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Curly hair Normal conditioner

After shampooing, put normal conditioner in your hair. Leave the conditioner in. Comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb and then scrunch hair. Hair will hold curl, will condition hair, and hair will feel silky soft.

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Spread Comments By: mimi on 2005-03-08
this may work but you may want to make sure you spread it out and work it in so it isn't just on the top layer.
Down at Fraggle Rock Comments By: A fellow sufferer of Cher hair on 2006-11-26
hello lovely, i'v been doing the same for a few years, and has always worked better than any hair product i'v used, plus i'm a skinflint so never bothered with the posh stuff (and had no money to either). But my good friend was telling me recently (he's a hairdresser, hurray! free harcuts,thats why he's my good friend,hehehe) that the only problem with it, is if u put a oil based product like that on before u go out in the sun, the heat from the sun damages it. So u might have to be a bit careful, maybe use something else when its sunny. (i think he only meant fairly strong sun. Not like a winters day in england, actually u could probably get away with it most days here, apart from a couple days in the summer). Something he suggested was "VO5 Pure Shine- add finish and shine". Did make it look nice and i only had to use a tiny bit of it. I don't know if any this helps. Because all curly hair different, which makes it a pain in the the arse sometimes, especially looking like a fraggle most of the time,heheheh. Well take care of urself now. Bye-Bye ! (if all else fails,u can always shave off its only hair at the end of the day and theres more to life, hehehe ;o)

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