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Aloe Vera for acne

Break off a leaf of Aloe Vera from plant; the gel-like liquid inside the leaf when applied to acne pimples helps heal acne faster and without scarring. Can also be used to wash entire face to keep skin looking healthy and to prevent acne in the first place.

Visitors comments

Aloe plants are good Comments By: Sara on 2004-08-12
It's a great idea to have an aloe plant around because the gel inside helps the healing of burns and it cools your skin. Great for sunburn. I havent tried it on my zits tho yet...but I'll have to try it.
I agree Comments By: christa on 2004-08-16
Aloe vera works very well to heal zits and red marks from previous acne as well.
helps heal without scarring Comments By: Simone on 2004-09-07
I used aloe gel from a fresh leaf and in a week my zits were reduced significantly without any redness or dryness. The second week was very beneficial for reducing scars. I am in my third week now and the healing is still continuing well.
Its so good Comments By: Christopher on 2004-12-31
Ive used aloe for one day! and it works amazingly, the pimples diminised and all the redness is gone. I can only imagine after a week what im going to look like.
alove vera? Comments By: leese on 2005-05-03
Im glad to see the results are well seen with aloe vera! I have seen some products at my local health store with aloe vera (99 5 alove vera listed), and was just wondering if this was as effective as using the gel from the plant.

Also, where can I find msyelf an aloe vera plant, are they easily available ? How much, and how ofetn should i use aloe vera?

thanx a bunch!


I strongly suggest it! Comments By: Anon on 2005-05-20
I usually get huge red bumps, that leave sacrs on my face. But ever since I have been using aloe vera on my face it has changed dramatically! YOu can get a plant at Home Depot, and its really cheap too! I love it and use it every night on my face!
Aloe Vera gel? Comments By: kat on 2005-07-14
just wondering if aloe vera gel has the same effect? or do you actually have to use the pure aloe vera?
aloe Comments By: Shannon on 2005-08-26
you can get liquid aloe vera (100%) from a good health food store. My facial lady recommends putting in a spray bottle in the fridge and spritzing your face as much as possible. I think I need to stop wearing makeup and use hats instead of sunscreen until my skin clears up. What a pain!
Aloe Gel Comments By: jezz on 2006-02-19
I've tried the 100% gel, and it does reduce scarring and redness, but it hasn't cleared up much of my acne. I guess the real stuff from the plants work better.
NO!NO!NO! Comments By: NELLIE on 2006-03-24

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