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Straightening hair No blow dryer

Not drying your hair with a blow dryer makes your hair curl more, use a hair dryer on a low setting and continually brush for a straighter look.

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ya sure?? Comments By: Kristen on 2004-08-14
I have super thick hair and man its a night mare to straighten. But if i blow dry my hair dry my hair gets poofier, dried out and is harder to straighten. if I let it air dry my hair stays soft, straightens easier, and looks ten times healthier.
not everyday though Comments By: Meera on 2004-09-11
It's not good to blow-dry your hair everytime you take a shower though, right? Because then it becomes more dry and damaged.
ITS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: misha rana on 2004-12-28
See, I used to air-dry my hair before and, then my friend told me to blow dry it after you take a shower! Yeah, yeah, I know...... hair does get frizzed up, and VERY poofy (I have thick hair and i know how it feels) But, after blowdrying your hiar, straighten it with a Flat Iron(hair straightner!) TRUST ME! I did this for my brothers wedding and man did it change my look!
uhh.noo Comments By: Leah on 2005-03-03
well some people have to blow dry there hair. For instance..i have to everymorning before i straighten it...because people dont have enough time to let it air dry all the time.
It depends!!! Comments By: Jen on 2005-04-23
That could work for women with "dead" hair also known as good hair. If you have naturally curly which must of the time looks like a puff ball just brushing it while giving it heat will make it worse. You have to get a round brush, tug and rotate.
Curl Thin Hair Comments By: Carmen on 2005-05-04
Yea, My hair is super curly and thin, so when i try to blow dry my hair it becomes a super puff ball! So i Straighten it then it comes more thiner and strait.

Tip: If you let your hair air dry you wont get a lot of SPLIT END!!

zzzZZ nonsense Comments By: saks on 2008-02-10
comment on top, frequently using the flat iron would damage ur hair, and using a hair-blower would also damage ur hair..rubbish.
Keep brushing it. Comments By: Nicole on 2008-07-23
Well if I keep straightening my hair while lightly blow drying it my hair just goes greasy. I would use my hands/fingers.
I'm not sure either.. Comments By: Sarah on 2009-06-10
I'm with Kristen--I find letting my hair air-dry naturally makes it really soft, as long as I've used a good conditioner.

I find Aussie Anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner work really well and leave your hair feeling soo soft! I like Pantene and Head&Shoulders, as well.


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