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Feel better about yourself

12 Things you can do to feel better about yourself today!

  • Pick out one feature you really like about yourself.
  • Write a list, of everything you've accomplished in the last 30 days. No matter how small, it may seem.
  • Smile at everybody you see today, and say hi.
  • Do something nice, for someone in need.
  • Tell everyone you know, something you like about them you'll be surprised at how happy you'll make them as well as how good it will make you feel.
  • Look in the mirror, and tell yourself, you're a good person. Talk to yourself and point out all the good things you do for other people.
  • Give yourself a relaxing foot massage.
  • Take time for yourself, relax and read a good book.
  • Buy yourself some flowers just because.
  • Go to the park and play on the swings.
  • Take a nature walk with your kids, see who can find the most unusual rocks, leaves, etc.
  • Relax in a chair, close your eyes and remember the last time you really laughed. Try to get that same feeling by imagining that it's happening right now.

Visitors comments

It's Fantastic Comments By: Pradeep Kamath on 2006-06-08
It's nice . Really nice . I will surely try this .
cool Comments By: anon on 2008-01-30
oh these tips r just so good.. the best one is to say hi to everyone!:)
Mrs X Comments By: Anon on 2009-02-01
Saying "HI" to strangers, may cheer then up too!

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