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Recipes Beauty mask for dry skin

Submitted by sE@RCh

For dry skin, mashed ripe avocado is the best. Simply apply on clean skin and allow its rich oils to moisturize your face. Rinse with cool water.

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Could work....but... Comments By: H on 2004-08-03
Will moisturise but as avocado is such a fatty vegetable could also make skin greasy.
question Comments By: arzoo on 2005-04-26
hi there can u tell me where can i buy avoado and how to mash it . can i buy mash avocado from a store

TipKing says: As I do not know what country you are in it is difficult to be precise. Avocado can be bought from shops that sell fruit and vegetables. You would mash it the same way that you mash and fruit or vegetable. You would not be able to by ready mashed avocado.

Listen Comments By: Courtney on 2005-06-09
Can u uses anything besides avocados? And if so what?
This really does work Comments By: Fry on 2006-11-08
Avocados are great for moisturizing skin, and the oils are very natural and will not make your skin greasy.
They work well in your hair, too, for a great shine!

time needed Comments By: chrissy on 2008-10-10
how long should it be on my face?
suggestions Comments By: kavita on 2009-12-23
we do not get avacods here ,so any other tip.

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