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Wrinkles Duct tape

Submitted by chickadee

A friend of mine who is the son of a dermatologist told me that if you smooth duct tape on your skin at night, making sure your skin is smooth underneath it, you will get rid of wrinkles and will also prevent wrinkles.

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Yes, but... Comments By: anon on 2004-09-16
Wouldn't pulling the duct tape OFF in the morning stretch your skin out, creating more wrinkles?
Ow! Comments By: anon on 2004-10-24
I wouldn't risk that - the adhesive on the duct tape can rip your skin off especially if you leave it overnight!
don't! Comments By: kendi on 2005-04-01
I don't know where that doctor got his degree, but that is the worst advise I've ever heard of! not only does the glue take forever to get off, pulling the tape off in the morning can tear your skin. it'd be like waxing your face times 50. just try putting a small piece on your arm for a while, (or a place where there isn't a lot of hair) and pulling it off later. OUCH!
Sounds Awful Comments By: Anon on 2005-04-18
Granted, this isn't that different from the idea on which Wrinkies and Frownies are based--perhaps he meant "packing tape"?

The adhesive on brown-paper packing tape is water-soluble and might be considerably gentler. Anyone tried this?

Duct Tape Comments By: Linda on 2005-07-23
I find it (tape) to work, but I have a different method. My Mother told me this secret and she looks years younger than her age at 60.
First prepare your skin with a gentle exfoliation, than smooth on your favorite moisturizer, treat trouble spots with a vitamin C elixir (my Favorite is Loreal Age Perfect Double Action De-Crinlking and Illuminating Treatment). Then, I place Scotch Tape on my problem areas. Don't cut the piece too big and be sure to round off the corner. If the pieces are too big they have the tendency too pull your skin and make a mark. I use full pieces on my forehead and small oval shaped pieces around my eyes and mouth. Play around with it, find out what works for you. It may take a few days to figure out what(tape shapes) works for you.
I also do it during the day when I am at home. You will start to recognize what facial expression cause you to wrinkle up your face so you can learn and prevent facial expressions that cause the wrinkles. For me, I believe it really does work. I am 40 and I am not kidding but I get compliments all the time on how young I look.
I hope this works for you.
Ps: I have never, ever had my skin pull off with this method. I think the moisturizer prevents it sticking and Scotch tape is not real strong, but it does stay in place until you remove it.

tape away the years! Comments By: patricia Allen on 2006-02-16
I have been using tape to get rid of eye bags as well as wrinkles for several years, and it really does work! Every night I apply tapo under my eyes after applying a rich cream containing vitamins c,a and e. I use thin strips and build thm up to make it quite thick so it does not bend or crease while I sleep,and althought here is a bit of sticky residue in the morning,it's not too difficult to remove,with an eye makeup remover pad.The results have been so good I was going to have a consultation with a plastic surgeon last year and cancelled it because my eyes have improved so much!!I think a lot of creases are caused when you sleep, especially if yoy sleep on your side,like I do.yYou have to have a partner who understands though!!
duct tape on face Comments By: Laura on 2008-03-17
I am a recovering from spinal surgery. I awoke after surgery with a very bad tear, several, and now scared face due to strong tape that was on my face over 10 hrs. and was pulled off either too quickly or adhesive was too strong.
Scotch tape is a miracle Comments By: Shari, age 52 on 2008-09-26
I used it night before last and the severe 2" vertical crease between my eyebrows, that I've had for 10 years, is gone. Not better- gone. I can't believe it. Just a light red line where an angry red crease was. I used the tape again last night and will use it every night from now on. I really am stunned.
Im a nurse and use silk surgical tape Comments By: AJ on 2008-11-05
I use surgical tape it works! Was starting to get 11 lines in between my brows and now their gone.
I tried it last night Comments By: rini6 on 2009-08-30
and I already see results. The adhesive on the tape wasn't too strong and didn't irritate or damage my skin. I put it on my forehead and got rid of 3 out of four fine lines. The top one was the first to develop and is still faintly visible. Before, it stood out, at least to me.

The great part is that it has made it easier to remember not to wrinkle my forehead during the day.

i thought I was crazy Comments By: Janet on 2010-02-06
I did this to the 11 in between my eyes and saw instant result. Did it with plain scotch tape for three nights, my family thought I was crazy but honestly does work
medical tape Comments By: alicia gryder on 2010-08-28
sleeping on my side for years was starting to give me a permanent wrinkle where my cheeks would push up towards my eye....I began cutting a small strip before bed cutting it in half and placing it where the line was and it keeps my cheek from bunching up!! really seems to be working! this tape is non irritating and comes off easily without leaving residue.
yes Comments By: cathy on 2010-10-01
i use a strong medical tape under my eyes every night and it works like a dream, no more sleep lines. i double up the tape in one spot where i get a really serious sleep line.
confussed ??? Comments By: amanda on 2011-02-19
how long do i have to do this before it starts working and am i supposed to pull my skin to strech skin and pull wrinkle out before putting tape on ?
It totally works Comments By: Maxine on 2011-03-11
I use scotch tape though. I placed it on underneath one eye for about 2 hours, when I decided to take it off I noticed that the taped side barely had any noticeable creases compared to the other side. It works..I'd recommend cutting the corners and placing a few layers like one user suggested.
stopped reading just to try Comments By: why not try on 2011-03-21
I have the 11 between my brows also and have had them for a long time...I hope this works! I like the idea of scotch tape,it goes on clear and I have bangs so nobody even knows I have tape on my head :)hehehehe
surgical tape works Comments By: Guardian07 on 2011-04-05
I used tape from the pharmacy which was paper tape previously for about 2 hours at a time and saw instant results. So i left it for a while and decided to try it overnight and see if the wrinkles can be kept at bay for most of the day..
Ill post my results soon.

It sure does Comments By: Craigy on 2011-04-22
I tried it and read reviews later, this being one of the pages, i had forehead wrinkles what were deep enough to feel, i use a combination of a derma roller and duct tape, moisturise before putting the tape on, peel off in the morning, my fave brand being a co. called mammoth, there has been a MASSIVE difference

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