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Recipes Exfoliate your skin

For a simple treatment to exfoliate your skin. In the palm of your hand, put some salt, and mix in with Olive oil. Apply to face, or area that needs attention, leave on for 15-20 minutes. Now with circular motions rub off lotion, Dead skin peels right off.

Visitors comments

WOW!! Comments By: LaRiSsA on 2004-10-03
wow, i used this method and it really works! the olive oils makes your skin feel AMAZING!!! it feels soo smooth, i will deffinately be using this at least once every 2 weeks!
very good Comments By: Nina on 2005-01-23
when you've run out of exfoliant this is a good alternative!
great..........however Comments By: nicoleo on 2005-06-18
i think it's great, the salt helps take the dead skin off of your hands, and the olive oil helps it be smooth, but sugar might be a better alternative to the salt!!
great but Comments By: tasha on 2008-03-05
this sounds like a good idea,but let me just say that it should only be used on the body.no were near the face because the salt can dry out the skin and the oil can cause breakouts.like i said,great for the body!!!!
Circular motion rub off lotion Comments By: Will... on 2009-03-17
What is a circular motion rub off lotion?? or does it mean to rub your skin in a circular motion? between, can it be used on face?? since the comment by tasha say not..

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