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Wrinkles Unconventional wrinkle tips

There are also some more unconventional tips that have been sent into the site. The first one involved the use of Preparation H which is a hemorrhoid treatment cream. The other was placing duck tape over the wrinkles smoothing them out and then leaving the tape in place over night. The other would be the use of botox cream to relax facial muscles, helping prevent fine lines induced by repeated facial movements. I strongly advise you to think well before you try any of these unconventional techniques. You could have a reaction to either the cream or the duck tape.

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Scotch Tape Comments By: Cdalene on 2004-08-05
I have used this tape for years; my mother before me. It actually works; be sure the wrinkle is smoothed out before applying. Magic mending tape is best. It works!
Scotch Tape Amazing Face Lift Comments By: Tess on 2005-07-14
For saggy jowl-- take a three to four inch piece of clear scotch tape and place just above the jawbone - between the lower ear lobe and jawbone. Hold the tape firmly in place. While holding the tape down on your skin, pull other end of tape up and back, and firmly secure it behind your ear. Do this on both sides of your face. Make sure you pull the tape up and around behind your ear. Secure firmly. You must wear your hair over ears at least to chin line for this trick . You will instantly have a young, happy, jowl-free face! Hollywood makeup artists used this one for years before plastic surgery was so popular.

Have fun,


Scotch tape versus Frownies Comments By: samantha on 2006-05-12
Tried them both- I liked the ease as well as the lower cost of using Scotch tape better. I have pretty sensitive skin but had no reaction to either product- Just be very careful when taking the scotch tape off around your eyes, the skin is thinner and more delicate and can get a little sore if you pull it off quickly. Try it for a couple of hours during the evening and see if you are ok with it - if no problems, go for 4 hours and then 6 until you're comfortable wearing the tape all night while you sleep. I really was surprised and delighted how quickly I saw a difference in my eye and forehead wrinkles - if you want to see how to put the tape on go the "frownies" website and use their diagram. I was very skeptical about this but it really does work! Now I've got my best friend doing it too! How cool is that? !!!!!
wrinkle tape Comments By: Cindy on 2006-06-30
I found that the new clear duct tape works pretty good too; it's also good for hair removal, just as painful and effective as waxing
I don't understand something... Comments By: Veronica on 2008-08-24
i would like to ask something: before i put the duct band on the wrinkles under eyes, I had to smooth and strech the skin near the wrinkles ? Or should just moisturize the skin with a cream and after that just to put the duct band ??? I don;t want to do something wrong...
Usually after how long have you seen the result ?
Does the wrinkles disapear or just became smaller ?

Thank You

my advice Comments By: maria on 2009-06-02
I have been searching for a way to eliminate wrinkles and this new moisturizer I have been trying for the last 3 months seems to be working. Its the Made from Earth Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer - and its less pricey than specialty cosmetic brands.

Here's how I have been using it:

In the morning, after cleansing my skin with an organic toxin cleanser, I use the Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum just in the areas under my eyes and THEN i use the Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer for my whole face. The MOISTURIZER has a thick consistency, but it still spreads well and absorbs into the skin. There is no fragnrence since all Made from Earth products are chemical free - including fragrences.

On my first application of this, I smeared on a little too much and my skin felt "smothered" later in the day. So be advised, start with a dime-size amount , and go up from there if you need to.

In the evening, again after cleansing, i use the Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum again under my eyes. My final evening step is "spot-treating" with the VITAMIN MOISTURIZER all the dry skin areas...i.e. any area that feels dry on my face....

Next morning, my skin felt softer and smoother, and hydrated.

I've been following this regimen for about 2 months, and I notice improvement in the nose to mouth area. Nonetheless, I recommend the Made from Earth Vitamin Moisturizer (with the Vitamin Face Firming) if you are looking for a wrinkle / anti-aging regime.

scotch tape for wrinkles Comments By: Anon on 2009-07-12
I have to agree with Samantha it works, i was bold i used it over night and i noticed the first night, now i use it ever night, make sure you wash your face before applying tape, it really works!!
wrinkles Comments By: lisa on 2009-08-30
To give some background, I am a middle aged woman who is showing a little wear: crinkles around the eyes, a "surprise" line on my forehead and those wrinkles between my eyes. I have fair skin, not too dry.

I got the Made from Earth "vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum" about a month ago. The company says that this formulation works by making the outer layer of skin act younger by renewing itself more quickly and maintaining the moisture barrier more efficiently.

Here's how to use the serum: After washing the face in the morning, around my eyes and on my forehead, apply the Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum. Then apply makeup as usual. I found the lotion to be very moisturizing.

I mixed some cream foundation with the lotion and applied it with a makeup sponge. At night, again, after washing, slap on the Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum on the forehead and eyes.

Did it make my wrinkles go away? Nope. What it did do was soften their appearance and give my skin a nice dewy look. I enjoy using the serum and it does make my skin feel and look softer.

scotchtape on my face every night for 10 years. Comments By: wrap me up on 2009-12-18
I have been putting scotchtape on my face every night for 10 years. It works, but I'm now concerned with toxins from the tape being absorbed into my skin. Any comments on that?
10 year advocate Comments By: wrap me up on 2010-02-01
A tip for application of tape on your face: Do not pull the skin smooth BEFORE applying the tape. Put the tape on your face when it is relaxed and then apply some pressure to the area/wrinkle until the wrinkle disappears. If you do this the wrinkle will not get any deeper and in some cases it may even be gone by the next day. If you do this on all wrinkles at night while you sleep(who knows what we do to our faces while we are sleeping) your face will stay at that "age-stage" as long as you continue to do this every night. It is sometimes a pain, to remember to do this every night and you also need a partner who loves you unconditionally :)but after 10 years I can verify that this technique does work.
How to take the tape off Comments By: wrap me up on 2010-02-01
Also: the best way to get the scotch tape off your face in the morning, is to take it off in the shower while water is running over your face. If not in the shower, then apply water to the area and slowly remove tape while the water is running on that area.
Scotch tape is cheaper Comments By: Jeanne on 2010-02-24
I started using Frownies in the mid-70's. When the box was empty, I used Scotch tape. It works just as well. I'm 61 and have no vertical line on my forehead. Yeah!
tape Comments By: jasper on 2010-04-17
can try surgical bandage tape.. more flexible and inexpensive...
Does tape work around the mouth? Comments By: Angela on 2010-06-03
Does scotch tape prevent or eliminate wrinkles around the corners of the mouth? Thank you for the tips!
Bebe Comments By: Bebe on 2011-02-23
I thought I knew everything about skin care until I used Shielo's Anti-Aging Moisturizer. I have pretty good skin and at 50 still look around 35. I tried the Shielo AntiAging Moisturizer because I researched the ingredients and friends of mine had seen alot of benefit. Well.

The effect of the Shielo Moisturizer, after a couple of days of use, was this. I had one line on my forehead. A deepish one. It is gone. I was developing fine lines around my eyes (bought the eye cream, could not resist). They are gone. I had a sunken, tired look (I work very, very hard). Now no one believes I need a break! My skin looks beautiful. I think using different products that are proven to work is a good idea, but I will always, always, always use Shielo as well.

Jenn Jimnez Comments By: Jenn Jimnez on 2011-03-20
I am 32 yrs old and while I don't really have deep wrinkles yet! I use the Olive Night Creme (from Made from Earth) - it does help out with deep creases on the sides of my mouth, commonly referred to as laugh lines. But it has smoothed these out and made a more soft and smoother texture. This even helped out my frown lines as well. Some describe a tingle sensation, but I dont feel that.

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