hairspray is flammable and straighteners are hot..he he..
do not try this Comments By: Annon on 2004-12-16
this makes your hair frizzer
Ummmmm Comments By: Mouse on 2005-01-04
my friend told me to try it, she said when you straiten it put hairspray on your hair then put straitener on. she said it would sizzle, so i aint cuse hairspray is flamabble. i dont wanna lose all my hair!!!!!!!!!
It wont catch on fire, lol Comments By: Anon on 2008-09-09
Using hair spary and a straightner works amazingly! It doesnnt catch on fire unless you actually have a FLAME near it, heat will not likely make it catch fire!
It doesnt matter Comments By: anon on 2009-08-15
I just straightened my hair after putting hairspray on it and it doesn't catch on fire :L
Hmm Comments By: Nicoalj on 2009-09-02
It will sound as if you put water on some really hot iron thing.. Nothing will really happen unless you keep it in the hair for too long
curlin not straightenin Comments By: callie on 2009-10-24
this is how to curl hair not straighten it wet hair and spray hairspray u will look like a different person with pretty curly hair my friend sabrina tried it
Don't Do This! Comments By: Jenn on 2010-09-29
It ruin your hair and makes it look GROSS.
Instead, just blowdry you hair using low. Take a brush and brush until your hair is just wavy. Then take thick portions and straighten it then!

MandyMoss Comments By: MandyMoss on 2010-12-30
I am so glad Shielo started selling their Volume Flexible Hairspray online to its customers, because it's hands down the best ever. I have really thick, long wavy hair that looks best when I blow dry it and run over it a few times with a straightener. This is the only hairspray that can control my hair and keep it looking (and FEELING) great all day! I've tried more expensive hairsprays (Elnett, Matrix sleek, etc.) after this went out of stores, and none of them compared.
Sam865 Comments By: Sam865 on 2011-01-11
I have thin, fly away hair that can't handle a lot of product. What works for me is the Shielo Flexible Hair Spray. This hairspray is perfect - it's super light and smells great. You can still work with your hair afterwards. If you are looking for a stiffer hairspray, I would not recommend this. This one is great for curls that you don't want to douse in nasty stick hairspray or weigh down.

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