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Are you looking for a new hobby? Do you have a special interest in finding Ďlow pricedí items but then you donít know what to do with them? You can build yourself a hobby that will make you a few dollars in your spare time if you just know where to find all those cheap Ďthingsí that you can turn around and sell at online auction sites.¬† This is not an ad for any auction site, or for any other business, just a bit of information on how to really do it yourself if you want to keep on shopping but you need to clean out the house a bit first!¬†

The Yard Sale
If you donít live in an area that is well known to have yard sales, garage sales or house sales in the summer months, pick up a newspaper, or a newspaper from a surrounding town and find some! These are the best ways that you can find stuff that you can resell. Moving sales, divorce sales, and yard sales are all great places where stuff is cheap and you can find things that people just want rid of because they donít want any more that are still in great shape and usable. You might find things you can use in your own home, saving you money, or you can find things that you can sell online and make a profit.

The Flea Market
In most all portions of the world, flea markets exist in some form where people will rent tables and sell their goods. This is like one huge yard sale that you can walk through, usually in a big building. Sometimes, flea markets can be held outdoors when the weather is nice, in the middle of summer.

House Auctions
If someone falls behind in their taxes, an estate sale is held. This is one area that you find some relatively inexpensive items that you can use in reselling or in your own home. Frugal buying and buying only those things that interest you will help you know more about what you are selling and how much you can really expect to sell that item for.  House auctions are more than just tax sales, there are also house auctions where the person has died, and the relatives just want to sell off the contents of the house as it is too difficult to bear to go through the house.  This is one way that you can often find great antiques, older items, one of a kind items and other treasures that are going to make your online store unique in what you offer.

Reading through the newspaper, the classifieds, and the free sections, you will find a variety of goodies that are always for sale. You can run an ad yourself saying that you purchase the contents of attics, leftovers from yard sales and you do whole house clean outs (which is where you come and pay to take all of the contents out of a house).  This can be a little more work, but your prices are going to stay low and you are going to find some great deals in things that you can sell both online and offline to make more money.

Friends and Relatives
Tell your friends and relatives that you are starting your own resell business. Ask them if they have stuff that they donít want, that they are going to throw away, tell them to give it to you.¬† One thing that your friends and relatives will appreciate is that you are going to find useful ways to get rid of things, instead of them throwing things in the garbage. Most often friends and relatives are a great way to get free stuff!

If your start off just making an extra twenty dollars a month after you pay for shipping and auction fees, this is one method of building your reputation. When you are known to ship the products, in the shape and in the manner that you are advertising them, your business can grow quickly.¬† Remember nothing happens overnight, but continuing to work on your business Ė where to buy and where to sell, you will find that your hobby and be quite rewarding!

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