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Acne and zit tips Sunlight is great

Try to get sunlight on your face in short bursts and without burning your skin

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praise the sun !! Comments By: David on 2004-08-02
This is very true, every time I sunbathe I always notice my skin get better.
thats right Comments By: jade on 2004-09-16
i think the sun is great when i was on holiday i noticed my skin was great all of a sudden when i return to england my spots come back. try it it wil work but dont go the sunbeds they are bad for your skin!
NO way! Comments By: Anon on 2004-09-25
NO way that doesn't work for me it makes my skin so oily and gross..
summer is the best Comments By: mmm on 2005-02-28
the summer is my favorite season cuz all my acne goes away but i only have it on my forhead and sometimes i get burnt
Yup! Comments By: jezz on 2006-02-20
This is definitley true(at least for me). Every time I go on vacation or hang out in the sun during the summer, I barely get any pimples.
One thing to add though- relaxing seems to help reduce acne as well. Stress can cause it. Since you are probably relaxing in the sun, it helps too.
relax and sunbathe, thanx

get burnt Comments By: nadine on 2006-07-15
i got real burnt on my face and it cleared my skin but it hurts ..and its really bad

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