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Straightening hair Professional hair straighteners

There are professional hair straighteners available. These are great if you are always striving for that straight look. If you are buying some look our for the ones with ceramic plates. They heat up more than others.

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yes, but... Comments By: anon on 2004-07-22
Yes using hair straightners are effective but to make sure that you dont dry out your hair or damage it make sure to get a ceramic straightner.
quality Comments By: sarah on 2004-07-28
I would strongly recommend that you buy a slightly more expensive straightener, fudge 100% ceramic straighteners are excellent, you'll find that choosing slightly more expensive irons will give a much straighter look.
Straighteners Comments By: Katie on 2004-08-08
It is always better to go for more expensive straighteners, I find that the best ones are Remington Power Ceramic 24.99, though this tends to frazzle your hair, Nicky Clark Frizz Control 59.99, but the best straighteners are obviously GHD's which glide through hair easily.
It takes time Comments By: Channel on 2004-09-20
Yeah, the iron is a great way to straighten hair, but my hair is super think and curly so to straighten it takes up to TWO hours. And , straightning hair makes hait look very,very dead.
Go for GHD's Comments By: Lucy on 2005-03-05
GHD's are by far the best strighteners around. They are well worth the 100 you pay for them, they leave your hair feeling thinner and looking incredibly smooth.
Wet to straight Comments By: Straight n' Smooth on 2005-05-14
i would reccomend the remmington wet to straight flat iron. You can straighten and dry your hair when wet without damaging it! it's epecially good for people with oily hair and have to wash it like, everyday, because then straightening it on the second day would be pointless. If you don't blow-dry your hair use this! Plus, it didn't make my hair look too thin and dead, it was straight and flat and smooth.
ghds Comments By: emz on 2005-07-25
ghds are def. the best around i had doubts because i had brought the remmingtons twice before and they didnt work at al i have very thick hair but at the moment the ghds , if u give in your old one u get 20 quid back for ur old straightner so i got my ghds for 80 quid and i really love thm!!! it make my hair thinner and smother and poker straght
bout that Comments By: anon on 2005-08-09
Yes this does work wonders Ihad one for quite some time but they will fry your hair causing breakage split ends and much other damage
remington Comments By: anon on 2006-01-22
remingtons are the best but i got a ghd for christmas and i think its great but i still like to use my remington straightner

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