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Exfoliating Baking soda facial scrub

Try Baking Soda (Bicarbonate of soda) as an invigorating, yet gentle, facial scrub. Apply a paste of 3 parts Baking Soda to 1 part water in a gentle circular motion after washing face with soap and water. Rinse clean for a fresh-scrubbed face!

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just ok Comments By: ciara mcalinden on 2004-07-15
it was messy and made my skin feel soft after words it was ok
awesome Comments By: dana on 2004-07-29
As a pro-make up artist...this left my skin feeling smoothe and awesome!
I like it Comments By: Sara on 2004-08-12
I heard that the baking soda may help to dry out blackheads so they will pop out easier when you squeeze them. I tried and it somewhat worked. But it really does make your skin feel smoother and exfoliated.
Love it! Comments By: Anne on 2004-09-07
I tried it, and I loved it!!!
Removes Pimples Too Comments By: Adjoa on 2004-09-08
Also just dab a bit on your spots daily and leave for 10-25 minutes and in a week or so your face will be pimple free.
(From sugar magazine) I tried and it worked!

Been doing this for years.. Comments By: Crystal on 2004-09-19
and it's fantastic! I do it daily, by using my facial cleanser with baking soda mixed in. Also - scrub your skin with baking soda and shower gel in the shower before shaving - best shave ever!
It Was Great Comments By: Alyce on 2004-10-08
At first i thought it wouldn't work then when i tryed it it was great. it really worked for me so i reackon it to all the girls out there.
Ace!! Comments By: anon on 2004-10-14
I just did it this minute and thought it was really brillant, It did make my face a little red, but wasn't sore. Its definatly worth a try. :D its wonderful
Best thing I've ever done for my skin Comments By: Tammy Lemke on 2005-03-10
As a professional, I've done it all. Microdermabrasion, peels, Retinol. I saw Queen Latifa said on E! one time her grandmother taught her to do this....I tried it. Your skin feels so soft and smoothe. It exfoliates gently, but not too large of abrasive...very micro. And it doesnt leave your skin feeling so dry. I have since practically eliminated an acne problem I've experienced off and on as an adult for years due to hormones, chid bearing, poor diet....cokes...! My skin looks better than ever and people are actually asking me what I have been doing!
OUTSTANDING!!!! Comments By: Jessica on 2005-06-16
It was quick,easey,and it wasn't messey. I loved it my skin feels a millon times better!!
Best Exfoliator Ever! Comments By: Anon on 2005-06-29
I tried this recipe about 10 minutes ago and my skin feels soft and silky smooth! Why pay for expensive treatments when you can just use this? It doesn't get any easier than this!
Some rednwss, but worked great! Comments By: Liz on 2005-09-12
I just did it and I am tickeled pink, or rather red! Besides the reddening effect, my skin is softer and smoother!
It tastes bad but works great!! Comments By: Anon on 2006-03-05
Im sixteen and i have a hard time finding good stuff to wash my face with but this is simple and it works! Just don't get it in your mouth. Haha
baking soda facial exfoliant Comments By: anon on 2006-10-19
Fantastic, natural product that you can count on, the result was great and the added cost of expensive microderm scrub has been eliminated. This tip saves money. It helps to know what the ingreds are also. Its a safe approach to skin care.
Love it Comments By: C.M from N.Y. on 2007-03-16
I suffer from Acne Prone skin...I am African American and anything I put on my face usually makes it beet red! I was skeptical about using the paste but I put it on my face and it felt wonderful, it was very smooth. I rinsed it off and I thought ehh...its alright, but when I woke up in the morning, my face was soooo smooth and glowing. (My face is usually very oilly when I wake up).

Not only is baking soda inexpesive, it works like a charm!

this is cool Comments By: Ez on 2007-07-21
this is fab, Ive done it about 3 times now and all my zits have just about cleared up, my skin is really soft and smooth, this eezy peezy recipe is cheap and works wonders... thanx
love it Comments By: cbeck on 2007-10-10
i love this it works great, i like to use it in the shower,i feel like i have been to a spa.
Great For Blackheads Comments By: Rosie on 2008-01-03
Mix with lemon juice and apply as a face pack for up to 10 mins. This worked great for my teenage daughter when she had blackheads.
WOW! Comments By: Amanda on 2008-02-10
I was a bit sceptical @ first because I thought as a 16 year old black british I didnt think it'd work on my skin type. I've just tried it and OMG It's absolutely fantastic! My face and hands have never felt smoother! No more trips to Boots to by products coz I've got mine right here!
Great Comments By: Anon on 2008-02-15
I firstly massage Olive Oil into my face first (to dissolve wax deposits in black heads) and then use the bicarbonate of soda as a face pack over the top and leave for 10 mins. Afterwards the Olive Oil is completely removed by the bicarbonate of soda after a rinse with warm water and your blackheads are seriously given a cleanout. GREAT!
AWESOME Comments By: DANA on 2008-06-01

Love it! Comments By: Gamar on 2008-06-08
I tried it and i love it it make my skin smooth
Its Good (Y) Comments By: Anon on 2008-09-01
Just tried this and my skin seems to be quite soft. my nose was really full of blackheads and spots and stuff. now it looks pretty clear. My face is a bit red but thats probably from getting it off. I know what that other girl meant by it tastes horrible! x
baking soda facial scrub Comments By: fefe on 2008-09-23
Simply fantastic. a trial will surely convince you
ok Comments By: filly on 2008-09-21
it was awesome but it put a big red zit on my chin
oooo (= Comments By: bree on 2008-10-15
this was pretty niceee
a little rough on my cheeks but i probably scrubbed a little too hard
i love how my face feels! it feels so refreshed!
i am totally using this a lot more often
i would reccomend at night because your face is a little red after

Wow,Best exfoliator ive ever come across Comments By: pam on 2009-01-15
This is great for dead,dull skin.Ive only used it once and my face looks and feels great.I dont think i'll ever use anything else to exfoliate with again.If only i found this earliar
wooo Comments By: dolly on 2009-02-09
havn't tried it yet but it sounds great !
Great idea ,but use it in the shower Comments By: Red on 2009-02-16
I use baking soda for so many things but never gave it a thought as a scrub it makes sence
My baking powder contains other ingredients Comments By: Farwin on 2009-02-19
Hi,i tried to use this tip and purchased baking powder from the store.It has other ingredients like Wheat flour,Sodium Acid pyrophosphate apart from Sodium Bicarbonate.Can i use this on my face?
I have acne scarred face.please help me..!!

Great as a facial scrub Comments By: D on 2009-03-10
Personally use after washing face; cleaning out of basin using ACV(apple cider vinegar)and add baking soda with a little water to make a paste and apply using gentle pressure to face & neck, do not use directly under eyes, then fill basin with cool to lukewarm water to rinse off, smooth, clean soft face & neck
amazing Comments By: anon on 2009-03-23
I didnt think this would have a noticeable affect since my skin is dark. I was wrong! after only 1 use, i truly believe that my scaring has gotten better. Best ever!
It is amazing Comments By: Eliana on 2009-04-11
After i read all the comments i did and my skin is very soft and clean. It is great
Cheap, easy to use, and highly effective Comments By: S.Thompson on 2009-04-27
I few came across the idea of using baking soda on your skin on YouTube...and naturally, I tried it. Initially, it didn't do anything besides make my face a bit softer (be aware you MUST moisturise well after)...but as i continued to use it over 1 week, then 2 I realise that when I had stopped using it my spots would come back ii hedious little groups of 5 and 6! UGH! ...

then i used the making soda one morning, then that same night, and by the next morning when i was using it i noticed that my spots were sooo reduced...then the next morning they were teeeeeny hardly noticeable! I LOVE THIS STUFF and to think i use to help my mum make cakes with this!!!

replying to comment about baking powder.. Comments By: john nick on 2009-05-23
you have to use baking SODA not baking powder,there is a difference so dont buy the wrong thing,get BAKING SODA fpr your facial exfoliation! works great on my skin which is sensitive so I do it once or twice a week but definetely not everyday,sometimes if my skin is feeling dry I will splash just water on my face in the shower and skip a day of heavy cleansing etc
wanna try this out Comments By: goldie on 2009-06-17
desperately wanna try it out coz i have alot of whiteheads ... lets hope for the best
I'm SO glad I've discovered Baking Soda Scrubs... Comments By: Mia on 2009-06-30
I have used the baking soda scrub twice now. My skin is soft and smooth. It has a beautiful glow and feel. I'm still in shock about how fast it has worked. I intend to use it from now on. I'm so impressed and SO glad I've found out about it. I have used so many expensive products. Thank you God for plain old baking soda!
Excelente Comments By: Jaid on 2009-08-09
I read the tip on the side of my baking soda box a while back..how brilliant! My face is so smooth now; if you're not sure about trying it, read all these commments and trust us!!
Most beautiful and cheap beauty product anybody would love Comments By: chittu on 2009-08-13
I never knew that baking soda would be this wonderful product. even after shower and scrubbing the body i used to have this dead skin remaining...and also had dark under arms.. i have now used it thrice while taking bath and also as face pack.. the skin is wonderful and great... i also see that the under arms is getting lighter day by day.. i am missing those days of my life when i never knew about baking soda..just spending money like hell... all you need to be careful is that while using it on body you can be hard enough..but while on face ..be smooth and light.. dont rub too hard..wonderful discovery whosoever discovered it.. miracle...
great microdermabrasion/scrub Comments By: Anon on 2009-08-16
I have tried it several times....I mix it with cetaphil cleanser to make a soft paste. I saw on Paula Begoun's web site that she recommends it too. Not expensive and if you do get it in your mouth I heard you can also brush your teeth with baking soda, doesn't taste good though.
Question Comments By: Worried on 2009-08-28
does ur face sting and turn red on the first few times...? I tried it the second time and immediately my pores seem to be wide open.. im afraid it may join up forming scars.. I have already applied mosturizer
It's GREAT! Comments By: asialee on 2009-10-11
After cleansing your face, just use a small amount of baking soda, and a touch of water to make a paste, and "GENTLY", work the paste around your face in circular motions, then rinse with 3 splashes of warm water (not hot) and 3 splashes of cool water (not cold).


Then, you MUST moisturize. The best moisturizer you can use is "Extra Virgin Olive Oil". It will absorb right into your skin! You will just love it.


Been using baking soda face scrub for years Comments By: Ceason on 2009-10-13
I use baking soda with my facial soap every day. I also use it with my shampoo 1 teaspoon. Makes my hair soft and clean.
Help me please :( Comments By: Lisa on 2009-12-21
I suffer from not quite acne but a LOT of spots all over my face, and an under the skin redness all over. I always seem to look like a beetroot. I accidentally tried baking POWDER not soda and didn't notice much difference. However, after reading this i got the baking soda and tried it. My skin feels really smooth and clean................but will it really help with my spots and redness?

Should I continue using it?
Help :(

it works :) Comments By: anon on 2010-01-26
love it! i use it as a mask/facial scrub a couple of times a week and my skin looks loads better and feels much smoother after i use it. if you are prone to breakouts then you should try it! it's a brilliant exfoliator and gets rid of the dead skin cells that clog your pores.
i also use it sometimes added to my toothpaste to whiten my teeth and about once a month i rub it into my hair before washing to remove product build-up. and i just used some to bake banana bread. great product, i just can't decide whether to keep it in my kitchen or bathroom!

Brilliant Comments By: Jayde on 2010-03-01
Follow it up with an egg white, honey and yogurt mask to calm the slight redness and irritation, and to rehydrate. Clear skin, glowing skin!
It truly works!!! Comments By: Nay on 2010-03-21
I have sufffered greatly from acne for many years. Too embarrassed to take pictures or speak to anyone. A friend told me to try washing my face with baking soda. Leave it on for 3- 5 mins before you shower, then wash with a medicated soap. My face cleared up within a week . A month later, everyone wants to know what I am using on my face, well I am proud to tell them, and I am recommending it to all those who are suffering from acne. Give it a chance, and cut down on grease foods. That's a big help as well. Thanks to God for sending me that angel with that bid of good advice.
WOW!!! Comments By: Ali on 2010-04-22
For years Iíve suffered with these pesky little whiteheads all over my nose that I often had to squeeze out the gunk, it felt as though you were running your hand along one of those ďbumpy" wallpapers lol. I used the bicarbonate of soda for 20 mins last night and this morning and WOW! My nose is sooo soft and smooth and thatís only after using it twice Ė this stuff is a godsend and Iíll be using it for the rest of my life.
Why didn't I think of this before? Comments By: D Ames on 2010-05-14
I am so thrilled with this scrub idea and I will never buy expensive stuff again. Freedom!
A GOD SENT Comments By: Christie on 2010-05-24
I have suffered from cystic acne since I was 16. I am now 30. The first time I tried this I had 3 HUGE cystic acne pimples on my chin. I mixed baking soda in with my all natural soap bar and did this every morning and evening then applied a light lotion afterwards. At night after washing I dabbed a little baking soda and water directly on the pimples and kept it on all night. I felt it drying them up! They went away so fast and I have been using baking soda since. I have been acne free since. Thank you Jesus for this!!!
ouch Comments By: gillian on 2010-05-31
it's good and easy to make but my skin was red and sore after using it, it fely like really ad sunburn on my face
i'll try it tonight Comments By: lyzz on 2010-07-03
i read all comments, did some reading about it. well,i have oily skin, pimple on cheek and,blackheads. i tried many products,none of them seem working. so, i will try baking soda tonight. and i'll post the resultin few days.
Irritated my skin Comments By: Preeti on 2010-07-09
I dunno why but it's exfoliating on my skin .. I know it's working but my skin hurt really bad when I put it on... and I just put it on got 7 minutes, massaged super gently, and the paste dryer my skin while it was on and I wet my hands and dabbed on the dry part and then washed and dabbed dry and put on a mosturizer... Wuts up with it?? Btw it was baking powder I heard it's the same has baking soda
simple amazing Comments By: asiya on 2010-07-13
i try it with yougurt as scrub and to avoid edryness i use honey and lemon mask afterwards.
sodium bicarbonate Comments By: dean on 2010-07-27
are sodium bicarbonate and baking soda same? i've tried sodium bicarbonate few times but there is no diffrence. help pls.. i really need the red thing on my face to be removed in a week
Great! Comments By: Pablo on 2010-08-24
I tried it and it was hard to tell if it did anything, but then afterwards i was very shocked to figure out that it actually worked!
very cheap and effective idea! thanks! :)

baking soda for acne Comments By: silvia on 2010-08-25
it really did sting.should i continue using it?
refreshing Comments By: Elizabeth on 2010-09-04
yes, I have tried it a few times and I loved it, I asked my daughter to tried it ,she has some red spots on her facedue to some pimples but she's not very interested in using it, I even prepared it for her , I know it would help her very much, I could tell the time she tried it twice it made a difference.
this stuff works Comments By: becky on 2010-09-12
i watched a video about baking soda last night on you tube and i tried it before i had a shower. I tell you what i tried it again this morning and my face looks like i had a face lift. It kind off makes the acne vomit(release all of its content) and gets if flattened out. love it
Great Comments By: Lisa on 2010-10-10
Im tried just now my skin feel so smooth before im spend a lots of money to buy facial care product and just waste it. Thanks for the great tips
baking SODA not baking POWDER!!! Comments By: Resident Dude on 2010-10-14
I am frightened to see some people have put baking powder on their faces... You should NEVER put baking powder on your face!!! NEVER!!! Use plain old Arm and Hammer Baking soda! I use this on my face, body and now even use it as a shampoo... It is wonderful and I no longer am plagued by acne and boils!!!
fountain of youth Comments By: Aida on 2010-11-09
Guess what I found the foutain of youth in baking soda. cheap, works,noticeable difference in skin look more vibrant younger,.
Interesting... Comments By: Cassie on 2010-11-21
I had perfect skin in high school...but when I got to college it broke out really badly...so I've been searching and searching for things that work...I think I might've found it! The only downside (for me) is that it sort of burned and kind of hurt...and you never know if you got it all rinsed off, b/c if you didn't you have white streaks all over your face. It's fairly messay and it didn't make my skin very soft...kind of rough actually. But, it made the redness of the pimples go way down :)) I recommend it :))
Baking Soda Brand Comments By: unknown. on 2010-12-22
what type of baking soda do you people use for remedy on your faces?
Now pretty skin @ 48! Comments By: RLJohnson on 2011-02-04
Lets make this easy. Bad skin from 16 to 48. Saw the video on youtube regarding baking soda beauty. It was very clear this would work. After 3 weeks of using..baking soda,cetaphil cleanser and oil of olay prox rotaing brush...just that! I HAVE PRETTY SKIN! No more breakouts. no more dark spots. no discoloration. JUST PRETTY SKIN!

Quite nice Comments By: Matt on 2011-02-07
Left my face a little dry and irritated...but definately smooth and refreshed! I will do it again.
laura Comments By: laura harvs on 2011-02-15
WOW ! really worked my skin feels soft and my blackheads are clearing up and acne scars are fading ! cheap and much better than expensive treatments.
question Comments By: nani on 2011-02-23
first time and it turned my face red did this happen to anyone else?
Absolutely Fabulas!! and Totally Awesome!! & TRUE! Comments By: Chi Chi on 2011-02-25
Well I have spent alot of money on facial creams,Toners ect over the years. I even considered radical surgury treatment. Then searching the internet.Really wanting a natual solution. Came accross this site.I have tried it and it does truly work. Yes, it does make your face red only if you rub it off. So I suggest to rince off gently with luke warm water.It leaves you skin feeling alive, fresh and new...who would of thought a product thats been around since 1852 and then some, would give us all what beauty companies have been promising for decades!! Its my new best friend!!!
wow! Comments By: Anon of Australia on 2011-02-25
I have super sensitive skin and this worked wonderfully. I can see the improvement after 1 use. I used it in the shower and my only comment is that you need to make sure you wash it all off as it can itch when drying. Having accidentally left some on my skin was a bit of an advantage (despite the itching) as it drew out the toxins from a forming pimple and got rid of it!
Saw improvement after one use Comments By: TeriCruz on 2011-03-02
I read the comments and tried it. I made the paste with baking soda and lemon juice. I used the paste as a mask. Then, I put extra fine virgin olive oil to loosen the mask, added water to my face and used the residue as a scrub. My skin was instantly brighter. My active acne scare started to draw up as it tightened my skin. I will use this method to exfoliate twice a week and use the mask every night to see if the old acne scares disappear quicker.
I'm excited about this find and will pass it along to anyone who will listen.
Great mask/scrub!

Best Scrub EVER! Comments By: Steven T. on 2011-03-10
A good friend told me about this and I did try it. Yes it is messy when you don't do it in the shower, the shower is the BEST place to try this. I mix it the baking soda in a small dish with a small plastic spoon, the type of spoon you get when you sample ice cream [it comes in handy for this]. Mix the baking soda with just a little bit of water to get a good consistency, not too thick and not too runny. Then take some of the baking soda mixture with either your finger or plastic spoon or what ever you want to use to apply it to your face. I start with my nose, cheeks and neck before I finish with my forehead.

How long should you leave it on your skin? Your skin will tell you when it is time to rinse it off by feeling the tingling sensation. Gently scrub your skin using circular motions, I do not leave it on for more than 4 minutes. Also, do not apply this near your eye area as it will irritate, apply it around the eye area. When you rinse it off in the shower use your hands to help remove all of it from your skin.

This really IS the best face scrub for your face, it is PH balanced and it works! I use it once or twice a week. Everyday use may irritate your skin. Not everyone has the same facial skin type. If your skin burns the moment you apply this, do not use it, period. But if your skin is tolerant you are on your way to better looking and feeling skin. My face has only felt this soft after getting a facial.

You can also use this on other skin area's of your body, like your elbows, knees and feet. This well remove dead skin.

Remember this not for everyone. Try it and hopefully you will love it. I know I do!

Sharon Eliz Comments By: Sharon Eliz on 2011-03-17
I am 32 years old and have been suffering from VERY oily, acne prone skin since I was a teen. I have tried everything under the sun, proactiv, clinique, accutane, retin a, you name it I did it, but to no avail, I still had break outs and oily skin. One day I was shopping and saw this Shielo Anti-Aging Complexion Scrub and decided, what the heck, I have nothing to lose.

My skin cleared up completely within 2 DAYS people! It's smooth,clear, and a lot less oily. I will never use anything else again. Thank you Shielo for this product!!

lets see Comments By: tonica on 2011-03-30
wel i ve been looking for a gud scrub. So i ll a trial, i hope to see great changes...
Amaziiiiiiiiiiing. Comments By: Leah on 2011-04-11
I wasn't sure about using this, but after reading all the comments on here and also trying it for myself, I tried it out. I wish I'd tried it earlier tbh! It's flippin' brilliant :)
Truly its A-MAZING Comments By: M.C. Coca Butta :) on 2011-04-16
For years I have battled with acne prone and oil skin. Not until the last few years though has it been more embarrasing than others. I guess because I'm just over it. I've had microdermabrasion, and tried countless prescription and over the counter cleaners, etc. Just the other day I came across an article on using apple cider vinegar as a toner and baking soda/sugar as a scrub (I mix this into my Burt's Bee's Deep Pore Facial Scrub). Oh yeah, I forgot about the facial steam!!!! In just two days, I notice a difference. My blackheads have dried up, my dark spots are fading, and my skin is smoother and less oily....

So now, I will probably steam my face a few times a week...use a mask (Queen Helene) afterwards...use AVC on a cottonball and spread it over my face (rinsing it off in the morning but then dabbing spots with a q-tip; at night after it dries i use tazorac gel 1%; in the morning, i follow up with a moisturizer...I forgot, I also clean with AMBI complexion bar in the morning and at night.

GREAT RESULTS IN ONLY THREE days...I tried this on Thursday for the first time, today is Saturday and I SIMPLY LOVE THE RESULTS...It's a lot but it's been well worth it!

*BAKING SODA* not "Baking Powder" Comments By: LookingGood on 2011-05-12
Come on people, there is a reason why right next to the Baking Soda/Bicarb of Soda there is the Baking Powder. Its because it is very different, has different uses, different ingredients, its just DIFFERENT. Double check what you got before whacking it on your face please, the Baking Powder could mess your skin up for a while!!!
Is this really effective? Comments By: Paolo Orate on 2011-06-25
I'm looking for a solution for my uneven skin tone problem. Is this effective?
I will try it Comments By: Blue on 2011-08-01
i will try it later.. my face look so pale and dull. and i have uneven skin tone in my face.. i will post again for the result. i hope it will work on my face.

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