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Don't allow others to upset your day

Submitted by Claire

Don't allow others to upset your day. If someone is rude or abusive towards you try to understand the pain or fear they are feeling and try to help them through it without letting yourself accept the blame. Give them comfort if they need it, but don't allow them to use you as a scapegoat for their feelings.

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Great tip Comments By: George on 2004-07-01
We need more tips like these to make our lives easier
This is very good Comments By: Simon on 2004-06-19
I think we all need to worry less about what others think.
what!?!? Comments By: lexis on 2004-08-02
Well i dont know about other people but i would not comfort someone if they had put me down,
keep positive Comments By: lori on 2005-04-26
When it is someone close to u it can be hard but with the public everyone has situations in their day so no need to take it personal but give them a word of encouragement.
terrible Comments By: Ryan McAllister on 2005-08-30
why would you comfort someone who is rude or abusive towards you? come on!
Mother in laws don't count Comments By: Mary on 2005-09-19
That's kind but today I received a ripping letter from my mother in law. It was so horrible that it was humourous. When someone is mean or rude simply laugh. Think of something hilarious if you must. You'll feel better and the creep will feel worse.
Give & It Shall Be Given Unto YOU! Comments By: Debi on 2008-06-26
We Cannot always Know the Masked hidden pain that someone may be in at any certain time..All we are Called to do, Is Love One Another..And Try to Give Back to them Love for The Apparent Pain & Anger they are going through..God will Do he Rest..Do Not Ever Repay Evil For Evil..Or You will be just as Bad as them..That,s the Problem with the World now, Anger for Anger..But I Say, Love For Anger..Love Shall Cover A Multitude Of Sin & Pain..Hallelujah!..Have A Lovely Day..& God Bless You All...Jesus LOVES YOU more than You'll Ever know...
be honest with how you feel and retain perspective Comments By: la the merciful. on 2009-02-20
if someone does upset you ,then consider the rightous anger of jesus in the temple ,rather than "the love covers all sin" which is used a lot out of context and merely papers over the cracks in situations .like a bandaid over a open heart
i'm not advocating hurting them ,but be a realist like the lord wants us to be ,not allow folk to stick OUR heads in the sand .

life Comments By: trinitee on 2009-04-14
what i've found in my daily life at school (highschool)
is that everyone is gunna have an opinion.
and it isn't always good.
but what i say to myself is
"why should i care about what they think?
they aren't important in my life."
because once you see that person as someone who isn't important and can't bring you down, it'll be so much easier to be around them and not want to break down and cry.
obviously this is just in my case but
it does wonders for me..
what is flabbergasting (haha)
to me is that we give the people who make us feel weak and unwanted, the most


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