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Avoid fatty foods for acne and zits

If fatty foods, such as chocolate, cheese, nuts and fried food, or sweets, make your spots worse, stop eating them.

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Deception of the truth Comments By: Berton on 2004-08-02
Diet is a huge, if not the main factor of acne generation. Calling it a myth, is ignorant and foolhardy. Thank you tipking for stating the truth.
Diet Comments By: Christie on 2004-08-19
Actually diet does not make everyones face blemish. Everyone is different. The only way dermatologist tell the patient not to eat a certain food is if they notice the certain food makes them break out.

But if u can eat a certain food & it doesn't make u break out, then u can keep right on eating it. It is kinda like people w allergic reactions to food.

It doesn't happen to everyone, just a select few. So the comment about not eating fatty foods (chocolate, cheese, nuts, fried food, & sweets) is really not true. It is only true for a select few.

my experience with diet and acne Comments By: lex on 2005-03-25
I stopped eating chocolate and fatty foods but still acne came pouring out. Well then I was advised to stay away from wheat I did for 3 days and my skin is really clearing what is also helping is an apirin face mask on my spots before I go to bed (4 crushed aspirins and a few drops of water to make it into a paste). And well im looking forward to not worrying about where my next huge pimple is gonna be thank God.
The mask helps deal with the spots when they were out but my new wheat-free diet prevents them. So for me there is a link between acne and diet.

You have hit on something previous poster!! Comments By: cherisa on 2005-09-01
I agree with the previous poster of "my experience with diet and acne". There is a definite link between acne and diet. For most people their acne IS diet-related. I don't know why dermatologists won't own up to this fact. Maybe because if it was an easy fix like diet, they wouldn't make any money off of selling their products. The best thing you can do for yourself is see an allergist. An allergist can administer a blood test that will test for hundreds of inflammatory foods that your body is potentially allergic to. Most of time people are allergic to something they consider "innocent" that they are eating all the time. For some people like the previous poster, it was wheat. For others it may be milk. If you can identify what you are allergic to, the root cause, then you can come up with a solution for your chronic acne. As a start, do a web search for histamine free foods. This will help tremendously until you can find an allergist in your area. Here is one website that will get you on the right path... http://allergies.about.com/cs/histamine/a/aa071000a.htm

Also see my post on Easy, Surefire Ways to Get Rid of Acne. Considering the information helped me, I am almost certain it will help you.

Also..... Comments By: cherisa on 2005-09-01
Not to mention there are certain foods that will cleanse your body and therefore cleanse the largest organ, your skin. Spinach is one such cleansing food as are most vegetables. Which is why the tip to eat more vegetables and fruits is right on the money. For myself and what works for me, I actually prefer vegetables over fruits because they have low or no sugar which also can also lead to skin rashes. Anytime your blood sugar spikes it wreaks havoc on your body causing inflammations inside your body resulting in inflammations on your skin. Your skin will let you know when something is going wrong... when you are doing the wrong thing. My previous post mentioned Easy, Surefire Ways to Get Rid of Acne. My mistake, it is actually Easy, Surefire Ways to Zap Acne... but I'm sure you would've figured that out eventually. God Bless.

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