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Wrinkles Preparation H

Submitted by Tawnya

A lady told me this and i thought ewwww...but if you think about it, it makes sense. So I have been trying it......Preparation H on your wrinkles. It shrinks other things so why not the wrinkles?

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Preparation H part 2 Comments By: laurie on 2004-11-07
It only works with CANADIAN Preparation H. It has something called 'biodyn' in it that the US formula doesn't have- and yes, it works- but it's a temporary fix.
prep H lip enhancer Comments By: anon on 2005-10-21
I used it for chapped lips and wow - plump lips on a 60 yr. old.
preparation H? Comments By: sonia on 2005-12-04

TipKing says: It is a brand of hemorrhoid cream

I believe it does work Comments By: Paul - Bolton - UK on 2007-08-06
I've just this minute been listening to a chat show on late night radio in the UK (Umberto - CenturyFM) and apparently if you suffer from having 'Heavy bags' under the eyes you only need to put a little bit of Preperation H on your finger and rub it under your eyes. It is supposed to tighten the skin under the eyes - thus removing the 'bags' and it lasts for around 24hours. I'm gonna try it tomorrow me thinks.lol.
geez this actually works!! Comments By: Laura UK on 2008-08-10
I tried this with much trepidation as at 41 seemed to be getting rather saggy under eyes.I CANT BELIEVE THE DIFFERENCE ! also it did not irritate at all which i thought it might.Obviously though if youre gonna use it on eye area be very careful not to get into eyes or rub eyes after.I would recommend this for special occasions etc but would hesitate to use it long term for fear of side effects
Allergy beware! Comments By: Jackie, Trafford, UK on 2009-01-18
please do a skin patch test before using preparation H on your face. I was advised to use it on my first new tattoo(best thing for it I was told). I suffered with a horrendous allergic reaction where my back was covered in itchy painful hives and had to take antihistamines for two weeks before it was any better! You wouldn't want hives on your face nor the pain!!

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